Tesla Model 3 Production Hits 70,000, With Registered VINs Surpass 100,000

AUG 18 2018 BY MARK KANE 129

In just one year and two weeks, Tesla manufactured 70,000 Model 3

According to Bloomberg, cumulative production of Tesla Model 3, estimated through its VIN-tracking algorithm, is now above 70,000. That’s almost 10,000 more than it stood at 13 days ago.

***UPDATE – VINs have just surpassed the 100,000-unit milestone. Oh happy day!

The Tesla Model 3 Tracker indicates (as of August 18) 70,009 units produced and a production rate of 5,321 weekly, which is slightly less than previously, but still expected to go north to 6,000 or so later this month.

With almost 30,000 Model 3 made this quarter and with six weeks to go, Q3 will result in more Model 3 (around 60,000 or more) than all previous quarters combined (41,029).

Separately, the number of VIN registrations is at 99,145, ever so close to 100,000!

Production and deliveries of the Model 3 in previous quarters thus far:

  • 2017’Q3 – 260 produced, and 222 delivered
  • 2017’Q4 – 2,425 produced and 1,542 delivered
  • 2018’Q1 – 9,766 produced and 8,182 delivered
  • 2018’Q2 – 28,578 produced and 18,440 delivered
  • 2018’Q3 – already >28,980 produced

Tesla Model 3 Tracker (Source: Bloomberg)

Source: Tesla Model 3 Tracker

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Model 3 is well on the way to 100k.

Only 855 more VIN registrations needed.

Q4 should be the real eye opener for many!

Over the top (100k) now, that was a bit of a wait,

…+1352 and counting…

Riddle me these.
1. Why is there such a huge gap between max VIN registered and total number of cars produced? It seems 1/3 of the VINs are not produced.
2. Why is the difference between number of cars produced vs. delivered growing exponentially? By my calculation, now there should be ~15k-20k inventory (undelivered) cars sitting in various parking lots.
3. Why are new people placing orders getting their cars in a few days when there is supposed to be a huge waiting list? Even my internet purchases take longer to be delivered. Here we are talking about a full car.

1. VIN registration always leads production by 30-60 days. At 5k/week it takes 42 days to eat up 30k VINs.

2. Bloomberg’s 70k is probably 4-5k too high. They are struggling with deliveries, thogh, due to the belated but rapid ramp.

3. Most new orders have to wait ~2 months, but a few people get lucky because their configuration matches a vehicle freed up due to someone backing out or because it needed re-work.


However I think the people getting their car in a few days are all RWD and almost everyone waiting is waiting for AWD.
The performance models are coming through fairly quickly

I suspect they manufactured a little ahead of sales on the RWD while ramping up AWD. There aren’t many possible RWD configurations, particularly as the software and wheels options can be switched at the service center, so they are ok to get a bit ahead like normal car manufacturers do.

Now the vins registered are almost all AWD.
I expect September will be a huge manufacturing month for AWD and they will finish delivering the inventory RWD down to normal levels.

The tracker is also often wrong., and it goes back and lowers/adjusts the numbers in the past weeks 🙁
The tracker is showing Tesla never reached 5k in end of June push.
I’m bookmarking this article. Will see how long it takes for the tracker to adjust these numbers downwards.

If only all of us who are waiting could even put down an order…
The Model 3 is at half it’s full production rate and yet no markets are opened except the US one (and a few to Canada).

I’m longing for the day that Norwegian/Dutch orders start coming in, then it just be a matter of time before you can order it in other parts of Europe.

My guess is they will begin shipping the LR, PUP rear drive units outside the US as soon as demand for them in the US has tapered — likely in 3-4 months (they will do this before selling any SR base models)…..count the $$$$

It is likely. Hopefully the ordering should then start in 1-2 months. I just wonder if they’ll start with Europe or go for the worlds largest luxury car market first.

Not sure it matters… Once they start international sales, I suspect they’ll expand them to all LHD markets pretty soon.

But you have the Kona before us!

Well the Model 3 is well past the Bolt in total numbers, soon Tesla will eclipse Nissan and finally people will stop saying, “but Nissan has produced the most evs.” Well, yes there is quality too, and not just quantity, and Tesla will soon have both of those crowns, along with safety.

Yes, panel gaps to make the car go faster…

Tesla panel gaps are hard to see, especially when your attempt at following close behind The Model 3, from launch at take off, becomes EVer more impossible.

