Watch Tesla Model 3 Race A Range Rover


Well, this is a drag.

The Tesla Model 3 isn’t our first electric choice to take to the drag strip. In rear-wheel-drive form, the only version yet available (AWD Performance will arrive soon), it’s not especially quick.

Ok, maybe it’s got faster ponies than a Ford Mustang with a 310-HP, 2.3-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder Ecoboost engine, but with the fastest time we’ve seen for the baby Tesla in the quarter mile being 13.330 seconds at 104 .07 miles per hour, it’s fair to say there are any number of cars more capable. And some of those cars are even SUVs.

Take the one in the short video above, for instance. Lined up against the all-electric from California, the Chelsea tractor — that’s a Briticism for a fancy sports utility vehicle — from Range Rover might not look like an imposing threat, but looks can be deceiving. Apparently, this boxy beast is as at home staring down 1,320 feet of asphalt as it is trundling along the upscale streets of London’s Knightsbridge district. It’s probably also quite comfortable making its way through fields of heather too, but that’s for a different story.

When the light goes green, the Rover launches dramatically with an unsubdued roar, making us think all four wheels are engaged. With no Ludicrous mode to lean on, our battery-powered friend leaves the line a bit more softly. Now, maybe it’s the camera angle, or possibly our pro-EV bias talking here, but it does seem like the Model 3 starts to catch up as they make their way down the strip.

In the end, though, the tale of the tape is quite clear. The beastly SUV takes the win with an impressive 12.870 time at 109.66 mph while Silicon Valley sedan settles for a mediocre 13.607 seconds at 102.21 mph. Like the famous Cornelius McGillicuddy (the baseball player better known as Connie Mack) once said: “You can’t win them all.” Indeed.

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I can bring a 2012 Sonic (not even LTZ or mod) down for them with that kind of time…

The Range Rover high output engine model, the 3.0L V6 Supercharged HSE, starts at $94,050. I think I’ll stick with the Model 3.

Hands Down !

damn, a turbo d-series civic can take down a model 3…

Ok, I had no idea this was going to get out this far. That’s my Model 3 and it’s the first time I’ve ever been on a drag strip. Previously, I’d only turned laps in a detuned stock car at Atlanta Motor Speedway at just over 156MPH.

I was slow off the line because I didn’t have the timing of the lights down. This took place on Wednesday, June 20 at New England Dragway in Epping NH. It was the first of five runs I did that night. I also beat a mid-90s modified TransAm (then lost the next heat to him), beat a mid-90s Mustang handily and lost to a CRAZY modified mid-60s Ranchero/El Camino type of vehicle that had, among other things, rear tires that were fatter than 2 tires put together.

Thanks for getting out there and putting down times!! It sounds like you had a lot of fun!

Nice David! Glad we could share it and thanks for jumping into our comments here!

Beat him fair and square by quite a bit. It gives a bit of perspective on why someone might choose the performance version. The standard version isn’t slow, but there sure is a reason why they are offering a performance version.

Most people did not need the performance version until drag strip videos became popular.

It’s a testament to performance when a 13 second car is now considered ‘mediocre.’ When I was in high school, very few of the fastest cars ran in the 13’s, and I’m not sure of any that dipped into the 12’s. 13 seconds is a quick 1/4 time, pretty cool when the ‘slowest’ of a manufacturer starts in the 13’s..

It would be interesting to put a Tesla Semi tractor (no trailer) up against the Rover. It’s 0-60 5 sec is slightly faster than the Model 3 and it has more traction.

This is very true. If you look back a decade or so, a lot of fast cars are slow compared to today’s fast cars.

Boys, boys, boys

That night, there were a few Tesla owners there (we’d agreed to meet up from a suggestion in a Facebook group). One thing we SHOULD have done, but didn’t, was put two Teslas on the line so that the spectators could see a completely silent run. 🙂

Somewhere out there, there’s a video of me beating the TrasAm.. Quick search found it:

I wrote that the other day and it published this morning!

Thank you very much for sharing this part of the story.