Tesla Model 3 To Qualify For $22,000 USD In Incentives In Singapore


 Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Singapore’s Transport Minister, Khwan Boon Wan, has announced that the Tesla Model 3 will qualify for the country’s maximum rebate of SGD$30,000 ($22,000 USD) under the nation’s Carbon Emissions Vehicle Scheme (CEVS).

The only caveat is that the Model 3 has to test out to be at least as efficient as the Model S. Naturally, we expect the Model 3 to be more efficient than the S, so $22,000 it is then.

There’s no pricing information available for the Model 3 in Singapore, but still $22,000 off sounds like a sweet deal to us.

There was a bunch of hoopla awhile back when a Tesla Model S was hit with a carbon surcharge of SDG15,000 ($11,000 USD). The whole ordeal made headline news, but later it was determined that the Model S shouldn’t be charged, but rather awarded an incentive of  SDG15,000 ($11,000 USD) under CEVS.

Tesla has not announced an arrival date for Model 3 in Singapore, but there were orders placed in Singapore immediately prior to and following the reveal, so those will have to be fulfilled within the next few years we think.

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My Singaporean friends will be very happy to hear this! Cars are roughly double in price, so $35K*2-22K = $48K. Let’s hope so.

I don’t understand the math. Why did you multiply by $35k by 2?

See garrity’s comment below. It’s probably more than double, but I give optimistic “roughly” 2X.

The tax to import (buy) a new car into Singapore is 100% (or rather the cars price + freight and such).

So $35k to buy, $35k in “registration”-tax and $22k in incentives.

The price of a car in Singapore is only part of the equation. You also have to tack on COE certificate of entitlement since Singapore is such a tiny island, you have to bid for the right to own/drive a car there. You would have to shell out over $138K to drive a HOnda Accord http://www.honda.com.sg/cars/price_sheet.asp

Oh, that’s how they do it. And here I thought it was “merely” 100% sales tax.

Singapore needs to get off coal.