Tesla Model 3 Production Appears To Have Exceeded 300 Units


Another Model 3 spotted in Bakersfield, CA!

It appears as though Tesla has produced in excess of 300 Model 3s.

Earlier today, we reported on the method used to decode the Model 3 VIN. The breakdown is as follows:

Every Tesla vehicle has a VIN number beginning with 5YJ. All automakers have their own unique World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI). The fourth digit tells which model it is. So for instance, 5YJ3 is a Model 3 and 5YJS is a Model S. The entire VIN contains a total of 17 digits. Below is the decoder in order of digits:

1-3: WMI as explained above

4: specific model; S, X, 3

5: Body Type and Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)

A – hatchback, five door, left-hand drive

C – MPV, five door, left-hand drive, Class E

E – sedan, four door, left-hand drive

6: Vehicle Restraint System

1, A, B, and D – all have various Type 2 manual seat belts with front airbags, PODS, side inflatable restraints, knee airbags

7: Fuel Type

E – electric

8: Motor/Drive Unit

1 – single motor, standard
3 – single motor, performance
2 – dual motor, standard
4 – dual motor, performance
A – single motor, standard
B – dual motor, standard

9: check digit to be assigned by manufacturer pursuant to 49 CFR § 565.6(c)

10: model year

H – 2017

11: assembly plant

F – Fremont, CA

12-17: serial number

Recently, an image of the VIN plate on a white Model 3 surfaced on Imgur (scroll through embedded images above for a shot of the VIN – zoom in on image #8). What you’ll notice is that the VIN ends with the numbers 316. This seems to indicate that Tesla has produced no less than 316 Model 3s, probably quite a bit more actually.

These release candidate Model 3 will lead varying lives. Some will see long-term on-road testing, while others will undergo durability tests and some are certain to be crashed for test/evaluation purposes.

In the images above (see image 6 and 7) we get a detailed look at the charging flap on the Model 3 too. Image uploader WattLOL8 stated:

“I can say the charging flap is automatic. It flips upward as the button is pressed on the supercharging cable.”

Now you know…

July 28 is the big Model 3 handover event and we’ll be on the scene with coverage of it as it occurs in real time.

Sources: Teslarati, Imgur,

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Note the front bumper cover tow hook cutout/cover…

Also curious to see how it’ll look with a front license plate for those of us who live in states who require them…

For European plates it should look good as our plates are more rectangular(wider in the horizontal and less high).

I know the guy who is gonna market the front license plate holder using the M3 tow screw. He is also working on the Model S (refresh) tow screw license plate holder.


I’m hoping that charging port flap has a manual release too. It’s going to stick in wintertime here otherwise.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

That was my thought as well.
After being at a customers site in Truckee CA for a few hours in winter and have to SC, I hope that door will open easily after being in cold climate.

Presumably the 316+ includes the ~200 pre-production units previously reported to have been tested at a closed facility in Ohio?

When I read the article, I was also thiking that the 300+ VIN cars were probably pre-July 2017 prototypes.

I know it’s verboten to say these words – but look at those nice p**** g****!

(Rhymes with flannel chaps).

Take your “Flanel Chaps”, and go back to tending the flock, back up on the “Brokeback”.

Not only the PGs, but have you seen how a 2013 Tesla looks today? They really do not age that well cosmetically considering their cost. Maybe their newer production techniques have gotten better since 2013? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I expected our most active troll, Sven, to crawl back out of his hole under another name after being banned by the moderator, but I didn’t expect him to be so obvious about it.

Lol, they are not the same, but a very creative use of symbols nonetheless.

2EVsCO has been posting since March, under a unique IP…between auto tagging and live moderating, we are pretty good at knowing what is happening and with whom when in comes to multiple IDs, working the system, (=

Was Sven banned?!? Why? I am not a fan of censorship, and am quite capable of deciding for myself what is trolling and what isn’t. And while I think Sven enjoyed pulling at Poo-poo’s strings, who wouldn’t, and he often made valid points. Even his pro-hydrogen stance had little of the religious overtones that usually accompany the believers. :Dear

Seriously though, would you not consider using a real commenting solution like Disqus or similar..? The lack of notifications mean people realistically have no chance to respond to replies, which is a huge drawback with today’s solution. Disqus also allows editing a post (as long as no replies are posted), so people can correct themselves. And it lets users block whatever other users they like, as well as report spammers etc (whom you may then ban).

