Tesla Model 3 On Rainbow Road, Plus GPS/Homelink In Action – Video


Driving down Rainbow Road in a Tesla Model 3. Really? You bet.

This brief video from within a Tesla Model 3 shows what the screen looks like when the Rainbow Road Easter Egg is activated.

Rainbow Road is a hidden feature that we first discovered back in April 2016. Since then, Tesla has released all sorts of other Easter Eggs in its vehicles.

But until now, the only Easter Egg we’ve heard of in the Model 3 in the one released just following the launch party by Tesla board member Steve Jurvetson.

In addition to the rainbow road video, the same YouTuber uploaded some GPS/Homelink bonus video in the Tesla Model 3.  That video has been posted below:

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More cowbell.

Don’t fear the Reaper.

Early cowbell prototype. It was rolled out as a concept first:

In the war of wordiness GM fires another shot across the stern of Tesla, saying that Tesla is full of it, when it comes to autonomy claims:

What part of that article is incorrect?

Well, it did originate from GM, so you can start there. I can’t do everything.

“Well, it did originate from GM, so you can start there. I can’t do everything.”

YOu can’t do anything right…

The so called claim that existing Tesla got all the hardware it will “EVER NEED” for full autonomy driving has always been debated here. In fact, most people with technical engineering background has been highly critical of that claim.

That is a pure marketing claim coming from Tesla that it somehow claims that it got every single hardware it will ever need when we don’t even know if we are going to have “car to infrastructure” connection in the future for full level 5 autonomy.

But sure for Tesla fan boi like you who will automatically defend Tesla or criticize anyone who are critical of Tesla.

10 years from now, if Tesla is proven wrong in its claims, will you write “moron” on your head and holding up a sign (idiot) at the Tesla Fremont plant exit for at least 10 hours? Knowing you, probably not…

None. I really wonder when at least some of the 35,000 suckers that paid for the Full Self Driving option are gonna get pissed and ask for their $ back.