Being left in the dust, makes looking ahead kinda difficult.

Nice try, and better luck next time, in playing catchup, in your Legacy ICE OEM FUDster baby sT-ROLL-er!

Golgoth, it is kind of like dimples on a golf ball. They may look odd the first time you look at them but it does help the aerodynamics…

Stupid trolls lamely and desperately trying to spread FUD like this idiot can’t stop Tesla now as it blows away the compliance car competition from laggard, legacy OEMs and is now eating into LICE sales.
Expect a pay cut soon Golgoth!

LICE sales. Good one.

😆 😆 😆

Tesla is about to surpass all the other makers of EVs put together in yearly production, and the best you Tesla Hater Cultists can come up with is “But… but… but… what about the panel gaps?”


Go Tesla!

LOL! Come on, Pushmi, tell us what you really think!

Lately I haven’t seen any gaps on M3s. Quality is much improved in that respect.

Jun delivery at VIN 25,000ish. Zero gap!

Panel gaps are over rated

Russian troll haha you are funny.

Mine got zero panel gap, fool! Jun 3 delivery here. My friend who owned Porsche Panamera S reviewed my car and said: perfect clean design, great torque and very responsive…no panel gap whatsoever as trollers said!

Nissan will soon pass 400K.

And all of them within 35 miles of home with that battery capacity loss!

(yes, we leased one and saw it happen)

I own one and they really do degrade badly, still its a nice car

I’ve owned two Leafs, a 2012 24kWh and (still have) a 2016 30kWh, and f you recognize what they are – a great tool for in-town driving – then they are great cars. My Model X is a great car too, but a different tool for different jobs. No more gas cars in my garage anymore!

That can only be YTD, means total amount produced since 2010.
Tesla will catch up within a year, with more a more configurations of the Model 3 50% to 140% more expensive than the Leaf.
Still great from Nissan.

Tesla will perhaps sell a bit more cars than Porshe this year, and leave them behind next year. From a monthly perpective Tesla propably already sells more cars than Porsche.

What I found Funny, was that the Porsche Mission E (The “Tesla Model S Killer”), now called the TAYCAN, is almost as Quick as the Model 3 Performance version, in 0-60 Mph!

Will it be Faster in ramping up to Its Target Volumes (which, I understood to be at Bolt EV levels, of 30,000 per year!)?

With low production numbers, that really does not matter that much. It’s less then 100 a day.
With that being said. . low production volumes will have a different factory layout, and will still need some kind of ramp up – but it tend to be a very short time. If they’ve done the factory planning OK.

Also funny, the bashing, laughing, and trolling in the lastest months was all about the low production rates.
Where automakers need one year to produce 20.000 cars global, like Ionic. Tesla only needs 3 to weeks for the Model 3, in the next months it go down to less then 2 weeks. That is more than a ten fold.

And where other automakers don’t have more than 400.000 (incomming) reservations but just a fraction of that, you still have to wait 9 to 18 months for their EVs,

Last month Tesla sold more cars (sedans) than BMW in the US. That to me is impressive

“Nissan will soon pass 400K.”

Geez…I’m getting tired of you Tesla fanboys rubbing this in Nissan’s face. We already know Tesla is on pace to pass 400k the beginning of next month and the month after Nissan reaches 400k (“likely Dec 2018) Tesla will surpass 500k.

Well, it seems Nissan has just made ONE EV, the LEAF, while Tesla has 3 Models currently, plus the 1st Roadster, for EV experience! The Model 3 is blasting past Model S & Model X sales, too!

Nissan also makes the e-NV200 an electric van not sold in the Americas. So Nissan is still ahead of GM and Tesla in electric vans, and does sell two different EVs, not just the Leaf.

Nissan will SOON HAVE PASSED 400,OOO GOLF CARTS, there fixed that for you.

Nissan will continue selling the leaf in modest numbers in markets it is very hood in (Europe and parts of Asia).

Nissan Leaf is not hood anywhere. it’s one of the most un-hood cars in existence 🙂

Tesla will pass 500k in sales next year

And most of them were leased…leased return Leaf will be shipped to 3rd world countries for local taxis cuz who gives the fck about that 70-mile range machine?

Nissan has still produced more EVs than Tesla, even though it’s just a small side-line for them.

