Tesla Model 3 Line Workers Sent Home Early: Production Targets Not Met

AWD Tesla Model 3 being built in a tent


Employees assembling Model 3 vehicles at Tesla’s Fremont factory on the GA3 line were sent home early last week

According to a report released by Business Insider, three Tesla employees revealed that the company sent them home early last Wednesday.

Allegedly, the workers stated how the target goals of the day were not met. The events allegedly happened on the GA3 line – the main production assembly line for the Model 3. Additionally, according to the source, roughly 211 Model 3 vehicles were fully assembled & completed before they were sent home three and a half hours early from their typical 12-hour shift.

This information comes just over a month after Elon Musk reportedly sent a company-wide e-mail, revealing that the Fremont factory hitting the 5,000-cars-per-week milestone. Musk also reportedly stated that the factory was on track to raise that figure to 6,000 cars a week. According to Business Insider’s source, the email “was laughed at,” as the GA3 production line has rarely hit its benchmarks.

“What’s more, with the widespread productivity gains throughout Tesla and the new production lines spooling up, we are on track to reach 6K/week for Model 3 next month, I think we just became a real car company.”

The worker told Business Insider how a shift is only sent home early because they’ve been hitting its production goal for a period of time, or if there are production issues. According to the source, these production issues relate to events that are keeping them from producing more vehicles in the desired timeframe. For example, there’s a chance one of the two GA3 production lines might be sent home early if there’s a production issue that’s been stalling the progression of assembling vehicles for hours. However, in this case, both production lines were sent home. And according to the workers, Tesla did not hit its Model 3 production goals that day.

According to the source, Tesla’s internal target is to produce 300 vehicles per shift. There are two 12-hour shifts dedicated to Tesla Model 3 production. But, allegedly last Wednesday, the production lines at GA3 only managed to produce 211 vehicles during the day shift, thus missing the daily target.

Tesla declined to comment either on why the workers were sent home or on their internal targets.

As always, we should take caution in assuming any of these alleged claims from “sources” are 100% accurate.

Source: Business Insider

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You should start the article with that disclaimer not end with it, or even better do both.

I don’t get what’s the point of this article…

It is a hit piece to destroy Tesla lol before it begins to eat into gas guzzler sales

Before? More like while…

80 million vehicles made in the world each year, but 100,000 here is suppose to radically alter all of that over night…really.

I agree but I am baffled when Tesla or Elon Musk are attacked by the fossil fuel mafia LOL maybe they see the future as not being dirty gas guzzlers.

Unfortunately tesla is not making a significant impact on gas guzzler sales but it is being treated as if it is by fossil fuel mafia. A million tesla sales per year will be significant. I can’t wait to see the promised land lol GO TESLA GO DESTROY DIRTY GAS GUZZLERS AND DIESELS LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS have a good day

Hit piece? Workers getting sent home before targets were met, is a fact… Something weird is up at Tesla, I sure wish I knew what…

That is the problem with a story like this, it isn’t news until someone investigates why. Most likely the cause is not interesting like they were doing work on the assembly line, or maybe they have enough Model 3 cars for the month, who knows. I am sure they will be between 15,000 and 20,000 cars in Aug. It is getting harder to spin negative news on production so they are going after other points.

Viking, I disagree, the factory shut down several days last week, and was almost completely shut down on Saturday with the contractor lot empty as well, meaning line modifications are unlikely. Personally I think they are only building model 3 AWD and performance models and there are not enough orders to sustain the factory operations, it is also possible that they have a parts shortage. But following the news, there have been a lot of liens filed against Tesla in the last month or so, I wonder if the financial position has deteriorated? Another thing I am following closely is Elon lying about his work hours, shorts track his airplane he uses to commute back and forth to work, for instance on Saturday he flew from home to Fremont at 7:30 PM, arriving at around 8:30PM, and then back home at 11:30 PM, arriving at around 12:30AM, then tweeted at 2:32 AM that he had just got home from work… BS buddy, he has been home for 1.5 hours or more. On Saturday Elon worked a 3 hour shift, and no work on Sunday, so he should be all rested this week.

Down vote.

Creepy. Quoting stalkers.

As a stock trader, I want as much information as I can get… Its just like plane spotters sitting outside the Boeing planes tracking every airplane movement… During the 787 crisis this was valuable investment information, although Boeing actually did very little to conceal the situation, they were pretty open about the problems.

Following a CEO home to track and dispute his personal sleep schedule is EXACTLY like tracking Boeing’s production, I see your point. Is there more we can learn? How long were his bowl movements? I need to plan a trade.

Did you mean the length of the bowel movement or the time to produce it, different statistic…

As much data as we can get. And yeah bowel.

We also need to know the color of his urine. I mean, there’s no limit to the intrusiveness into someone’s personal life if short-selling stalkers want to know, right? 🙄


I think the point the investors(particularly the shorts) are trying to prove is Elon is a compulsive liar and for no reason.

Yeah, but that is like doing the VIN tracking, showing shipping of product not stalking the CEO of Boeing.

I closed my short position this morning… I am back on the sideline…

As a stockholder, I have the right to publicly-accessible information on the board and exec staff of any company I hold or am considering purchasing.

If Elon chooses to leave his flight status as a matter of public record, I choose to look at it and use it to verify the veracity of his claims. Flight plans and such are a matter of public record unless restricted.

He can hide his flight status with one phone call, the exec staff of Apple has done this since Steve Jobs got his first airplane.

Not really. They track Lebrons plane when goes on his decision tour

Really, people follow his plane and flying hours? Where is all that information posted? Unless you know what he is doing and where seems like you are doing a WAG.

Yes, shorts follow him everywhere… he flies that jet a lot for a guy that claims to be about sustainable transport…

There is a guy called Machine Planet on twitter that usually has the inside track

It’s ridiculous to lay in wait stalk people from the airport to their home at midnight just in case he tweets his arrival time so ignoring that, jet fuel can be sustainable using plant-based kerosene and Musk has already proposed several ways to get from LA to the Bay Area without using fuel. He’s certainly trying to address the issue, but unfortunately for the world, there seems to be many more people stalking him than building alternatives so Musk has to invent and build it himself.

