Tesla Model 3 Production Hits Estimated 125,000

NOV 19 2018 BY MARK KANE 37

Soon it should increase by 1,000 every day.

As of November 19, 2018, Bloomberg’s Tesla Model 3 Tracker indicates estimated cumulative production of the Tesla Model 3 at 125,323.

Because the tool is based on estimated production rates in a particular quarter (production for previous quarters were officially announced) there is always the uncertainty of up to a few thousand.

The current production rate is estimated at 4,344 per week, but again – we don’t know if that’s exactly accurate either. There is a chance that Tesla is above 5,000 now as by the end of this month the automaker hopes for 7,000 per week.

Compared to 181,207 registered VIN numbers, around 56,000 VIN numbers (11 weeks of 5,000/week worth of production) are ready for use.

Production and deliveries of Model 3 in previous quarters thus far:

  • 2017’Q3 – 260 produced, and 222 delivered
  • 2017’Q4 – 2,425 produced and 1,542 delivered
  • 2018’Q1 – 9,766 produced and 8,182 delivered
  • 2018’Q2 – 28,578 produced and 18,449 delivered
  • 2018’Q3 – 53,239 produced and 56,065 delivered
  • 2018’Q4 – already 31,055 produced (estimated)

Source: Tesla Model 3 Tracker

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So if it increases by 1k everyday, soon, that would mean By Friday they would be producing 5k more a day than they are on Monday.
I think that bullet point is off target a bit. Or maybe you meant every week.

I assume what was meant was that the number produced increases 1000 a day, not the rate of production.

I think that it means every week, or every month.

The author made a poor and confusing choice of words but if you are familiar with the subject you would understand it meant consistently producing 1000 each day. The author probably should have written “Soon it should increase TO 1000 each day”

Do Not Read Between The Lines

In other news, if you keep doing the same thing, over time you’ll have done the same thing more that you had in the past.

In the same news: If you do the same thing quicker and quicker your output increases exponentially.

Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

The funniest answer I have seen yet!

And it only took a stone and a hundred years for it to once again fall into the right place…

Good news – but bear in mind companies like Toyota produce 210,000 cars per week, 52 weeks of the year.

i suspect their corolla production may fall a little by the end of this year due to Model 3 sales.

I think it will go up a lot soon… (hint: the Auris is being replaced/changing name to Corolla in Europe)

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Some people have no sense of humor. Have an upvote.

It would be nice if Toyota can produce 5.000 E-Corollas a week. HOW ABOUT THAT TOYOTA?

People keep making this point – Toyota has been around since the 1920 s and has 100+ facilties around the word to make 200,000 a week – Tesla has been around 10 years with 1 factory – it will DECADES for Tesla to get to this scale(if possible at all-more likely they will buy or be bought a legacy) , but hopeully by then most of Toyata’s output will be Electric too..

Tesla’s growth has gone exponential. It won’t take decades to grow, and their stock is too expensive to be bought out. Even by the scheduled growth, they should be over 1 million a year by the end of 2020. Yes still only 10% of Toyota, but if Toyota doesn’t start making BEVs or hit a major breakthrough on fuel cells, (both of which seem unlikely) Tesla and VW will eat Toyota’s lunch.

Toyota will start making BEVs in two or three years, there is no doubt about that. The question is whether they will produce enough of them to be relevant…

Toyota will make BEV’s, for China!
At Home, they are pushing FCV’s!

I remember when people used to compare Tesla’s production to BMW’s, then Ford’s. Looks like Tesla has made it to the point where critics want to compare them to the world’s highest volume manufacturer.

The interesting thing about how critics keep shifting the goalposts is that Tesla still hasn’t overtaken BMW’s global production yet… probably another 2-5 years before that happens, depending on how much BMW is forced to reduce production.

Toyota makes earth destroying crap.

Yes after 100 years in business!

Thanks for reminding us how great a position Toyota is in to actually build and sell EV’s if they actually put the same amount of effort into it as Tesla. They have the huge production advantage, they don’t have to build new factories, they have a huge R&D budget they could direct to EV’s, they have tons of $$ coming in from current sales they could use to ramp EV sales.

Bad news is, Toyota doesn’t put anywhere near the effort into it as Tesla does, and it shows.

Can’t wait til the total # produced is 1 million!

In my central FL city of ~100,000 I still only see a 3 on the road about once a week. Always uplifting to see a plugin amongst the sea of SUV’s and mega pickups.

I feel pretty lucky here just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Anytime I go driving I am 100% sure I’ll pass a number of Tesla’s and more often that now includes the 3. Just in my neighbourhood I have 2 friends with them and on my street we have a 3 (mine), S and X next door! Throw in the e-golf and i3 a few houses down and it’s looking like the future.

Any of them listing a shared EV Charging Station, on Plugshare?

I live in Davenport, FL and I see several Teslas everyday. I see a model 3 everyday because a neighbor has one lol. I don’t count my neighbor’s tesla in my daily count of teslas. I’m looking for funding to launch a solar powered electric car charging station off US HWY 27 in Lake wales. Interested let me know at ggslp71@live.com

I live in Arlington Virginia and I see 1 or 2 plug in cars, evenly split between Volts, Teslas and a mix of Leafs/Bolts/i3’s, every 10 minutes of driving. I go up to McLean VA every week or two and I see 4 or 5 plug ins, most of them Teslas, in 10 minutes of driving. I imagine 4 or 5 every 10 minutes is lame compared to Southern California.

Over 70.000 model3 this Q4 for sure.

I think your right Musk hasn’t been talking about it so I expect record sales in December. I hope Musk doesn’t say anything about sales or production until the 4th quarter conference call.

Musk can and should say what he wants

Unfortunately Musk said that Model 3 production would be 10k/wk by the end of 2018 about spring 2017. Now he is saying 7k by the end of this month and maybe 7.5k in December. I wouldn’t be surprised if SEC takes him back to court for not making it to 10k/wk.

Has any other automaker produced as many EV’s as they expected or anywhere near to Tesla’s production. NO

Yes Volkswagen has made thousands of imaginary cars and will increase productivity soon.

Are you saying that companies that miss production targets are breaking some law? Which law is that, which mandates companies hit all their production targets? Please provide the link.

You guys are missing the point. All other car makers clearly state these are estimates and almost always add a disclaimer. Musk stated very positively this goal would be met with no disclaimer.

You have old News! The goal has been 10K a week, by end of Q2, 2019, for quite some time now!

Elon has a message for TSLA shorts, “Burn baby Burn”