So many poor people who could not afford Tesla MS got their first taste of electrics through Leaf.
Now the absolutely homeless and destitutes too can go electric with hand-me-down Leafs.
Nissan has done service to mankind.
Ghosn deserves a Nobel prize for peace.

Please somebody, can we give Carlos some well deserved props, with some swag EV Bling!

Maybe he can receive The “Innovation that Excites” Award,

Or possibly the “Intelligent Mobility” Prize.

Yes, Ghosn is one of the good guys at heart. Whatever faults the Leaf may have, it isn’t a lack of desire to do the right thing.

The specs on the next upcoming version of the Leaf, and the latest styling updates bode well for the Leaf making a big comeback, hopefully moving into a new era for the Leaf and for Nissan and Ghosn.

I would give Ghosn and Nissan more respect if the Leaf2 had come out by late 2016. We are still waiting for a full utility BEV from Nissan, one with at least 200 miles of US AER.
Heck, it would have been acceptable if it arrived in 2017!
Still waiting.
Good intentions are one thing, delivering the goods is something entirely different.

The current Leaf is way ahead of most competitors though, so gotta give them some credit.

I am not a huge fan of the Bolt, but it makes the new Leaf look like a dogs breakfast when it comes to specs and usability. I think the new Leaf actually looks a lot better than the original Leaf, but that short range is a large problem for Nissan.

It’s a much cheaper car, though. The 60 kWh Leaf will be the one actually comparable with the Bolt in terms of price and specs.

The current Leaf should have come out years ago. Nissan is quickly falling off the radar as an EV innovator.

I’ll give them credit for making it to market if even late, compared to car companies yet to even make it to market with a GENII EV. Or even any compelling EV at all.

This fact is how you know nix’s claim about Ghosn is wrong: Nissan has only one plug in vehicle for the USA this entire decade. The leaf was and is a compliance car. Why has Nissan not offered a phev version of the rogue or at least the Altima? Ghosn n Nissan have not applied any lessons learned with bev leaf to any of their other models for nearly ten years! HELLO, COMPLIANCE VEHICLE.

All bev builders that sell in the states are selling them to comply with regs…Tesla is the only exception for now and the next several years.

Nissan doesn’t have a better selling vehicle than the Model 3.

Comparing manufacturers, Tesla (~357K) is already ahead of Nissan (~345K).

If you’re comparing Leaf to Model 3 though, the Model 3 still has a ways to go. Nissan is selling almost 10K of the Leaf per month and currently leads by ~300K. It’ll be about a year before Model 3 overtakes it.

Far less than 10k monthly leaf sales in the USA

Funny you would mention Tesla quality after numerous posts about people with mismatched door panels and bumpers falling off right after taking delivery of their car. But people who love Tesla and Elon Must will let it slide.

The Leaf I had in 2013 was delivered with damaged upholstery on a front door panel, a defective rear defroster, and numerous paint flaws. Neither the factory, nor the dealer caught any of that.

I was issued a VIN for a finished Model 3 in the mid 60k range a week ago.


Well done, this site has covered every Tesla car ever produced, every car delivered and every VIN registered

And unfortunately every serial anti-Tesla troll, shill, shorter and hater.

No one would have a problem if it didn’t pretend to be what it was not. “InsideTesla”?

Besides the folks like yourself, most who come here don’t actually have a problem with an electric car website that supports EV’s manufacturers, including the company that has far and away done the most to advance EV’s throughout the industry. Considering how Tesla is the ONLY manufacturer that is purely BEV, considering that Tesla receives WAY more press outside this website than any other car company in the world, considering that Tesla is constantly producing newsworthy production and evolution processes worthy of noting (good and bad), it stands to reason that this website would obviously have the same proportional amount of articles as the general media.

Given that Tesla sold more than half of all plug in cars (including plug in hybrids) in the USA last month, and the Model 3 sold more than *seven times* more than the next best seller (Prius Prime) the disparity in coverage is logical.

Or maybe you think everyone should get the same ration of coverage no matter how few EVs they sell and how little public interest they generate?

Very much agreed. It’s just the nature of the segment at this point, especially in the U.S. As soon as we miss one Tesla story, we get called out for being haters. It’s a balancing act that we work on every single day. However, it’s very hard, if not impossible, to balance a scale that has 1,000 pounds on one side and 50 pounds on the other. To make it even somewhat reasonable, we have to dig deep and pad the one side of the scale very heavily. We take a ton of pride in padding that scale in order to bring a wide variety of news and many stories that few other outlets care to cover.