They are stalking the plane, and assuming he is on board… Nobody wants to follow Elon

A hummer now? Have I moved up? I have a Lexus LX… Lets at least get the facts straight before you slander me…

When was the last time you made any attempt to get your facts straight regarding Tesla or Elon?

Have you ever?

You cannot criticize elon for flying LOL unless you have brought to market an EV company or an electric aircraft company. What have you brought to market? CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP

Your comment makes no sense… If you are on a mission to promote sustainable transport, and you really mean it, flying a private jet, especially a larger and heavier one as Elon does goes directly into the face of your mission.

I work in a vehicle manufacturing plant, this isn’t abnormal, and hardly news worthy. Production is often halted when their is a major component missing or mechanical problem with equipment that builds something or moves the assembly line. Quite literally, if they ran out of tires, that would in theory stop production ( you might be able to get a few vehicles produced on skids, but try moving nearly a hundred vehicles without tires beyond the point they’re supposed to have them,. Not going to happen). I’m not sure how much Tesla makes in house, as far as components are concerned, but all you need is a supply disruption of certain raw materials or finished parts, and full production can’t happen (or makes no sense). Assessing the situation, it’s likely Tesla knew ahead of time, and split number of vehicles they knew they had parts to build, between the two shifts ( ex: we have 450 sets of wheels and want to build 600 vehicles. Ok, we’ll build 225 on first shift, then end production, then build 225 on second shift, and then end production). It’s still amazing to me, that vehicles can be produced in great quantities, considering the… Read more »

It’s called getting much needed rest. Tesla Model 3 is crushing the competition.

Well David, you can keep on telling your bazaar stories, but it doesn’t make any of them true ‼️

So show me your data to dispute what I said, and I will show you mine…

You have no data. You’re just a story teller.

Next /

Which part of my statement are you disputing, and I will post the data?

All of it.

Can this article and the article below BOTH BE TRUE AT THE SAME TIME? Is someone misleading the public?

Green Car Reports 08.20.18
New report inside Tesla factory says Model 3 production improving

A new independent report from inside Tesla’s Fremont factory shows production of the Model 3 is becoming sustainable.

The report, from automotive analysts Eversource ISI Research in London and first carried in FT Alphaville, shows Model 3 production improving, and that the new General Assembly line 4 is making a significant contribution.

They could easily both be true. Just look at numbers over time and our scorecard and there’s no denying that Tesla Model 3 production is improving. Over the long term, there’s no doubt it will continue to improve. Could they have had a bad day or days? Sure. Can any company or automaker have an off day, a shutdown, a redirect, etc.? For sure. In the end, it is unlikely to make a huge difference. Hopefully, we’ll know soon just exactly what is going on. One of the first Model 3 production shutdowns went unannounced by Tesla. Many of the initial bottlenecks were a mystery. Over time, bottlenecks were reported and fixed. Subsequent shutdowns were reported and explained. It’s hard to know right now exactly what is happening, but we will stay on top of it and report whatever we’re able to find out.

Thanks for reply…. We are in an interesting moment and there are many articles on this topic. August / September appear to be a critical month for the company and Tesla Board of Directors.

Will you be covering the SEC subpoena activity against Tesla or is that out-of-scope for this blog site

Thank you. We are currently watching the SEC situation. We have been taking somewhat of a back seat on the stock, SEC, whistleblower, daily Musk drama/complaint/lawsuit stories partly because we aren’t a financial site, we don’t hold stock, we aren’t lawyers, and partly because it could easily dominate our site due to so many constant and conflicting reports. As soon as we get a “sources familiar with the matter”/”he said she said” SEC or complaint story published, it changes five times. At this point, as we sift through hundreds of stories about these topics, there is still nothing very concrete to go on. Every story is just about something someone overheard or said in confidence, etc. One leak after another with no real follow-up. We try to focus on the cars. That’s not entirely possible where Tesla the company, the stock, and the CEO are involved. It’s a whole intense can of worms much unlike any other automaker right now (VW dieselgate aside, but that’s an old story now). So, yes, we will always run the story when something is substantiated. We have to run some of the “perhaps,” “maybe,” “reportedly,” “alleged,” just to keep everyone up with references we… Read more »

Exactly… Model 3 production is improving dramatically. At the same time when you are operating on razor thin margins, squeezing every ounce of efficiency from the production system is required. Shutting down a plant early, and closing on a Saturday is not optimal by any means if there is indeed more demand then supply. Every time production starts there is a lag to get to line rate, and this lag is costly, killing the margin for 1-3 hours until the line is back to rate.

The problem is the source and how you positioned the article on the site. Its like you wanted clicks despite the validity and accuracy of the info – disappointed….

It wasn’t intentional and it happens. There are several big media Publications that constantly publish negative stories about Tesla. We have been avoiding many of them. Especially since most are unsubstantiated. However, there’s a constant tone in the comments that we are a Tesla Fanboy website that only publishes positive news about Tesla and avoids any negative press. So it’s a lose-lose situation. When something like the brown door story comes along or a story like this comes along and we don’t publish it, we get all kinds of flack from people saying that we’re choosing only the positive Tesla stories and avoiding any negative stories. If we publish one of those stories and shed any light on it, Tesla fans have huge fits and post constant comments about how it’s all wrong. We do our best to cover both sides and to bring both sides to light. Notice we have mostly avoided all of the negative news about whistleblowers, SEC investigations, alleged lawsuits, etc. that have plagued the news as of late. There is a constant barrage of negative and positive Tesla news, much of which is unsubstantiated or is biased dependent on the source. We will continue to… Read more »

If people from both sides of the argument hate you, you are probably doing a good job with reporting. 🙂


I like opinions from sides of the aisle. That’s why I love PBS news and debate section

My guess is, they’re running out of cash and can’t afford to pay the overtime these workers get for working a 12 hour shift. You work a 12 hour work day in California as an hourly worker and you’re going to make serious overtime pay. Cash flow matters. It’s just a guess, like everybody else’s here.

