Tesla Model 3 Rendered


This Tesla Model 3 rendering, done by professional renderer Julien Jodry at auto-moto, shows a more hatchback-like appearance for the Model 3.

We love the muscular look of the Model 3 in these renderings, but question the front end, which looks a bit tall and far less aerodynamic than the Model S.

Truth be told, we’d be perfectly pleased if Tesla took these renderings and made the Model 3 resemble them almost exactly (but cut down on the hood height a bit, okay?).

Tesla Model 3 Rendering

Tesla Model 3 Rendering

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That would be great ideed!

leaf owner

Sign me up!


I’d be a little disappointed with this. It look just like the Model S except with no rear headroom.

There is nothing linking these renderings to Tesla, though, is there?


No . . . they are just 3rd parties having fun.


A coupe would have to come after a real four door.


Very well done! I would buy that car.

jill jill

Yea…., Me Too…..


If were starting a waiting list im third!

This car looks great. A nice mix of muscle and versatility. After seeing how the model X is turning out im worried the model 3 will be a boring sedan…


Take my money! I’d buy that. OK, it does look unnecessarily busy below the nose cone and low front quarter panel but I’m nitpicking.


Just wait at least one more year.

jill jill

It’s Gonna Be a Long Year..They’D Better Do something Fast..In Case something Tempting Comes along Before they do…


Make it metalic green and i’m in!


That looks great! and desirable
Thanks Julien, hope Tesla get inspired by this!



Another “rendering” of a smaller Model S done by a third party.

Tesla really needs to release some kind of sketch/concept of their own. I’m sure they are working on it. I’m betting that Musk is holding onto it for just the right moment. When the Model X starts becoming “old news”, and there are no surprises like the PowerWall to put in front of people, we will all see the real Model III.


I can’t believe they will keep the ugly nose cone.

eco Logical

Instead of a nose cone they could use a bottom deflector plate that would allow a sleek nose similar to a Corvette. My 1991 Firebird Formula had a deflector plate, no grill, and a raked hatchback similar to the Model 3 rendering above. It had a 5 Liter V8 and got close to 40 mpg!


Sorry its not ugly


I LOVE the nose cone. They found a good compromise between aerodynamics (having a great nose cone shape) and not severely different aesthetics from a traditional grille (it is a different color so it sorta looks like a grille but it is mostly smooth and rounded so it has great aerodynamics).


I saw this a few days ago. It’s a total copy of the Ford Evos concept. Almost all they did was change the color.

See http://www.netcarshow.com/ford/2011-evos_concept/1024×768/wallpaper_03.htm


LOL… look at this one. Makes falcon doors look like child’s play:


Yes, you can see image 12 is the one they started with. Same building & angle.

Eric Cote

Wow, that is awfully identical.


Yawn. Wake me up when something like this comes out of the Tesla organization itself. Until then, everything is a dream.

Tesla must come up with an actual Model 3 show car before GM’s Bolt reaches dealer showrooms in order to maintain support. And it better be compelling… they cannot afford to come up with something that flops.


Take my money now.

Nice rendering. But you really shouldn’t title the article “Model 3 rendered” since it is just some 3rd party having fun making their own theoretical designs. But I guess it makes for good click bait.


It is not going to look like the Model S/X. It will likely be made out of composite materials and resemble the i3 and the Bolt.


If it looks like the Bolt I’d be happy to buy one.



Me too! The only thing about the Bolt I don’t like is the lack of high speed chargers.


…and the seating four, and almost no trunk.


No, I think Tesla is smarter than BMW and GM. They know that aerodynamics really matter.

Especially out here in California where we drive pretty fast. So I think Tesla will stick with something much more aerodynamic than the i3 and Bolt. Heck, even their bulky Model X SUV-type of car looks to be more aerodynamic than the i3 and Bolt.


Tesla will likely continue to make the Model S/X which would be your long distance cruiser, however for a more urban transportation you need a smaller car with more usable space and are able to sacrifice the aerodynamics to achieve that. The economies in weight and efficiency will come from the materials and new batteries/power electronics.


The Model 3 is not intended as a city car it is intended as a more affordable car making the next leap towards global market.


Tesla doesn’t believe in city cars (thus, the >200 mile range). They want to make cars that can go anywhere.


It will be more radical for sure…


TESLA should get rid off the nose cone, and the renderes too. That’s my only objection. Would be nice to see some SUV rendings.


Sound about right.

Too expensive by far to be anything but “concept” 😛

(Just like Bolt)

No way, this can make into 40k $ price range.

Stop dreaming 60-80k$ cars for 40k$ 😉





For $30K?? When can I place my order??


Hurry up and take my money!


Great “what if” model / render. Would be a very desirable car to own. 🙂

It will probably look more like the Leaf form factor (but not as ugly), would be my guess. Better for storage and rear passengers.

Rex Wilson

Nice design, hope the Frunk will be available for keeping the goods.

Perhaps Tesla can use this design.


Tesla, I love you guys but, if you are listening, please do not put expensive tires (sizes) on the Model III and stick to common tire sizes like 195/65 17’s or similar.

I learned from a major tire shop in Gilroy CA, right next door to a Tesla Super Charger site, which sells the various tires for the Tesla Model S, that they cost about 1k to replace [4-set] and usually last about 20k miles; WHAT? And, Model S tires being sold buy major tire shops do not even have a tread wear warranty [yet]… Yikes!

I drive 25k per year and figuring 1k per tire set @ 20k miles + electricity @ ~$1200 (off-peak charging) per year would come awfully close to what I spend on gas+tires per year on my present car.

My gas car tires are usually 80k mile warranty @ ~$350 [bridgestone, pirelli] on sale so I get about 4 years out of them on about ~1600 in gas per year.

So my yearly costs would be about:

EV: 1000 tires + 1200 power + minor tuneups (50 p/yr)= $2250

GAS: 350/4 tires + 1600 gas + minor tuneups (300 p/yr)= $ 1987

What just happened?

John MB

Offer an EV like this at $35000..they could never produce enough cars to meet the demand.


Shut Up And Take My Money!

Brian F

Make the exterior look like the Atlantic and make a large frunk.


Agree about the hood height. It’s not like there’s a bulky engine demanding more space under there.

Also, this design seems to lend itself more to a coupe than a sedan. It would be awesome if Tesla did a two-door variant!

Hope Tesla is paying attention.