Of course you could roll your own, but integrating an existing solution would be cheaper and likely better. What we have now is frankly a bit sub-par IMO.

The purpose of a ban is to remove outrageous distractions. discussing any ban goes counter to that purpose.

Enough said. Sorry to distract.


See this thread. There was an issue on a particular topic with the aforementioned, that was jumping across dozens of threads.


I asked politely for that to stop (not from everyone, or anyone on either side of the fence…just Sven), and to be mindful of others/readability at IEV.

That advice wasn’t taken to heart, and instead a rather harsh retort was added to the thread to another poster thereafter, which unfortunately forced our hand.

With that said, my own personal interactions with the person banned had been pleasant, and he has contributed more than a few “tips” and suggestions over the years. But the needs of the many, and the people/time spent moderating, had to be considered in this case, as it had spiraled to an extent that I had to step in to ask things for be reeled in…but the line snapped when we attempted to do that.

Thank you for the correction, Jay.

And my apologies to 2EVsCO for wrongly assuming he is “Sven”.

BTW, 2EVsCO: The symbol “ツ” does not display correctly on my monitor. I see a rectangle with some tiny circles inside.

Try changing your browser’s text encoding. Unicode characters should be accurately displayed by all modern Web browsers.

One of my machines gives me square blocks and numbers every time there is a special character or emoticon. So annoying.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I’ve always wondered how the headlight covers would fair after about 4-6years.
Most cars nowadays get fogged up cataracts degrading night visibility.

So true!

At the risk of sounding like a corporate shill, I have done several “cataract removal procedures” using a 3M product with a 100% success rate. I had tried toothpaste previously, and it wasn’t worth the effort.

Yes, the “panel gap” is very even all around the hood, and so indeed does indeed look very nice.

If you were not kidding, then you need to (a) adjust your meds, and (b) actually look at a few white cars the next time you’re in a large parking lot. Real cars do have real panel gaps, unlike the renders seen in all car advertisements these days, and panel gaps are more obvious on white cars than others.

Yes, I was sincere. Compared to the beta models, the production does look corrected. Not that surprising since the Model X had awful panel gap alignment in beta sightings and improved later on.

Hey I want it to look good, I’m expecting to get mine in early to mid 2018.

Here’s a “real world” photo of a white 911 for gap comparison. Not the same angle, but there is a difference.


the angle of the Porsche photo is much lower. The one of the 3 is from the top of the car. That would favor the Porsche. It is not an apples to apples comparison.

I did not know advertising was allowed on this site.

I think his point was more about how the mere mention of PG seems to induce near-panic states in certain people. I also think you proved him right.

I, personally, became allergic to this discussion. So what if they were present on cars that were never meant to be sold?

Terawatt, I’m sure glad you post here. I’m very far from the world’s most mature person, but you make me look like Dale Carnegie by comparison.

I hope they get this right and are successful.

Toyota (and Honda) drove up quality industry-wide by showing that people will factor that into purchase choice.

Lexus showed that luxury can be had without “exclusive” level pricing, and helped to drive down the price of the German elites.

It’s time to show that electric cars are not just eco-nerd mobiles (or rich boy toys in the case of Model S and X). Hopefully Tesla will actually build and sell high volumes of Model 3s with a $35K price tag on them.

As a previous Toyota and Lexus owner I agree. They have exterior build refinement, bullet proof drivetrain. However their interiors always seem to be a little bit lacking. Granted, I’ll probably never buy one of cars again due to their electric vehicle head-in-the-sand attitude.

I am going to guess that your ownership of those cars was of Model Year cars from the 200X years or earlier, and not 201X years?

Many people have claimed that their quality has gone down post-2008 economic crash.

This is news to me….what people are you referring to? I have a 2013 Lexus and had no issues whatsoever.