I do not think the cash crisis is that severe, although with all the liens being filed recently it is possible they are having trouble with cash flow and needed to clear some inventory to get the cash position back going. Shoot anything is possible… Maybe Elon will check into drug rehab?

Cash flow will DEFINITELY be an issue if Tesla has to make that $920 million debt repayment that’s due in March 2019 if the stock doesn’t close at $360/share.
There’s a $230 million debt payment due this November which Tesla will almost certainly have to pay, as the stock needs to be valued over $560/share to NOT have to make that payment.

?? How is debit payments tied into stock price? Normally, if you owe someone a payment, it has to be paid regardless of stock price.

Tesla can adjust the conversion price.

It could simply be that they needed to switch something over on the line or that they ran out of a certain part. It is absolutely possible that they sent everyone home for a perfectly good but largely unimportant reason.

I’m a bit confused as well. The article seems to be implying that there was something unusual in workers being sent home early without the production target being met, but it lacks some context or relevance that is typically included. In other words, most articles try to generate a reaction in the reader. What is the reaction they’re trying to generate? Curiosity? Suspicion? I’m not sure.

Seems Tesla had a chance to set the record straight, but declined to comment on the story. I’m sure if it was all #fakenews, they would have provided a statement saying such.

Exactly, Tesla is hiding something, I have no idea if it is good or bad news. but man, another 5% on my short position today, investing is so easy… I have now closed 75% of my short.

‘It’s not bragging if you can back it up’
Muhammad Ali


You are correct!

Right, because wild-assed conspiracy theories by known shorters and trolls are always true!

There are numerous assumptions that could be made, but one thing I know for sure, is any line shutdown is not good news, especially with the contractor parking lot being empty, which means they are not modifying the line…

InsideEVs, could you filter articles so that stuff like this doesn’t get published? Thanks.

Censorship is not the answer. This site shouldn’t turn into Fox News.

There is a world of difference between “censorship” (which doesn’t apply here, as there’s no gov’t involvement) and simple editorial judgement. Trust me, when you work for a magazine or major web site in an editorial capacity you have to reject a LOT of material because it’s not relevant or poorly written or factually incorrect or whatever. I realize that in the world of blogs and anyone being able to publish anything they want this model of editor-as-gatekeeper seems antiquated, but it really is how things work.

you mean CNN/MSNBC

What useful information did you glean from this? Some people being sent home early is not news-worthy material, in my opinion.

there is a difference between censorship and slant while publishing unvallidated articles by biased sources to get a reaction- which is what this was – I normally love InsideEVs – we are off the rails here – crazy

Nor should it turn into a troll-fest of which you are an active member here.

Insideevs is not the problem here, it is the relatively new German news provider, Business Insider. Lightweights in the news and heavy on rumor and innuendo.

But InsideEV’s decided to copy the article, despite knowing Business Insider’s reputation.

Any useless bad news about Tesla, that’s all.

I don’t either. WOW! Three Tesla employees were sent home early, before the end of their shift! Alert the media! 🙄

Surely this happens occasionally on every mass production line. Maybe a breakdown in one of the assembly line machines; maybe a temporary shortage of parts.

Articles like this show just how intense the interest is in Tesla, when even nothing-burgers like this are reported as “news”.

So the taget is 300×2 (2x 12 hour shifts a day) makes 1200 a day x7 8400 a week?

300*2 is 600 per day. 4200/week. GA4 adds another 800-1000.

4200 per linethey have 2 lines, so Niels is correct

The article said the lines (plural) had produced 211 cars, so my guess would be 300 per shift on both Model 3 lines combined, or 4200 per week.

GA3 is one line…. so 600 a day is target rate… Which they have not met most days…

You refer to”both” GA3 lines. I think you meant both shifts.

Photos of an empty-ish factory staging lot back up these claims. No idea what’s up.

I am personally very sceptical about Tesla’s forward looking production targets. Nonetheless speaking to unnamed sources what may or many not have happened on a single day is a bit like looking at data noise and hardly newsworthy. I am sure you could find a non productive day in every factory, which allows you to conclude little about overall productivity. What’s more important is the average output over a month / quarter / year. Tesla may have delivered late, but it looks like they are delivering after all.


1. The basic facts in this article will turn out to be true. Workers sent home early, 211 vehicles produced, etc.

2. The reason will prove to be something mundane, like a parts supply issue, and will be remedied shortly and this non-incident will be forgotten.

When it comes to Tesla, Business Insider, CNBC, WSJ, NYT are known to spin every piece of news into a negative narrative.
No point repeating their nonsense here.

If Tesla wants to continue to grow production numbers, they will eventually have to reduce the shift length to 8 hours, with occasional shifts going longer. Having their employees work 5 shifts a week that are a full 12 hours long will wear them down over time, leading to mistakes and line slowdowns.

Elon needs to replace them with cheap Mexicans.
American workers complain too much. Mexicans can work 16 hour shifts easy.

I think the problem lies with the robots. Most of the robots are German, and German robots are used to a 35 hour work week. If they had Mexican robots, this wouldn’t be a problem.

Yup, not a fan of ethnic stereotyping. Besides, if you look at the surnames of workers over the years in the news, plenty of Mexican-American families, so your argument is uninformed.

These production goals are attainable with any human enthicity in any community. It is the German robots. Besides, the robots are the ones who want to unionize.

Mexican-American? 😛 All Mexicans are Americans. How about those German-Europeans?

You must not be from the continent. This is the United States of America, so when you hear “American” it means a citizen or resident of the USA. Ethnic terminology is never very precise. Would you call a white living in Rhodesia an African? How about a Coptic in Egypt? Likewise, would either, if they immigrated to the USA be considered African Americans?

