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Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3


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Telltale injury to a TSLA short. Same injuries reported this morning in corporate offices of many, many auto companies.

Make that three bars. Equal length. Getting right to the action, what did we learn yesterday, and what is Tesla still holding to the vest?

Demand: It’s stronger than many anticipated.

“Won’t look like other cars”: True enough. Cab-very-forward, made possible by “firewall” manipulation, which in turn was made possible by the extreme unlikelihood of an engine fire. The result is copious room in the rear. Bubble-like greenhouse has panoramic rear glass akin to Model X’s panoramic front glass. Overall, it seems Tesla resisted the temptation to build a super-aggressive but impractical vehicle. Instead, it’s athletic enough while offering good visibility and spaciousness. At this point, Tesla has enough street cred that it doesn’t need to shove “aggressive” down our throats. Everyone knows Teslas haul ass. Also notable: The ICE masquerade is over. No more fake grilles for Tesla. This means no nose or mouth. Just eyes. This will take some getting used to. But hey, we’re witnessing the evolution of the automobile. Some double-takes are expected.

  • Next-generation technology: No mention.
  • User interface: No mention. As with the Model X prototype, the screen isn’t yet mounted in the dashboard. LG is a new supplier, according to this morning’s rumors.
  • Powertrain options: Rear drive and dual motor, according to a Tesla engineer who conducted a Periscoped test drive. Musk said nothing about this before making a sudden Exit Stage Left. Was this engineer supposed to let that info slip?
  • Range, Safety, Performance: At least 215 miles, at least five stars in all categories, and at most six seconds to 60 mph.
  • Market response: TSLA is moving violently upward as TeslaMondo goes to press. Remember: Short people got no reason to live.

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35 responses to "Tesla Model 3 – Raising The Bar"
  1. evcarnut says:


  2. Kacey Green says:

    the rendering that rotated when Musk said safety was a dual motor design

  3. Get Real says:

    I think the tell-tale injury on the shorters is actually lower on their posteriors!

  4. Anon says:

    I’m waiting for those who’s industry toes were stepped on (and there were many), to mount a unified anti-Tesla / anti-Model III campaign.

    In the meantime: Congrats to __EVERYONE__ AT TESLA for the supreme effort put into the Model III Reveal. The amount of dedication and work were clearly evident. It’s true there is more yet to do, but based on recent history, I have faith in all of you to pull it off.

    Elon started the event off with his version of an “Inconvenient Truth”, went over the why’s and how’s of Tesla’s brief but influential History, then showed us a glimpse of his vision for an attractive, sleek and sustainable future that even more people can now actively take part in.

    To be honest, I didn’t like everything I saw that night: the GUI on the center screen, the tiny notchback trunk instead of a hatch, etc.), but after sleeping on it, I decided to reserve the car, anyways. Putting down $1000 dollars was one of the most profoundly political things I’ve done in some time. The way I see it, I’m voting with my wallet and saying:

    Screw you, Legacy ICE Automakers. Especially you, VW Group.

    Screw you, Koch Bros.

    Screw you, Exxon.

    Screw you, Terrorism.

    Screw you, COPD / Lung Cancer.

    Screw you, Climate Change.

    Etc., etc.

    Reserving a Model III was so much more satisfying than simply clicking on a bunch of “Like” buttons and pretending clicktavism ever helped solve any global world problems. If my money can help Tesla grow and succeed in their mission, and create the kinds of products and services I want, then they can have it.

    Thank you Elon, for asking the world to help everyone at Tesla make production of the Model III a reality– the direct consequence of which, will help make the world itself, a better place. The response has been, and continues to be, amazing. It seems a lot of people, want the same things you do.

    Use our reservations and our good faith, well. We’ll be watching. 🙂

    1. carcus says:

      …. and even if you didn’t give a damn about all that “screwy” stuff, ….

      Wouldn’t your rather have a Model 3 than a BMW 3 series?

      1. TomArt says:

        True. I put my $1k down!

      2. Anon says:

        God yes. Owning a Tesla would be icing on the ‘FU’ Cake. 😉

        1. The New Cake (Custom License Plate) = ‘FUOIL’
          I am in – Thursday AM: Had two choices for Stores – Closer one opened at 10:00 AM, Service Centre Store Farther Away – Opened at 9:00 AM – I went there! I was #66 in the lineup, arriving at 7:00 AM, and by the time I was registered – only 35 minutes had passed from store opening! (And – the line had doubled in length – at least!)