One survey came from ALG INC who surveyed car buyers and saw a 20% drop in people’s perception of Toyota quality in 2010: “Toyota’s perceived quality score (PQS) of 67.6 was down a remarkable 20 percent from 84.0 in the ALG Fall PQS 2009 survey.” https://www.qualitydigest.com/inside/twitter-ed/toyota-s-quality-score-drops-20-automotive-consumer-attitudes-survey.html Also, JD Power’s survey of new car buyers in their “Avoider Study” saying the number of buyers avoiding purchasing a Toyota due to the perception of poor quality was up staring in 2010: “19 percent of new-vehicle shoppers surveyed said they avoided Toyota because of “bad reputation of manufacturer” — a startling increase of 17 percentage points from a year ago.” http://www.autonews.com/article/20101214/RETAIL03/101219918/toyota-reputation-drops-among-u.s.-new-car-buyers-j.d.-power-says So the “some people” are the folks these companies surveyed. I’m at the link limit, but in 2015 JD Powers said “The best-selling Toyota Camry has seen a 43% drop in its quality score over the past two years”. in 2013 CarMD also shows declining Toyota quality. But to put that in proper context, CarMD still ranked them as #2, with 3 cars in the top 5 list. Consumer Reports documented Toyota’s decline in “Recommended” rating, where they started with a high level of “Recommend” ratings, and then dropped nearly in half… Read more »

Toyota got a lot of bad press over the period 2009-11, due to reports (real or not) of runaway acceleration.

Whether or not there was a real drop in quality, certainly the public perception of Toyota’s quality dropped over this period, due to all the bad publicity. If there was a real drop in quality, it seems almost certain that the bad press reinforced and exaggerated public perception of the amount of decline in quality.

So, Nix, I would suggest that to some degree, perhaps a large degree, what you’re reporting is just a symptom of the public reaction to the negative publicity.


Mark, if you are interested, please feel free to research toyota quality. There are a number of stories starting in around 2010 that cover that topic extensively. It is probably getting way too far off topic for an EV site to discuss here.

But is Tesla actually selling Model 3’s as there is no NHSTA safety rating nor an DOE mileage rating?

Don’t these have to be completed before cars are sold to the public? Or are current Tesla Model 3 “sales” not considered sales to the public, just internal transfers to employees?

There aren’t any current Model 3 sales. I thought there was 1 but was corrected.

Maybe they’ll just get it done on the morning of the 28th?

And oh, the front looks a lot better with that cut out I have to say.

That looks like a prototype not a production car. July was supposed to be when deliveries started.

At this point, Tesla has not really met the deadline. No NHSTA or EPA data, no actual sales that anyone knows about, no pricing for any sales anyone knows about. Twelve days to go before Tesla officially fails to meet its own July deadline for actual sales to public.

Which would have been OK when the orders first came in but once Musk committed to production and timing goals, he had to meet them.

I guarantee they’ll have the July delivery event. The 30 cars may or may not be street legal by then, but the 30 high-level Tesla and SpaceX execs won’t care. They’ll just drive them in the parking lot and say how amazingly wonderful they are.

“Actual sales to the public” won’t happen for several months, even if things go perfectly.

You guarantee? I know from the movies it is American to “promise” things one cannot possibly control (e.g. supervulcano erupts, the hero, a mechanic with zap knowledge about geology, immediately “promises” to beautiful woman “everything will be ok. I promise!”). But I didn’t know you used the verb “to guarantee” in the sense of “to believe”.

If that’s not what you’re saying, in what position are you to make such guarantees..?

u wana bet on it? Talk is cheap and you do a lot of it.


You are often your own worst enemy. You could have made your point in a polite manner, or at least a civil one, and you could have won the argument. But, as is all too often the case, you chose to make it in just about the worst possible manner… so all you’ve done is get people annoyed with you. AGAIN.

Terrawatt seems polite enough to me- we all see things differently. I too find “I guarantee” both arrogant and lacking substance. Another one is “Trust me”- a sure sign NOT to do so!

Putting out 30 prototypes with no pricing is not what was promised. What was promised was first sales to employees but since these cars don’t have NHSTA or EPA approval yet, can they actually be sold or is Tesla simply giving them to employees to beta test.

Fair to say not what everyone expected when Tesla said first shipments in July.

FISHY said: “there is no NHSTA safety rating nor an DOE mileage rating?”

Says who? Are you under the impression that the DOE and NHSTA are the ones to first publicly release that information, and not the car makers? That is not the case. That information is released only after car maker sign-off, potentially well after testing is complete.

The only information we have is a statement from Tesla stating that they passed all Model 3 regulatory requirements in mid-June. Do you have actual information that these are not complete, or are you going with the “since I’ve never seen them personally they don’t exist” argument?