Hi Steven, on the Padding side, check out “Hollistic Management by Allan Savory” on You Tube! I just discovered him last night, and, on the aspect of Climate Change contributing factors, beyond Transportation, he has some interesting ideas and information, as well as discoveries and evidence. Enjoy!
You may also see something from them of interest, that suits this site, as well.

Awesome. Thanks for the tip, Robert!

Inside the us is key, theres quite a few really cool stories thst go unreportrd from europe. I see especially lately that you really try and balance especially stayimg away from the stock market crap.

Transport E does it well with Tesla then other manufacturers and then Tesla’s and then other related battery and then Tesla. You guys have to break up the Tesla article throughout the day. No one likes the Tesla bunching

Make your news more balanced and you will get more balanced readers will return. It was a great service when it started now it’s got overrun by shills, haters and, frankly, it is no longer interesting to anyone who isn’t invested in Tesla or a kid.

BTW, despite publishing so much about Tesla you still managed to miss many stories widely reported by mainstream media. Check for example recent coverage of Tesla and Musk related topics at the Guardian (one of the most pro-Tesla outlets). Pretty much anything that isn’t 100% hype is omitted.

Yes, it would seem that some people would prefer that you ignore the 500 lb. gorilla in the room.
Maybe you could do even more stories on upcoming cars that won’t be in mass production for years, or the expansion of the hydrogen pumping station network, or maybe one of the 20 new electric vehicles coming out from GM in 4 years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8E_zMLCRNg.

Haha. Well said.

If you don’t like InsideEVs giving more coverage to the one EV maker which is making more EVs than all the others put together, then there are certainly other websites where you can spend your time.

And don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out.

Agreed. Less than 50 percent of our coverage is about Tesla and based on the stories to choose from, that can easily be 80 percent or more, but we strive to dial it down for balance. The amount of news about Tesla versus other EV makers is about 20 to 1 on a given day. To get our non-Tesla coverage up to about 55-60 percent is a challenge and it also drives down traffic, as well as our earnings. Still, we do it because we are not a Tesla site, but a plug-in site. We cover it all, and for good reason. None of us own Tesla vehicles or have ever had any Tesla stock. It’s not our fault that Tesla is selling more EVs in the U.S. than all other automakers and that there is much more Tesla news to cover on a daily basis. To be honest, we’ve actually had meetings about how not to cover too much Tesla, as well as meetings about the fact that we’ve missed coverage of a plethora of Tesla-related news. It’s a very delicate balance and we are always working at it.

Maybe you could have a Friday post, with a title “Tesla Stories in the News we Didn’t Yet Cover this week”, and just list those other ones, by Headlines & a paragraph or two?

That keeps it down to one ‘Overflow’ posting, that staff can just add bits to, over the course of the week! Post it at 6:00 PM on Friday!

It might not be a great idea, but sounds like it’s worth a test!

Last week tonight style

Good point.

Your tolerance is truly an example for us all.

That’s how you lose business. You can’t placate all your articles on Tesla

It’s hardly “Inside” Tesla! It has good coverage of Tesla, True, but still misses a lot of goings on there! And most stories if late seem to have few responses or comments! (That’s often where the best tidbits are found!)

That’s true Robert


You can always go to different site. (like that’s gonna happen..)

they don’t even need to go to another site. Just simply clicking on all the stories that they are interested in, and skipping stories they aren’t interested in would go a long ways.

The only stories they’re interested in are those with ‘Tesla’ in the headline.


Mister G, check out “Hollistic Management by Allan Savory” on You Tube! I just discovered him last night, and, on the aspect of Climate Change contributing factors, beyond Transportation, we could learn more!

Great news, hopefully they can go worldwide soon!

And go Nissan too!! For all the critisim of this model or that model every survey Ive seen shows Ev customers regardless of brand are way happier than ice customers.

Best thing that the 3 will achieve is confidence for the legacy makers to do bigger production runs!!

So thats 29K vehicles in 7 weeks. Thats 4100-4200 per week average. (Consider that the 4th of July had some downtime.) Extrapolate that to 13 weeks and you get 53000-54000 model 3’s. Expect some downtime as they upgrade the production lines to increase the production rate as well as observing labor day weekend.