          What Plate do you like Best?

    2. Rick Danger says:

      +1000, well said!

    3. Sammy says:

      Very well said Anon

    4. G2 says:


    5. John MB says:

      +1 and TSLA got my $1k

    6. John MB says:

      ..and Screw you, Consumer Reports..

  5. Forever Green says:

    +1 Anon.

  6. TomArt says:

    I don’t think that the powertrain options are a surprise to anyone.

    The Model S options are currently 70, 70D, 90D and P90D (+L).

    The Model X options are 70D, 90D and P90D (+L).

    As an aside, I would not be surprised if that remaining RWD configuration will be dropped by the time the Model 3 deliveries begin – entry costs to the brand would not longer be a consideration at that point.

    For cost reasons, it is perfectly natural to assume that the base 3 will be RWD. Plus, people like their options, particularly at this price level.

    It would be really fun if there was a RWD performance version (P3, as opposed to the assumed P3D like what they were being test-driven in at the reveal) with a drift mode, where all traction/stability controls were defeatable. As I recall, the Roadster went part-way – you could defeat the stability control, but not the traction control. That’s what I remember, anyway.

  7. Rexxsee says:

    +1 Anon. I will translate part of your post and put it on a French speaking Ev site, with your permission.

    I wonder how “screw you” translates in French? 😉

    1. Driverguy01 says:

      If you’re in Quebec you can try ”Vas chez l’yable” 🙂

      1. manbitesas says:

        Passablement trop poli… ;P

    2. Anon says:

      Go for it.

  8. Disappointed says:

    an on, an on, an on!

    E!on, E!on, E!on

    ya on, ya on, ya on!

  9. pk says:

    1. Pleasantly surprised they already passed 250k reservations. Did not see that coming and neither did a lot of other people. (Elon tweeted as much)
    2. At the average selling price Tesla just booked $10 Billion worth of business. This should be the start of the EV inflection point.
    3. IMHO, the stock market’s purpose is to facilitate raising capital for investment. All other shenanigans like options, derivatives, etc. facilitate gambling and manipulation.
    4. Glad I reserved right at 10:30 PM PDT, hopefully the wait isn’t too long.

  10. FS says:

    My guess is: It will be two options, 70 kWh and 90 kWh for Model 3. But they cant tell that now, because it would cannibalize on MS and MX sales.
    The energy density on batteries will be improved by 30 per cent, so it will definitely be possible size-wise.
    And also the option with RWD and 4WD.
    By that time, the Model S will come with 100 kWh-pack and possibly even higher.

    1. Rick Danger says:

      Since we’re guessing, my guess is 80 and 100 kWh for Models S/X, and 60 and 80 kWh for Model ≡

      1. Sammy says:

        Those sizes would seem about right.

      2. TomArt says:

        Given the size and weight differences, and the interest in maintaining a price gap and performance gap…my guess would be (by 2018):

        S & X = 80D, 100D, P100D
        3 = 60, 60D, 70, 70D, P70D

        And that’s sticking with numbers divisible by 5. If they go outside of that marketing box, then I’d say 60 and 72 for the 3.

  11. Tesla shares lost over 10$ from the opening. Short is very profitable.

    1. Get Real says:

      Dream on Troll.

      Considering Tesla is UP nearly $100/share in 2 months it should be obvious to anyone who has a brain that Tesla stock is kicking major rear-end.

    2. TomArt says:

      Too many people gamble instead of invest, and even more people mistreat Tesla stock. I ignore it at this point – it’s a sad joke. As long as Tesla Motors is making cars that don’t suck, and as long as their reliability continues to improve, there is nothing to worry about.

  12. rsilvers says:

    Musk implied dual motor when he said that 0-60 was 6 seconds or less, with faster as an option. I suppose that could have meant just more current to a single motor, but that wouldn’t make sense to give up the market of states that have snow. AWD was obviously always going to be available.

    1. TomArt says:

      Exactly – particularly since they have demonstrated that the dual motor configuration can be engineered to be MORE efficient than the RWD with the same kWh! Can’t do that in a gasmobile!

      Since the 90 never had an RWD version, and the 85 options are gone, you can look at the 70 stats: S70 is 230 miles EPA, while S70D is 240 miles EPA. It’s not a big percentage, but it is not trivial, particularly since the gain is mostly at highway speeds.

