Tesla Model 3 Production Was Indeed Halted In February

Tesla Model 3 frame


Turns out our anonymous source was indeed right. Tesla has now confirmed that production of the Model 3 was halted last month.

Tesla Model 3As we stated in our February 2018 sales report:

“We should also point out that an anonymous source with close ties to Model 3 production made us aware that the line has been down for as much as a week at a time over the course of the last month or so due to timing issues with the robots.”

Tesla is now confirming this to be true. The automaker says that Model 3 production was halted from February 20 through the 24th for a period to improve automation and eliminate bottlenecks.

In a statement sent to Bloomberg, a Tesla spokesperson commented:

“Our Model 3 production plan includes periods of planned downtime in both Fremont and Gigafactory 1. These periods are used to improve automation and systematically address bottlenecks in order to increase production rates. This is not unusual and is in fact common in production ramps like this.”

Tesla hopes to hit a production rate of 2,500 Model 3s per week by month’s end and some 5,000 a week by the end of June.

Source: Bloomberg

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More halts to come, they are not through “production hell” yet.

I would rather they get it right than have quality problems.

Too bad they didn’t have a better excuse like “production halted to start AWD production”

Production halted to start standard range production, ie the promised $35k car.

This is an absurd notion as the difference in the 35k dollar edition are in the battery module size and nothing to do with building the car itself.

That is definitely not the case, even though I wish it was. That’s what we’re waiting for.

“The dog ate my tooling?”


I remember looking at the Bloomberg tracker and thinking hey it looks like something is up. And now appears back in gear. If you look at the chart with the reported vin dots, there’s a lag (obviously) and a period of delay but now in the last week a turn up again in reported VINs. Hopefully it really is faster now.

The Tracker is doing what Tesla wanted to get away from. They dropped monthly sales reports because of the speculation-vacuum they invite. I don’t know automotive production management enough, to know how frequent stoppages ought to be. If they’re addressing bottlenecks to reach >2,500, or incorporate the Grohman machinery (which they said was ~end of March), there’s really nothing to get too excited about. Perhaps even a good sign?

I’m waiting for someone to tie water usage at Tesla to production (flush toilets).

The number of food trucks which show up outside the doors at lunch time is a much more accurate barometer of production volume.

Yep, GM only took the “straight to production, skip all intermediate steps” with the Bolt’s seats. LOL

Hmmm, not sure why this comment appeared here…

You’ve been exposed to Get Real too much.

You mean the Get Real that drives a Bolt, MadBro?

BTW, noticed your MadBro username was not on the threads yesterday so you must have been posting your tired, discredited FUD under your other usernames.

I think it was a Troliday.

I actually have a life outside the internet and am not posting from my parent’s basement covered in Cheetos stains 24/7 like you do.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Sh1t, I was doing that this weekend.
I found out that if you eat cheeto’s with chopsticks, your fingers don’t get messy!!!

I’ll second that! They last longer, too.

I sincerely doubt that eating with Cheetos increases chopstick longevity.

I thought he meant his fingers last longer.

Try Takis Cheetos are for children.

So that’s what that is. I thought I had jaundice.

And you driving a Bolt is just as likely as me driving a $35k base Model 3. LOL

LMAO troll.

I drive it enough to get back aches from the crappy front seats.

What is hard to believe is that GM would ever pay somebody with as little talent as you.

Why does the without seats version cost more? Seems odd.

Because they have to ship the incomplete Bolts to a company that performs the commercial outfitting add-ons, which costs money. Duh.

Yeah, that makes sense.

Although perhaps a more complete answer would have been:
“Rear Seat Delete Package, and it’s a $350 option — likely to pay for ship-thru; the Bolt Incomplete gets assembled at the Orion Assembly Plant in Michigan, trucked to Knapheide Truck Equipment for build-out, then trucked back to Orion for final delivery. Deleted along with that rear bench are all airbags save those for the driver and passenger, and floor mats. The Comfort and Convenience Package and Driver Confidence Package are stripped from the options list, and 16-inch steelies replace the standard 17-inch painted aluminum wheels.”

Can’t you just remove the unwanted seats yourself??

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

My sources says early April will be the next “Pause”.
April numbers to be less than March numbers where March we will see ~3187.

I have a feeling Tesla will crank up the production output for 1 hour/day equivalent to a 2,500/week build rate so they can declare that they are “on track” with their goal of 2,500 3’s a week by end of Q1.
Realistically, they will be lucky to be building 2,500 3’s a week CONSISTENTLY by end of Q3.