You must have no exposure to Mexican culture. The Mexicans are rather annoyed that we citizens of the USA have appropriated the term “American” as if it applies only to us.

However, the alternative….

Someone once asked me why we U.S. citizens call ourselves “Americans”. Without hesitation I replied “because ‘U.S.-ian’ is an awkward term.” 😉

Mikael, it is a matter of usage. Canadians and Mexicans are both residents of countries that are in North America, but they consider themselves to be Canadians and Mexicans, oddly enough.
Citizens of the United States of America, in a dastardly way, consider themselves to be Americans!
The arrogance those people are exhibiting is just breath taking…

The Indus river runs through Pakistan, not India. Yet, they don’t call themselves Indians. It is all about local context and history. If you’re even getting confused about the context, you’re clearly not “American”.

Good luck with that with the current administration in place.

Don’t forget Guatemalans in that group. After Hurricane Irma Guatemalan and Mexican roofers were completing one roof job per day and they weren’t spitting, smoking, cussing, and complaining like American roofers LOL BELIEVE ME

It must be harder doing steady 12 Hour shifts in Car Production, since I did Steady 12 Hour Shifts, in Aircraft Production, dealing wth Very Tight tolerances, without burnout.

Maybe, its the California Air that makes it Harder?

Maybe GA4 but not GA3. GA4 is the tented building.

Are you sure they are not on a 12 hour rotating shift? Many shift workers prefer those as they get more days off (one week 4 days on 3 days off the next week 3 days on 4 days off)

Elon said that at one point. That’s how they do it at GF.

The problem with two 12s is lack of time for maintenance.

Actually, we just took one line down for an entire 12 hour shift, for maintenance, every 9 or 12 weeks. Very little equipment needs maintenance every day, and routine calibrations, etc are just typically done in line, without much impact to the overall line pace (there are spots that allow parts to queue, etc.)

Good thing Tesla’s workers aren’t unionized!

Why? – Ours are, and we work 12 hr shifts. Management actually preferred the 12s, and after sleep and human factors studies, the Union took a vote, and chose 12s as well. Now the wanted a $$ pay differential for night shifts, and that wasn’t greeting nearly as nicely by management, and that’s another story.

But yes, we’re a Union shop, and work 12s – Most union sites that I’m aware of in manufacturing are similar.

Don’t tell me you’ve missed all the news about Tesla and unions over the years? Elon’s loathing of unions is not exactly secret.

Sure, I know about that. – But it has nothing to do with 8 versus 12 hrs shifts. Unions are flexible enough to do either

And have worked in Union and non-union shops, there are definitely pros/cons to unions. My sense is it’s more about the people – management versus union leadership, in terms of if things work well or not. Unions are NOT inherrently evil, but if the wrong folks get into leadership, they sure can screw up a plant, if they try.

And it’s a good thing that Mental MadBro is UAW.

No, I work in a T3 plant that suppies automative, and we were on 8 hr shifts years ago, and folks voted to move to 12’s. The key is the rotation shift between days/nights is longer, and due to the rotation, there is one point each month where they get a 4 day consective break.

Bottom line, lots of manufacturing runs on 12hr shifts, as it even cuts down on the overhead of a single shift change during the day

As I worked on some of these shifts, 12 hrs isn’t really that bad.. It’s the day/night rotations that I had trouble with.

Yup. Day/night rotation is what torturers do to prisoners. I lasted one year doing that. Had a car wreck. Thought I would lose my mind. Didn’t know if it was day or night, weekday, or weekend. Companies love it because nobody gets night bonus.

Exactly, studies have shown that sustained overtime is bad for production efficiency, can lead to mistakes, injuries, etc…

Sure – Overtime.. But scheduled 12 or 8 hrs shifts are not overtime. There are seperate crew schedules for the 168 hrs of a week. It’s not like these are just 8–5 folks that they make come in for a weekend, these folks are on scheduled shifts, typically around 40 hrs week (with OPTIONAL overtime, typically chosen by the employee)

Just to be brutally clear – On any given line, with 12hrs shifts – there are 4 crews – A, B, C, D – And during any period when A/B are working (alternating day/nights), then C&D are off, – Then after 3 or four days, things reverse – C&D are “on” and then A/B crews are off. This isn’t rocket science – Staffing 24 hr shifts has been going on for a long, long time. It’s not like just A/B are working 12 hr shifts, for 7 days, that’s not sustainable.

People can volunteer for overtime, and sometimes it’s even mandatory (paid at 1.5x hourly rate), but just because they are working 7×24 doesn’t mean folks are forced into overtime. I can supply sample shift schedules for A/B/C/D if you like

No news here unless the fossil fuel mafia is behind this push to destroy Tesla before it begins to take away gas guzzler sales. HEY EARTHLINGS CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP

WhileI hesitate to even post a reply, as I’ll see more CAPS – The “fossil fuel mafia”? – Exactly who is that?

The same people that Elon is looking to sell a major stake of Tesla to. Saudi Arabia.

The difference is that the Saudis have to look at a post oil future because they have a country to float. Big Oil (the “Fossil Fuel Mafia”) can just scoop their bonuses, hit their platinum parachutes, and watch the workers get sheltered by the state while the company combusts.

There is a not-so-trivial difference between, on the one hand, paid Big Oil shills like Chanos and fake “think tanks” funded by Exxon, BP, and other Big Oil companies; and on the other hand, a diversification investment fund for the Saudi families, intended to carry them beyond the end of peak oil.

I don’t think it should be so hard to distinguish between huge corporations who care only about their bottom line, and personal investment strategies of rich families.

Was this story really worth publication? Next we will hear about Elon Musk having an extended lunch break.