      EPA ratings of 2 vs 4 wheel-drive ICEVs have substantial drops. AWD is an efficiency hog for ICEVs.

  13. One thing I remember Elon mentioning – was the Coefficient of Drag, being targeted lower than the Model S’s 0.24 – as they wanted to get the Model 3 down to 0.20 and lower! I wonder how this package delivers on those goal specs?

    Also – how does the CdA (Coefficient of Drag x Area) compare between the Model S and the Model 3? Does anyone think they can get the drag (Cd) below the old EV1?

    “To boost efficiency, the EV1 possessed a very low drag coefficient of Cd=0.19 and a drag area of CdA=3.95 sq ft (0.37 m2)” –

    So – I can understand why he was working the plans to get below 0.20 and maybe – even pushing the 0.19 boundary! Every Little Bid of Drag Reduction Helps! Maybe by 2017 – the Rules will allow a Side Mirror as an option if redundant Camera Systems can be demonstrated for covering this view, or that the coming new 8-Camera Auto Pilot hardware design will make the side mirrors redundant?

    I would like to think that they could be building their next Roadster (Model R – 2019 – 2020 Reveal?) with some of the lowest CD Numbers, probably even lower than the EV1, (Maybe Pushing down to 0.18 or 0.17 Cd!) and targeting sub 2.0 Second 0-60 Mph Numbers! Probably a 360+ Mile Range on it, as well! Expect Supercharging as being the basic inclusion on the next Roadster – for sure! By the time it makes it on the road, Tesla Superchargers could well number some 10,000 Bays Worldwide!

    What would be wild is if Elon got a hold of a College with an EV1, and they did a joint design, element, and component review, and made a copy of it, and upgraded it to Tesla’s interface, made it more spacious with the sub floor batter – instead of the Battery Tunnel (Which could be kept, as a Ski /Surfboard Carrier?) with Supercharging and Autopilot, and sold it as the Tesla Model ‘V’! I wonder if they could sell a million of them? Maybe at $29,500 Base Cost?

    1. TomArt says:

      Without worrying about a back seat, and since a sporty 2-seater is not a mainstream vehicle, then yeah, they would have more latitude to work with when it comes to design aesthetics and practicality.

  14. JimGord says:

    About that Model 3 dashboard:

    I too have reservations about the single screen dashboard and “loss” of the driver display in the Model 3 but it is not unusual to react negatively to evolutions in design.

    I recall the reaction when the front of cars switched from slopping backwards or vertically to slopping forwards or the first digital dashboards in the 80’s. The prime source of information has always been directly in front of the driver and I was just getting used to having all those control buttons on the steering wheel.

    But from a continuous improvement perspective, the Model 3 dashboard makes perfect sense and may be just one of those typical leaps forward that is initially hard to accept.
    – No more trying to view information through the steering wheel
    – No more trying to find the right specialty button in the hard-to-see lower left parts of the dash below the steering wheel- like fumbling for the steering wheel heater switch in the Kia or the Leaf
    – No more trying to remember which button, lever or dial controls which function as there will be visual representations on the screen and a logical graphical interface – particularly important when driving different vehicles. Let’s see, the power door is three buttons to the right in the Kia Soul but two buttons over in the Leaf . . .
    – Reduced vehicle costs. All those buttons, switches, wiring and specialty dashboards for left and right-hand drive vehicles are gone, thereby lowering costs or freeing up funds for more vehicle safety features or options
    – Continuous improvements to the user interface. A button, slide, lever or switch that is awkwardly placed or difficult to use is there for the life of the vehicle. A screen controlled function that proves to be difficult to use can be fixed with an overnight software update.

    Bottom line – The dashboard like most things about the Model 3 is the future.

    There is only one thing to do – take a deep breath, accept change, and wait patiently for my Model 3

  15. Mxs says:

    Many people will simply not consider this car, for two fundamental reasons:

    – lack of real hatch with very usable room and diagonal opening
    – lack of real dashboard gauges in front of the driver

    No compromise on those two as long as I live … 🙂

    I hope Tesla reconsiders by the time I decide to buy my EV, because I know their car will have power, will handle well and will look good on the outside.

    I like the design attempt they presented overall. Nice work, it should definitely light a fire under the rest of the car industry.

    1. Daniel says:

      Doesn’t the Prius have a central stack with the gauge cluster in the center of the dash? There doesn’t seem to be any lack of customers for those, apparently it can’t be that big of a deal different yes but show stopper for the majority.. probably not.