Even with the downtime, if Tesla can ramp up to 6-7K/week capability in the coming weeks, they can handily beat the guidance of 50-55K model 3’s in the 4rd quarter. Say what you will do, and do what you say. Thats great!

Come on base model 3.

Production is way down today, and the contractor lot is empty, so line upgrades are unlikely. I think there is a news story brewing, maybe show up at the opening of market Monday?

Yeah they had a party and are taking a break.


Taking a break? Or Lack of demand? Paint shop Problems? Parts shortages? Or letting parts and Painted car bodies stack up for a 6K push next week, lots of possibilities. Taking a break is not likely, other then Friday evening.

It’s very noticeable that all the frenzied agitation and propaganda against Tesla is now ignoring Model 3 production. Now it’s getting up to speed, they’ve mysteriously lost interest in production rates 😉

Got a “New Bouncing Ball” to follow, like a cat…short attention spans!

Use a Red LED pointer one day, a Green one the next! They just like chasing Ghosts! Nothing Solid interests them!

My car was made in June with VIN 38xxx. Now less than 2 months later VIN surpasses 100000. Unreal!

This is good news, and definitely points in the right direction. But as explained in a story before, Bloomberg’s individual weekly estimates and VIN registrations are not considered as exact numbers, just general guidelines for trends.

That trend is way way way off this week… Workers have been ending shifts early all week, and the factory is basically shut down today… Contractor Parking lot is empty today, so it is not line upgrades going on… Parts or battery shortage? I think news will be coming soon on this… Stay tuned…

Why this obsession with Tesla. For a company you hate so much, you have the time to monitor it’s parking lots? You need urgent medical attention. Teslas success must really hurt you so much.

Well the production and hopefully the delivery problems are behind them. I’m still betting on 30,000 TM3’s sold in August

I love Tesla but unfortunately plenty of delivery problems still at least as far as delays. My delivery was delayed and not rescheduled yet and so are others. Hopefully resolved soon. The general pop want be as patient as us fanboys.

Tell that to future European customers 🙂

Too much. I got 15k/18k estimate for the month

Ron I don’t doubt that Tesla will have a week where they produce 7,000 M3’s this month. But I don’t think they will have the line running all month. I will be happy if they deliver 16,000 M3’s and ecstatic if they deliver 20,000. And I really can’t wait to see the Q4 numbers! 😉

Ron, stay off drugs…. I am going with 16-18K Model 3 sold in August, lets see who is closer, huh?

Okay but I’m not gonna stop smoking a little weed now and then. Hahahaha

Obama believed in science and renewable energy along with Musk. It took longer than Obama had hoped for to get EV’s mainstream but his political support and Musk’s vision lead to a new day. The battle isn’t over by far; but many major companies, states and countries are working now to be 100% renewable energy. Scott Pruitt, Zinke, Perry and most of all Trump have tried to derail the progress being made, but it’s a battle they will surely lose.

Obama inherited the Energy Security Act of 2007 from George W Bush, who pushed for it and signed it into law. That is the law that enacted the $7500 tax credit, without which we wouldn’t have nearly this level of production of electric cars today. As Car Connection put it, George W Bush in the Father of the Modern Electric Car.

Scott Pruitt, Zinke, Perry and Trump have hijacked the Republican Party, and any connection with EV’s. IF you want a Republican Party that supports EV’s you will need to figure out how to take it back.

“Obama inherited the Energy Security Act of 2007 “

Oh come on Ziv. You’re better than that. When the GOP first passed the the EV tax incentives in 2006 there were no EVs that qualified and it was only for 12 months(2007.) That ploy worked so they repeated it in 2007 passing it for 2008 again it was only for 12 months to ensure it would not be used. It was the financial crisis in 2008 where the GOP was so desperate with the prospect of world financial collapse that they created that they gave in to the dumbocrats demands.

If one Politico should be given credit it should be Lindsey Graham for having removed the safe guards that made the financial collapse a near reality. Some good can come from greed and incompetence.

The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 was signed into law by W on December 2007. The other bills are nice little attempts to do little things. W signed the bill into law that enabled electric cars to really take off in the US. Without that bill, Tesla would be building boutique BEV’s that cost more than the mass-market for cars would support. By enacting the $7500 credit, regular people were able to afford to buy a Volt or a Leaf and the economies of scale kicked in eventually, dropping the price of electric cars, as the bill intended.
W made his mistakes from time to time, but he really does deserve the credit on this one.