Well on CNBC Squak Box I just heard that elon broke up with his girlfriend lol It has become ridiculous how tesla and elon are consistently criticized and attacked by the fossil fuel mafia. GO TESLA GO DESTROY DIRTY GAS GUZZLERS AND DIESELS LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS thanks have a nice day everyone

At least 80% of Tesla’s stories are irrelevant. Seriously it’s almost one tweet, one story.

Not this irrelevant. Seriously, I think this is a new low for InsideEVs.

Just last week a story was published about Tesla’s empty staging lot (from a reader, not even a serious publication), but I read no complaints about that one…

Strangly, Skabooska was back there today, and the staging lot volume was very low… There has to be something more to this story

“Elon Musk orders lunch! Film at 11.” 🙄

These are the type of Tesla articles that should not be written nor published at all. There is nothing factual here except a few people went home and the Model 3 line temporarily stopped. That’s news?


First world problems

A bit surprised that it’s newsworthy that a single day “Wednesday” Tesla production shift was cut back from 12hrs to 8.5hrs for unknown reasons.

Would that be newsworthy for the Jaguar i-pace line? Or any other car maker?

…At Tesla there are two 12hr shifts per line (12hrs x 2 = 24hrs) so there is no way to update a production line or JIT parts inventory re-sync without a temporary shutdown.

Every automotive 24hr pruduction line on earth temporally shuts down from time-to-time even if just a few hours. It would be newsworthy if somehow Tesla had a 24hr production line that never needed to temporarily shut down.

It’s newsworthy because the shutdown was due to an “unknown reasons”. Also newsworth because Tesla publicly announces (and boasts) about production targets. Jaguar does not.

How is this even worthy of an article, let alone and article about the article.?

Why on earth is this even an article?

InsideEVs should varyfy those alleged sources, before reposting such a bagatelle „news“.
In my opinion this seens such a void „event“.. if it really happend, that it’s not wirth a phrase. This may occur regularly in the autoindustry, but if it’s Tesla, it’s a headline. Sounds to me like another shot from the FUDsterfront.

When the Bolt factory shutdown last year, various sites *coughelecktrekcough* ran with the story and spun the shutdown was an indication the Bolt wasn’t selling and production was being stopped due to huge inventories piling up. Turned out all that was #fakenews, and the shutdown was planned and the factory was being retooled to adjust the Bolt/Sonic mix. I’m sure Electrek verified the news with GM before running that piece, right?

Bro- just what IS the annual output of Bolts?

Ask Mary Barra. 😀
We know it’ll be 20% higher than whatever it was come Q4.

I forgot about that, most EV sites went crazy with GM is in trouble, Bolt failed, etc…

“We should take caution in ASSuming”? I’m kinda thinking that ain’t gonna happen.

So, what happened on Thursday and Friday?

Checking after every shift is meaningless. Plus a worker in one part of the line doesn’t necessarily know why there is a stoppage. Maybe your reporters should chill out? Next you’ll be reporting that the cafeteria ran out of food…. lol

Tesla gigafactory bathrooms are out of toilet paper LOL

interesting to see all the Tesla worshippers come up with all the plausible and implausible explanations to defend that the short shifts and missed targets are not newsworthy. I think I’ll just wait for another Elon Musk tweet to explain it.

Better yet, wait for the Q3 earnings call, then the numbers are “real”, and the daily ups/down are rather meaningless anyways.

I could wait for the Q3 reports, but then I’ll get the excuse like “July 4th is a short week, so is Labor Day. And don’t forget that one day they sent people home early. Without those anomalies, Tesla would have 5000 a week!”

According to this article, it seems to imply that Tesla is in big production trouble, but if I look at the Bloomberg tracker (I know it is an estimate, but they are pretty accurate) :
week estimate
july 29 4065
aug 5 5494
aug 12 5321

so it looks like august will be better

There is no reason to downvote this comment.

Something weird is going on at Tesla, they were also shut down on Saturday, which is strange. The contractor parking lot was empty, so it is unlikely they were making line upgrades. I have no idea what is going on, but expect to hear some news in the next few days.

Breaking news…TESLA toilets are clogged LOL

That’s the point: That utterly insignificant incidents which happen at all large factories are being reported as “news” just because they’re happening at Tesla.

But I think “three workers were sent home early from one shift” is a new low in reporting non-news.

This article isn’t claiming the entire line was shut down, even for just a few hours. If it was just a few workers sent home, that could be nothing more than one or two stations on the line being shut down for a few hours.

Every time I’ve been to the east bay lately from San Rafael, I’ve seen a semi with a double-decker car trailer hauling Model 3’s in the opposite direction. It’s been uncanny. It’s clear to me they are moving a lot of cars. I also keep seeing more M3’s on the road. Saw 6 in one day on my way back from Sacramento. I don’t think we can look at empty parking lots as proof of anything, but there is a lot of evidence that cars are being moved.

It really makes me wonder, reflecting on all the Model 3 news over the last few years, how much better off Tesla would be right now if Elon had stuck to his original goal of 500k Model 3’s by 2020, instead of bumping up that target 2 years. Instead of constant headlines of Tesla “scrambling/cutting corners/building temp tents/etc…” to meet goals, those headlines might have instead been all laced with terms such as “exceeds/is ahead of schedule/ramping up quickly”. Elon’s brain is not wired to under-promise, over-deliver, but rather the opposite, and as a result his company is suffering.

I agree with you bro1999. I believe the whole Model 3 roll-out was done wrong. Tesla (Elon) shouldn’t have had an open ended signup/deposit to begin with, and I believe the 450k+ initial depositors caught them off-guard a bit. It seemed cool to see massive interest numbers at the time, but then delivering has turned out to be a whole different ballgame. I understand pushing the envelope, but Elon doesn’t seem to always have a plan when the ridiculous bar isn’t met. I believe the ‘realistic’ number of initial deposits should’ve been capped, made achievable, and thus could’ve given more wiggle room to introduce the $35k model sooner. Now we’re at a point where Elon/Tesla are trying to scramble on so many fronts. And never mind adding the additional self-created pressure of Tweets that have gone sideways..

