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Even without the much-feared ‘Ludicrous Mode’, Tesla’s Model 3 Performance version is creating some jaw-dropping scenes at drag race venues.

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Image: Erik Strait /

Erik Strait took a Tesla Model 3 Performance for a few 1/4 mile drag races and the results were really impressive — racing a Tesla Model X P100DL, Model 3 lost by a difference of only 0.1 seconds.

According to Erik, Model X and Model 3 were charged to 75% and 98% respectively before the race began. The thing to remember here is that the Model X was a Performance 100 kWh Dual-Motor racing with Ludicrous Mode (P100DL).

Later in the video, we can see that the Dual-Motor Tesla Model 3 Performance smoked an old souped-up car and a Chevrolet Camaro SS which is not a stock vehicle as well.

Camaro SS lost the 1/4 mile drag race to the Model 3 Performance by 1.093 seconds — and don’t forget, a full second difference means a lot in a quarter-mile drag race.

Youtube: DÆrik

Previously a RWD Model 3 broke its own quarter-mile record set by the Motor Trend testing team. The best quarter-mile finish by a rear wheel drive Model 3 is 13.330 sec @ 104.07 mph.

Model 3 Performance is on a whole new level when it comes to acceleration — in the three drag races in the above video, Erik’s Model 3 Performance finished the quarter-mile in 11.762 sec @ 115.2 mph which really reflects Tesla‘s exemplary engineering chops.

In a previous attempt, Erik also took the Performance Model 3 to the track to race against a McLaren 570S Spider which is a purpose-built racing machine that costs around $200,000 — the price of two Performance and one Standard Model 3s.

That said, in two attempts Erik was able to get as close as possible and lost by a difference of 0.167 seconds and 0.208 only.

Youtube: DÆrik

I’ll let you folks judge the results on the track, but it’s no wonder critics from the Wall Street Journal to Top Gear are raving about the Model 3 Performance.


Written by: Iqtidar Ali via X Auto

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Lol…an SUV completely kills a “performance” Model 3…

This shouldn’t happen. Model 3 Performance should be faster/quicker/more rapid/whatever than Model X !

That’s just wrong. Tough to find something to complain about, but you found something.

You didn’t find anything meaningful to say? What is your opinion on this? Is BMW X5 faster than M3?

If it is a modified BMW X5 with 760 hp that costs over $100k then, yes it should be quicker than a $70k M3 with 450 hp.

On 26 September at Sacramento Raceway, I recorded a quarter mile in my Model 3 Performance of 11.72 seconds at 115.48 mph. I believe this is the quickest yet reported for the Model 3 series car. Here is the link to that video report:

How to ensure your gasmobile drag racer will always win drag races:

1. Never, ever make the mistake of trying to race any Tesla car.

2. This is a pro-EV website, so nobody cares about the rest of the list. 😉

Looked like you were up against ’60s Ford Falcon.

Yes it was. 64 or 65 model year.