Tesla Model 3 RWD Tested In Snow & From Stopped On Hill: Video


RWD versus snow.

Back in the old days, this combination was usually a recipe for spinouts. But nowadays, with advanced traction control systems, most rear-wheel-drive cars fare rather well in snow.

And the Tesla Model 3 RWD is no exception. Yes, AWD is preferable in conditions such as this, but the cheaper RWD Model 3 manages quite well.

However, the ultimate test is often the stopping-on-a-snowy incline. That’s attempted in this here video and the result is as expected. Or, at least, it’s as we’ve seen before.

Our advice is quite simple. If you live in a snowy region, buy AWD. If you bought RWD, simply equip it with snow tires and you’ll be all set.

Video description:

Day 338 – We got some snow so I took my Model 3 out in the snow and had some fun. Also, tried stopping on a hill and couldn’t start up. 

Current Software Version: v9 (2018.50.6)

Configuration: Tesla Model 3, Red, Rear Wheel Drive (RWD), Long Range Battery (LRB), Enhanced Autopilot (EAP), Full Self Driving (FSD) (still waiting for this….), Premium Upgrade (PU), Standard 18″ Aero Wheels (too many potholes in my area).

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Put some HEAVY WEIGHT in the rear TRUNK ,,
Bags of sand,stones,rocks,,mother in law..LL

You should also carry chains for emergency if you get stuck somewhere.
Dood is old enough to know that ffs

I drive GM REAR WHEEL drive only pickup and put concrete blocks or logs in the back of the bed every winter to get traction..obviously it also has G80 Locker aka Positraction to make sure both wheels turn when slipery.
Never had problems getting thru even deep snow in 40 years driving

Nope. Skip the weight.
The battery is divided between front/back so the back has PLENTY of weight.
So advice for ICE is not the same as for an EV.

Chains are good.

The only sage advice for doing EV RWD in the snow is:
1) put on GOOD snow tires. I like studded, but many states dislike those. And yeah, they are noisy.
2) when stuck, turn off the traction control. It actually works against you. And if you are high center, then try to rock BACKWARDS, not forwards. Otherwise, a tow rope with another car will do the job.

You do this with gas cars because most of the weight is concentrated on the front wheels, due to the drivetrain, leaving the back end very light. You don’t have this problem in an EV with a floor mounted battery and the motor/transaxle assembly in between the rear wheels.

Fair rather well in the snow?? For starters that was hardly snow. The electronics can help cover up some stupidity and a little of the RWD short comings, but as he proved on his barely a hill driveway the electronics can’t make traction where there is none. Kind of like the real estate saying there are only three things that matter in winter driving and they are tires, tires , tires. OK there is a little more to it, but they are 90% of it.

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No doubt in my mind that Tesla will be first with Full Autonomus Driving and continue bring the best battery technology.

“It also sent an Israel Lunar Lander to the moon the Lunar Lander completed its landing on the moon. SpaceX is the first to private company to land on the moon.”

Maybe I am reading it wrong, but as far as I understand, the lander called “Beresheet, which is owned by a nonprofit called SpaceIL, was deployed to orbit. It’s set to be the smallest spacecraft to ever land on the Moon.” “It’ll take the craft seven weeks to reach the moon. Once landed, Beresheet’s mission will be to transmit photo and videos of the surface, as well as to conduct scientific measurements. ” So, we will find out in 7 weeks. =)

We have 2 Tesla M3 Dual motors in our family and have been very impressed with the winter handling. We have a 3 mile uphill dirt road to my parents house in the mountains of New Hampshire that has been the true test of all vehicles. My parents have been Subaru people for years because of this road. We have had to put studded snow tires on our prior Prius and Chevy Bolt just to make it up.
Now my Mom has an AWD M3 and she loves it. We too have been going up and down that hill in our respective M3 and have not had any issues. With conditions ranging on our steep hill from fresh snow, compacted snow, full on ice and slush. We have been just fine is all conditions. We have had to use our New England driving skills, but that is par for the course.
In this video I know that the AWD would not have an issue with the “hill” start as we have done this same experiment on far steeper inclines and worse conditions.

Wow, Tesla’s can’t break the laws of physics and increase friction coefficient between 2 surfaces. Amazing revelation!!! Must be due to not have FSD or correct software rev since the poster apparently feel the need to post his car config and info that isn’t relevant to traction.