The Democratic Party controlled a majority in both chambers of the 110th US Congress for the first time since the end of the 103rd Congress in 1995.

The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (Pub.L. 110-140[1] originally named the Clean Energy Act of 2007) is an Act of Congress concerning the energy policy of the United States. As part of the Democratic Party’s 100-Hour Plan during the 110th Congress,[2] it was introduced in the United States House of Representatives by Representative Nick Rahall of West Virginia, along with 198 cosponsors.


Bush signed the bill after some changes were made:

The bill originally sought to cut subsidies to the petroleum industry in order to promote petroleum independence and different forms of alternative energy. These tax changes were ultimately dropped after opposition in the Senate, and the final bill focused on automobile fuel economy, development of biofuels, and energy efficiency in public buildings and lighting.

Fotomoto Yes to cut subsides on for petroleum industry. Over 100 years and petroleum industry still needs subsides and if you ask a GOP supporter they don’t believe the petroleum industry gets subsides. Like the Koch Brothers would spend 400 million to get GOP candidates elected if there wasn’t something in it for them.

“The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 was signed into law by W on December 2007.”

That much of your statement is true but The rest of yorstatements are false. The tax incentives you credit were only available for 12 months. That was intentional as at the time it was passed there were no cars which qualified. When it was passed it was a ruse that they thought they would just not renew whenever a company could take advantage of it.

In fact they resisted extending it in 2008 but they were not in a position to refuse.

The Senate and House were a Democrat majority and wrote the bill that Bush signed. Obama continued to push for renewable energy and 1,000,000 EV’s in his first State of the Union Address.
I didn’t read the entire bill but I didn’t see any mention of EV’s in the parts I did read.

You mean the same Obama that went to the Chevy factory to take a look at the Volt and said “that when he was out of office he would get one of these”. What car does Obama drive? Bush senior bought a volt and so did one of his sons.

Can you also say how the GOP is anti EV? Last I checked the largest amount of wind energy in the country by far is being produced in the very red state of Texas.

The sierra club convinced Rick Perry that the state can build renewable energy cheaper and cleaner than the I can’t remember if it was coal or nuclear units that were gonna be built.
However the GOP still won’t let Tesla sell vehicles in Texas or Michigan.
Look at other GOP states New Mexico, Arizona and Florida and the utilities were fighting hard and passing out a lot of disinformation.

The sierra club had nothing to do with building wind energy as we have continually added it long before Perry and long after Perry. T Boone Pickens was what started the big push.

It is sad but it is hardly the GOP that doesn’t allow Tesla to sell but the powerful dealers lobby. That will probably change at the next session early next year. Michigan is hardly a GOP state and the main reason Tesla is not allowed is Detroit is where Chevy and Ford are.

“being produced in the very red state of Texas.”

The state is closer to purple but remains red due to republican jerry-mandering of voting districts.


Some next year Tesla will have more cars on the road then the car population of Iceland in 2016 at 344.664 cars.

If you look at that is the gasoline demand of Iceland which is very respectable.


70k is pretty far off the promised volumes. Wasn’t it supposed to be 200k in the first year? Then 500k in the second year..?

Volume now starts to look decent, but there is certainly a point way to go to get to even 200k per year. I hope the ramp up keeps going well.

You can have a company that has near perfect vision of the future but who has to learn to manufacture from scratch, hence no practical knowledge of when peak production arrives, OR you can have a list of companies that have a great handle on manufacturing with no vision what so ever. Those are the choices.

Just make sure all the door panel colours match!

Good…more cars for imigrants in Sweden.


You may update again, the VIN count reached 108.188 half an hour ago (https://twitter.com/model3vins)

Looks like orders have fallen off for the RWD version, but the AWD demand is high; on the tracking spreadsheet, AWD orders peaked on August 5 and almost all remain unfulfilled.

I feel sorry for all those wealthy reservations that need the $7,500 tax rebate as a justification to buy the Model 3. They now have two choices: Pay up the full price or buy a Chevy Bolt EV and get the rebate. The third unprobable option is to get the POTUS and Congress to change that rebate law so it will be a sales rebate for any byuer, not just the wealthy, and apply just for U.S. brands, not for any foreign brand.

Wow! My delivery was Jun 3 and VIN was 25,0xx. Now it 100,000 within 3 months.