July 2nd tweet from Elon Musk:

“Model 3 passed all regulatory requirements for production two weeks ahead of schedule.”

So all of that had been completed at least 2 weeks prior to July 2nd.

DOE mileage rating isn’t required for production it is required for sale.

Are you seriously going with that Dodge (and I don’t mean the car)?

That’s the best you can make up, is a play on the multiple definitions of the word “Production” because you can’t produce any actual evidence of your claims?

Because technically Tesla doesn’t need to meet ANY US automobile regulations if they build cars but never sell them. Safety regs? out the window if you never sell them. Emissions regs? Don’t matter if you don’t sell them. Clearly that isn’t what Tesla was talking about. He’s talking about clearing all the regulatory hurdles for putting the Model 3 into Production, meaning to SELL the darn things.

Stop making this into a big production, just because you can’t produce the words from your fingers: “my bad, I don’t have any evidence that Tesla doesn’t have window stickers yet. I just ASSumed it because they haven’t made them public yet.”

Try it. It is easy. You can just cut and paste it.

@Nix “there is no NHSTA safety rating nor an DOE mileage rating?” Says who? ”

NHSTA and EPA who have not issued safety or mileage rates for Model 3.

Perhaps it will happen very soon but not yet.

FISHEV — The gov’t doesn’t decide when to release those. The car maker does.

Bull. If there are 300 “production” units out there why did Saint Elon forecast only 30 vehicles this month?

You are either making incorrect assumptions about Tesla’s serialization scheme or maybe – just maybe – Musk is trying to do some stealth Beta testing that should have been conducted over the last 6+ months.

He didn’t say only 30 will be produced. He said the first 30 handed over to owners in a public ceremony. Others will be made, but not delivered until the public unveiling.

I’ve been complaining about this very topic over and over for weeks. The current information we have about Model 3 Production and Delivery switches back and forth between numbers for Delivery and numbers for Production, and most people have been using them interchangeably as if they were the same thing.

Tesla provided Delivery projections for July, but they didn’t provide projections for Production numbers.

The August and September numbers are hard to determine whether he is talking about Production numbers or Deliveries, because he talks about Production rate increasing, but does so in the context of already talking about Deliveries.

Oct/Nov/Dec have no specific guidance, except to say that in one of those months they want to hit Production numbers of 5K/week in one of those months. No Delivery target at all.

It simply isn’t possible to know both Delivery numbers and Production numbers from the information we have available now.

Stanley said: “Bull. If there are 300 ‘production’ units out there why did Saint Elon forecast only 30 vehicles this month?” This article unfortunately does not spell out the difference between pre-production cars and production cars. The word “Production” in the headline confuses matters even more, altho to be fair to writer Eric Loveday, it may have been the editor who put the title on the article, not him. I think — please note, this is just my opinion, not fact — I think most or all of the 316+ Model 3’s referred to here are pre-production units, not intended for sale, rather than actual production units intended to be sold. And also, Stanley, I think you are confusing deliveries with production. Elon said Tesla will have a ceremony at which 30 Model 3’s will be delivered (or handed over to the owner), later this month. I’m pretty sure Elon never stated or implied that there would only be 30 produced by that time. We can assume at least 30 will be produced, but surely even Elon doesn’t know exactly how many Tesla will be able to produced by that date. Production may run smoothly… and it may not. *… Read more »

OMG!!!! those hideous wheels. I don’t want them! And don’t want to pay for better wheels.

Hey now my 3 yr old literally said “wow, I like that wheel, it looks good” when I scrolled through the pics.

Then again she also likes Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse and some crazy Japanimation stuff…

To each their own. I like ’em.

I don’t think you’ll have to. In fact, I think these are the better wheels you would have had to pay extra for had you had the sense to want them.

Some are like girls and just go by how “pretty” things look, in utterly unidentifiable ways. But many men like to understand and sees a different kind of beauty – the well-engineered kind where form follows function. These wheels don’t go far enough, but they are considerably more efficient than typical wheels. At least they look that way to me. Where you see fugly, I see brains.

Ignoring the unnecessary gender stereotypes, I would call these wheels “+10 pretty”.

As in if they offer at least +10 extra miles of range, they will look pretty damn good to me. If they don’t, they is fugly — very fuuugly.