I can agree with your post, excepting the last line. Tesla has always over delivered on product and performance. It is Timing that has always suffered.

Dude does something absolutely revolutionary, completely disrupting one of the most entrenched industries in the world, and continues to do so, and y’all think you know a better way. Ha ha. You won’t be leading my revolution!

While I totally agree that Tesla is disrupting the auto (+trucking) manufacturers on several fronts, and EVs would be nowhere near where they are without Tesla, so they clearly deserve alot of credit. Totally get that. But Elon does over-promise, and misses dates wildly. The MX, was a grasp at too much complexity (I think Elon termed it as “engineering hubris”), the M3 problems are mainly all about mass production ramps. Tesla generally chose to ignore all historical precedents about manufacturing here. It was all about the “Machine that makes the machine”, “automate everything”, “Manufacturing Dreadnought”, etc. – Lots of companies know how to do assembly/automation, and no-one does complex assembly as “lights out manufacturing” – It was strictly a Silicon Valley mindset (we’re innovative!!), and not willing to look at “automation history” in other companies that got them into this production mess.. Elon’s decision to pull forward the dates was simply not going to match production realities (the Mythical Man Month, anyone?) Tesla will get this resolved,, and ultimately improve, but it was a hard lesson learned, and it didn’t have to be that way, IMHO – and per John above, it could have been a much more positive… Read more »

And yet, Tesla has succeeded. The Model 3 is a roaring success, production is finally ramping up quite rapidly, and Tesla will never again have to “bet the farm” on a new venture, as it has repeatedly had to in the past. The short-selling FUDsters are, now, like the dinosaurs which lived on for a short while after the giant meteor hit the earth, too stupid to realize they are doomed to extinction.

As rocky as Tesla’s rise has been — and yes, it has certainly had some rough patches — compare Tesla to CODA and Th!nk and (Project) Better Place.

Yeah, Tesla has done some things wrong. Some pretty spectacularly wrong, for those of us following the story closely. But Tesla, and Elon, have done far more things right than they have wrong. If they had not, then Tesla would be just as dead as CODA and Th!nk and (Project) Better Place.

And so you sit around and, rather than talk about the important things, such as what Tesla has accomplished, you sit around and complain about how things were done.

Well, there are three types of people:

Those who actually do things; those who stand around and watch; and those who sit around and whine about how things aren’t being done the way they would be if they were in charge.

Elon Musk is in the first group. Which group are you in, Bro?

Every stumble or thing out of the ordinary will be a catastrophe, every downgrade of stock will be the end-of-the-world, every drop of rain will become a tempest. The shorts got taken by surprise, and some got hurt. So now we are experiencing their vengeance. They will pull out all the stops to drive Tesla shares down, along with their cohorts in the media.
The problem for them is that they need to cover to make money, so all they can hope is the stock will continue to fall, and not suddenly jump back up closer to it’s actual FMV around $325/share.
Of course if Musk actually has the funding then this entire kerfuffle could be moot.

He clearly made mistakes shooting off his mouth, which seems to be a pattern, but he is under a lot of stress, and it really is not material to the companies ability to disrupt the auto industry, which is what it’s doing. The juggernaut is moving forward, it just stuck in some trees as it’s pilot took a wrong turn.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Right now I only see no vast X-Files conspiracy, only tin foil hats and people hearing only what they want to hear. That’s human nature, I guess.

This story is very confusing in that I don’t know if it is talking about two possible things.

The first thing is Tesla is mad at the workers and sent them home early.

Or the second and most likely thing was the workers had to stop the assembly line and go home.
While the techs came out to fix the assembly line over the next few hours.

#1 is just wrong, production companies don’t get “mad” at workers and send them home – We’re all past high shool here, companies (especially non-union ones) just fire problematic people and move on – #2 is very likely, either due to some equipment issue, or parts supply issue. Either way, they took an unscheduled outage, and decided to at least save some of the labor costs. It happens.

As long as this isn’t systemic, I don’t see a huge issue. Again, look at the monthly trends, the day to day noise, is just that.

Why would Tesla have 2 12 hour shifts and not 3 8 hour? There are numerous studies on emplyee productivity and how it decreases the longer the shift is. Maybe they ramped up so fast they didn’t have the time to hire and train all the potential new employees?
I wouldn’t give this too much importance. It’s just one day for 3 hours. It can be anything but most likely equipment issues or parts shortage.

Running 12 hour shifts reduces the number of employees needed to work the same number of hours. Less employees = less overhead benefit costs being paid to employees.

What are the benefits you are referring too? They are not union so i’m not sure what they get other than stock options. I think JyChevyVolt got it right with its remark on reducing scheduled hours in a slowdown. It’s easier to go from 12 to 8 and then back to 12 then layoff and then try to bring them back when you need them.

Telsa has benefits, you can not think they are “rich enough” but they certainly exist – A small bit of GoogleFoo yielded:

https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Tesla/reviews?ftopic=paybenefits&lang= and

There seemed to be alot of complaints about management, and not having a 401K match, but PTO and stock options seemed to be positives, as well has health care.

So yea – the employees get benefits (and union or non-union, any company has to have benefits to attract any reasonably qualified employees)

As for their hiring/firing/layoff processes, that’s another different discussion to have

I’ve answered this question few days ago.

“The trend in manufacturing is to implement 2- 12 hour schedule. When work decreases, it turns into 2-8 hour schedule.

The problem with 2-12 hour schedule are Saturday and Sunday. When you start forcing mandatory weekends, production actually goes down.

Problems with 24 hour schedule:
1. Deferred maintenance
2. Longer downtime.
3. Higher drug use
4. Higher absenteeism
5. Higher turnover
6. Low moral
7. Increase accidents
8. Lower quality
9. Increase capital expenditure with lower production.

Does it sound like Tesla?”


