Watch Tesla Model 3 Race New Camaro, Old Mustang


Something old, something new, gets the electric racing blues.

In today’s edition of electric vehicle drag racing, we have two contenders on deck, ready to line up against a white Tesla Dual Motor Model 3 at the Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Chandler, Arizona. Now, this appears to be the non-Performance version of the mid-size sedan, so it’s not going to return an 11.7-type of time in the quarter mile. What we’re telling you ICE (internal combustion engine) fans is, yes, there’s a chance.

First up is a green-with-black-stripes Camaro SS of late model vintage. As the Christmas tree lights go green, the two head down the strip with the Model 3 having a slight edge at first. We won’t give the ending away, the driver’s friend, who is doing the filming here, is pretty sure his bud has lost.

Next up is the distinctively styled 1971 Ford Mustang. We had high hopes that this one. It is, after all, a glorious classic, and some of us here at InsideEVs (namely, yours truly) have a soft spot for the looks of these aging beauties. Their tailpipes, not so much.

Spoiler alert*

It seems the ‘stang’s traction bars and fancy engine bits protruding through the brown hood of this baby were more about the “show” than the “go,” however. Either that or something went terribly awry to cause the contestant to lazily amble down the track. In any case, the Model 3, with its consistent performance, again racking up a time in the 12.7’s, showed it who’s Boss (pun intended.)

Video description:

My buddy racing his new 2018 Model 3 against a newish Camaro SS and an old Mustang.

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AWD is a huge benefit for sure.

– Yawn! –
This is getting old.

You clicked, so you voted.

Per comments in YT: It is just a regular model 3 AWD *not* performance version

Above, I mention that it is the non-Performance version. It’s about a second slower than the top-spec Model 3.

You would be right the AWD shown doesn’t have the red calipers that a performance version would have.

Maybe the Mustang missed the start and then said “forgedaboutit”.


Old is right. Electric motors develop max torque at zero rpm hence max acceleration off the line. Big deal. But the Tesla is spent after those two runs and cannot drive from say Seattle to Spokane whereas either the Camaro or Mustang could do so easily especially if it was snowing and you needed defrosting, deicing and lights. Anytime I see a Tesla I smile so the owner will roll down the window so he can hear me say, Rev it up”. Ha!

Critics hear something from 5 years ago and Never Forget.
I hope you don’t pick stocks with that brain.

EV is the future. Resistance will only leave you behind.

Run a hose from your tailpipe to your mouth, and I’ll happily “rev it up for you”. Seeing as there’s evidence you’re a 15 year old boy, I want you to know that you should NOT really do that, as it will poison you.

Once run, they know the 1/4 mile time. What’s the point of racing? They know the times already. Just compare on the paper. Straight line racing is so waste of electricity. No clutch to mess with. No gear to shift.

You could hear the Mustang, he knew he was beaten and chose to not abuse his car for a lost cause. Smart play on his part, kind of like not trying when you realize you red lighted on launch.