Well the fact of the matter is that Tesla already produces and sells more then the Bolt so I guess that says more about GM then it does Tesla.

I didn’t know Tesla made the Bolt!

Meant Model 3.

And BTW, LG makes most of the Bolt.

My Mulroney sticker says 54% Korean content.

But don’t confuse content with assembly.

High hopes for 3 but sales to date 9800 and Bolt at 28000, so the 3 has quite a bit of work to do before it is sold in the volumes that the Bolt has.
On the plus side there is a long list if reservations of people expressing an interest in the 3,so if they could increase their production numbers, which I believe they are about to do, they could pass the Bolt some time later this year.
GM did claim they would begin to make more Bolts which are in high demand. The Leaf us the one about to put up big numbers worldwide, still not available in numbers in the US, either they aren’t making many, or they get sold as soon as they hit dealerships.

Typically you do a full robot study well beforehand to optimize. Maybe they didn’t, or maybe they did, but found better optimization later in the “real world”.

It’s normal is true, but also normal is Musk’s inclination to make inaccurate predictions. So a cognitive dissonance is created which creates tension, which in turn creates interest.

Many people are still waiting for different interior choices, different roof glass options and of course AWD. I wonder when all options will be available especially the $35K base model 3.

My guess would be that the bas M3 won’t be available until after the end of at least the full tax credits and perhaps not until after the 50% credit. They need to sell the higher priced ones to keep up cash flow.

It’s hard to start a car company and is in many ways remarkable that they have gotten this far. They STILL make the only EV that you can reasonably take on a road trip.

IDK what to make of this. On the one hand it sounds absolutely logical that you’d stop the line to make any significant adjustments, and ramping up probably involves many iterations of adjusting things. On the other hand a shutdown of five days being such a planned stop to make adjustments sounds implausible to my ears. Since they’re expecting 2,500/week by the end of this month, I guess we should expect at least north of 5,000 units delivered this month, which would be on average 1,129/week. In other words where we should have been in October 2017 or so. Somehow I’ll still be positively surprised if they do manage over 5,000 for march. I wonder how long before Hyundai sets the price for KONA in Norway and how many we will get this year! And how many of the reservations convert into sales. I’m number 5500 or so in line. I’m among the first couple hundred reservation holders in Norway for a Model 3, and that reservation was made a year earlier. And I had to put 10,000 NOK ($1210) on the table. I very much doubt the $35k car will be available anytime in 2019. Tesla doesn’t say, but… Read more »

I highly doubt we will see 5,000 for March. Just over 4,000 would be more likely given the current uptick.
I wouldn’t be surprised if they produce “at an extrapolated rate of 2,000 per week” in the last 3 days of March… same BS they pulled during the last week of December. A short burst of production that cannot be replicated in the first week of the following quarter.

At the moment, I’m thinking 4,000 might also be optimistic. My wife funds auto loans at a credit union in Texas. Between late last month and the first couple days of March, she funded 4 Model 3 sales.

Since the 3rd, she has seen no Model 3’s come through but several Model S.

But 4,000 this month is still entirely possible if they prioritize California for the Model 3. That would make sense for why my wife has seen the sudden drop: a combination of this production delay + a prioritization of California for the month.

San Antonio store got its first two Model 3s last week, expects a dozen or two by end of month.

Obviously Tesla has taken up spreading FUD and is short-selling itself. We all know that in December, it demonstrated its ability to produce thousands of cars weekly.
I am going down to the train station to watch the unloading of dozens of $35,000 cars to meet the needs of Dogpatch.

Maybe the robots wanted a raise.🤗

Maybe they were busy having to quash a robot uprising?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

they wanted to make sure they get a cut of the stoooopid CA Robot Tax….


One person proposing a tax hardly makes it a “CA Tax.”

At least wait until it is more than just a “proposal” before you label it a done deal.

I actually don’t mind that. I would rather they halt production to address quality issues found than push forward and give me a crappy car when it is time for me to order them.

Slow down and do it right the first time is better than do it again multiple times.

A number of Texas deliveries appear to be happening this month, but I predict we’ll be seeing quality issues for the next couple of years. The early years for the Model S had a number of issues, but what’s more concerning is S owners STILL seem to report issues that should have been resolved long ago. Worst of all, each car they launch seems to have similar issues (panel fit, wind noises, gaps, etc.) which suggests they aren’t really getting “better” at some of this stuff (or the curve is looong and shallow).

I don’t see this shutdown as a big deal.
At least Tesla seems to be sticking to their knitting.