Totally disagree – You statements weren’t backed up by any data in the last thread and they still are not. Sat/Sun are not any different from 12s versus 8s, as any real manufacturing is running 24×7 anyways, the cost of capital assets can’t sit idle on 2 out of 7 days, and the overhead of weekly startups/shutdowns has a negative QA and select impact – This is manufacturing 101. As for your list – #1, #2, #8, and #9, are all positively impacted by 7×24 operations, and favor 12 hr shifts – Manufacturing likes steady state and every change you can eliminate is a positive step (even shift changes) – Leave the process alone once things are running in the zone – Selects improve, QA improves, capital assets are fully utilized, etc. As for the “people aspects”, #3-#6, #7, those can be debated – See: http://www.ehstoday.com/health/which-better-8-hour-shifts-vs-12-hour-shifts 37% of companies use 12s, versus 34% on 8s – My sense is that 12 versus 8 actually makes little difference – The problem is in shift rotations, shifting your circadian cycle by 8 or 12 hrs generally sucks – This link shows studies that favor each approach. The rotation is the problem, and… Read more »

Have you noticed that these Posts are beginning to look like the chats of the followers of the serie X FILES “The truth is out there” lol

It´s starting to look creepy…

I used to have a lot more faith in Business Insider. These days it seems its more like “Seeking Alpha”


Normally Tesla PR is all over stories like this. I wish they would comment this time.

Yeah, they would typically release a blistering rebuttal by now. Maybe there were reductions in the PR department.

Sounds like hitting production goal is more likely. They were in a partying mood with Jack White doing a private concert the same week according to the Rolling Stone.

“Jack White staged a private concert for Tesla workers Friday at the electric-car manufacturer’s plant in Fremont, California, where the rocker also test drove an upcoming Tesla model.

“I am a huge fanatic and supporter of everything Tesla has been doing since day one,” White said in a statement. “I’m proud to say I was one of the first Model S owners in Nashville, which I think is the greatest automobile ever made. It’s been a thought of mine for a few years now that I would love to do a free concert for the employees at the Fremont factory.”


All this fuss over 89 cars?

The likely answer is that Tesla has built just about every US/Canadian RWD Model 3 configured prior to August 1 and production levels must now match new US/Canadian RWD configurations placed by the non-reservation-holding public, at least until Tesla opens configurations to the international reservation-holders. If you go to to the Model 3 Order Tracker spreadsheet and look that the # of members who have configured for RWD’s and are still awaiting VINs (i.e. – their car has not been built yet), you will see it is down to under 100, after peaking at 420 around July 1.

The # of members who have configured for RWD’s and have received VIN assignments but have not yet been assigned a delivery appointment date (i.e. – their car is built but hasn’t been “finalled”) is down to about 100, after peaking at 350 around July 6th.


The only reason why this is an article is because you click on it.

Wage slaves get a breather.

And they generally don’t get paid for this “breather”, most production folks are paid by the hour, if you not working, your not getting paid, so not sure how much they really “appreciated” said “breather”

Who cares if a line (or both lines) shut down early one day. That happens in real life production. And when there is an issue causing downtime, it is better to send folks home and get it fixed right than have them sitting around or worst, building something that then needs to be reworked.

+1 – totally agree, my sense is lots of folks on this board, haven’t spent much time in 7×24 manufacturing operations. It can also be a supplier issues, holding up some critical part or sub-assembly. With the big 3, you only got to make that mistake once or possible twice, after that, they found a new supplier. Not sure how much of Telsa’s parts are single sourced (my guess is alot of them), but part supply issues (even a late truck), can bring a line down, rather quickly.

“Who cares” is exactly how sensible people should react to this non-news.

For those reacting as though this is somehow actually news — or worse, trying to spin it into something negative — we should ask “Just what is your agenda?”

If anyone on here besides the InsideEV’s owner and writers knows how websites garner $$$$ its all about page views. Simple click to your website is like 6 cents. So the more clicks, the more $$$$

So the more farcical or outrageous the title of an article the better chance you have at making money

I clicked not because I believed the title instantly like a gullible person, but because I wanted to point this out.

Also… GA4 is shown above, not GA3; but knowing that makes me feel ashamed I know the difference.

Business Insider… a highly questionable publication. When they publish something and claim to be quoting people who don’t want to give their names… you treat their reports as unfounded rumor. And do not republish them with attribution. Here are some more: the Fremont factory has 17 underground levels and they are manufacturing 6 million cars per week. The Gigafactory in Nevada is mining lithium and cobalt ores directly from the nearby mountains using underground tunnels that can’t be seen from above ground. Finally, Elon Musk has an identical twin brother and they both live at the same house, and brief each other on their day at work. They’re getting plenty of sleep. That’s the secret behind how he can work such long hours. Elon #1 wasn’t texting while driving… Elon #2 sent the text while Elon #1 was driving to work. I read all of this from an internal Tesla document I recently obtained from sources familiar with the matter. Do you see how ridiculous this Vanja Kljaic article looks now? Basing your articles on stuff you read on Business Insider is not a good method. Please stop wasting all our time creating these re-report articles. We already don’t go… Read more »

Wow, that was creative!

So, for the last few weeks, the media has beaten down on Tesla for having the workers do 12 hour shifts instead of 8 hour shifts. Paid overtime, and Tesla salary is nothing to sneeze at, BTW.
Now, there are “sources” that say that some workers are sent home after 8.5 hours for undisclosed reasons.
So not working 12 hour shifts is now also bad.
If only the mainstream media could make up it’s mind (and not in the way they do currently, which is bash Tesla to get clicks and advertising money from the ICE cartel)
If only other companies would get this much detailed attention. Like Daimler for example, they have to recall about 700000 diesel powered cars including all diesel S-class and E-class hybrids in Europe. For a software update that removes a cheating mode for emission tests, that had been put there by unknown low level engineers or assembly line workes…

Something is off about this story…

211 cars were completed in 8.5 hours. That’s 24.82 or 25 whole cars per hour. If they had 3.5 hours left that’s another 87.5 or whole 88 cars. 211 +88 = 299 cars completed possible at the current rate.

Which makes the productivity of the shift works not an issue, seeing that if they completed their shift they could have made the 300 cars within the 12 hour period.

And we also don’t know if overproduction on other days had had an impact on necessary production for that particular day. Either way, nothing to see here….move along…lol

This is totally plausible, it likely wasn’t a productivity or people issue – It most likely was either an equipment outage, which was going to take some time to fix (so they sent the shift home, to save the labor costs and having everyone just sit around, while performing repairs), or a parts/supplier issue (aka, they are waiting on parts from another vendor). I’m sure missing 3 hrs, didn’t help the production cause, but it’s not the end of the world, nor shows that Tesla M3 demand has dropped to 0. So it is much ado about a little, but there is no need for “something to be off” here.

Just your basic unscheduled downtime, not a good thing, mind you, but it happens.

We don’t know what happened. We may never know. What we do know is that 211 cars built in 8.5 hours is ~26 1/2 per hour. Another 3.5 hours at that rate would equal 92, for a total of 303, thus meeting the goal..

Any number of things could have happened. The welding machine that connects body panels at the start of the line could have broke down. Will take six hours to fix. Finish up the cars on the line, then go home rather than stand around.

Could have been any number of things.

I wonder what happened at Ford today, or GM, meow I think Ford provided some back bone for workers so they don’t need time off.

I suspect they are sent home early because a line is down that some equipments need fixing. Better to send them home than having investor and customer paying them sitting idling for nothing! I suspect they used to get paid doing nothing Google style having investors paying them. Musk was talking up his new venture to attract the money to pay for these idle hours before. No reason for a small factory eating away so much money! They just don’t know how to control cost!

I can’t make the numbers add up…although before I get to that, I agree with most below that this is a non-story…probably a temporary equipment failure or routine maintenance or something rather innocuous.

But anyway…somebody check my math or tell me where I’m going wrong.

First, is Tesla running 7 days/week or only 5?

Second, is the 300 vehicles/shift just for GA3 or for each of GA3 and GA4? If GA4 is different, what is their goal?

300 vehicles/12 hour shift is 600 vehicles/day, and if I assume 7 day workweek, that’s 4200 vehicles, at least on GA3. If GA4 throughput is the same as GA3 (and maybe it isn’t), then that is well above the 6000 vehicles/week goal for end of August. Incidentally, if the two GA lines have the same throughput, then 6000 / 2 lines / 2 shifts / 7 days = 214 cars/shift/line, which seems awfully close to that 211 number quoted.

Well, perhaps GA4 is fewer vehicles than GA3. If GA3’s goal is 4200/week, that only leaves GA4 to hit 1800/week. In 7 days and 2 shifts, that less than 130 per shift. Does that sound right?

The recent ISI report said that they will be able to get to 8k / wk without any significant further capital investment. Based on numbers calculated by others above, it sounds like the two lines combined have the ability to make 8400/wk.

Tesla has to face the facts that they need to do a better job at supply chain management and figure out automation in a far better way.

Why? Do you think that other auto assembly plants don’t have unscheduled shut-downs of the production line for a few hours now and then, for one reason or another? Of course they do.

Such shutdowns are an expected part of manufacturing, and it’s bizarre that it’s being reported as “news” here. If it had happened at any other auto assembly plant, EV assembly or not, you can be sure we wouldn’t be reading about it here.

12-hr shifts? No wonder initial quality is so terrible! I’m surprised that only 1 white car has had a black panel by accident (so far). Utterly idiotic.

I love Tesla and I deeply appreciate all that Musk has accomplished; however, there is no excuse to treat people like machines.

Just wait for the next article about Tesla cafeteria issues.

OMG! The Fremont Assembly Plant cafeteria ran out of prune whip dessert cups! Alert the media!

“Production targets not met”

How do you know that?

Production target is 6000 per week by the end of August. As others pointed out, 300 per day non-stop would produce 8400 cars per week. Which probably can’t be sustained yet with the required battery cells from the Nevada Gigafactory. This means that they MUST sometimes stop the line to not overshoot that 6000/week target/limit.

In all likelyhood, they DID reach the target. Early. And thus the workers could go home for the day.

Regurgitating Business Insider crap is not a way to build a reputable site imo.

How is this even „a story“?

By comparison, Toyota produces 200,000 cars per week, every week of the year. Japanese car manufacturers are on another level. When Toyota move into BEVs, they will dominate the market.

Same old story:

~Roadster came out, unprecedented breakthroughs, delayed, naturally, lots of problems, TESLA WILL FAIL!, and fixed them all while simultaneously increasing production, Tesla passes with flying colors.

~Model S came out, unprecedented breakthroughs, delayed, naturally, lots of problems, TESLA WILL FAIL!, and then fixed them all while simultaneously increasing production and simultaneously adding capabilities, Tesla passes with flying colors.

~Model X came out, unprecedented breakthroughs, delayed, naturally, lots of problems, TESLA WILL FAIL!, and then fixed them all while simultaneously increasing production and simultaneously adding capabilities, Tesla passes with flying colors.

~Model 3 came out, unprecedented breakthroughs, delayed, naturally, lots of problems, TESLA WILL FAIL!, and then Tesla is fixing them all while simultaneously increasing production and simultaneously adding capabilities.

Tesla will not fail because they have a superior product, they solve their problems in a timely manner, and they relentlessly keep improving their vehicle capabilities. Short sellers get their laugh amidst their pain, but it is Musk who laughs last.

What I find most disturbing is the relentless assumptions that the whole thing is a scam/pyramid scheme/whatever – really, people? Over 12 years making profitable vehicles everybody said they couldn’t do, with capabilities and technologies far ahead of their competition that everybody said couldn’t be done. Go flush your heads, since you can’t handle reality.

Well said, sir.

The FÜDster story is OVER. Done. Finished. But a lot of them are too clueless to have noticed that yet.