Is The Tesla Model 3 Performance Worth Its High Price Tag?

SEP 11 2018 BY MARK KANE 34

By now, we all know the Tesla Model 3 Performance is a stellar car, but is it worth its high price?

The early Tesla Model 3 Long Range received from Roadshow an overall score of 8.2/10 (Performance 9, Features 7, Design 9, Media 7.5) and now it comes time for their evaluation of the Performance version.

The tested car cost $78,500, so the main question for the reviewer is whether or not the Performance Tesla Model 3 is worth the money.

There is no simple answer to that question though, because despite the fact that the 3P is considered remarkably good, with impressive acceleration (not only strong, but also immediately available at any time) and practicality, there are some cons. Roadshow notes:

“Interior quality and features are still lacking, especially for a car that starts at $64,000.It’s a really fun, really livable car that only really works if you ignore the cost and the competition.”

Well, that would probably mean that regardless of the Model 3’s success, there are still tons of consumers that will remain untapped until a mass-market EV arrives in a more conventional package.

The Good The Model 3 Performance is impressively quick yet offers great range and practicality.

The Bad Interior quality and features are still lacking, especially for a car that starts at $64,000.

The Bottom Line A really fun, really livable car that only really works if you ignore the cost and the competition.

Source: Roadshow

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In the modern idiom it’s more about a spartan interior and performance, rather than plush luxury that under performs.
My conclusion is the Model 3 will be the biggest hit in the history of the car.

If this Long Range Hi Performance Sport Sedan is high Priced. How do you explain the Price of the i3 which is Nothing Short of a GOLF CART Licensed for street Use !

LMAOTA, haven’t seen many carbon fiber golf carts running around that can carry a 40 gallon water heater in the back.

I think you’re missing the point. It’s easy to make electric cars go fast, but it’s the balance that matters long run. The model 3 is fast and handles well. That’s a good start, but then what? Bad rears seats, marginal interior, no interior design, hit or miss quality, etc… You could speed quite a bit less and get a car that handles well, has good quality but not as fast. How often in daily driving does 0-60 times matter? Anything sub 7 seconds is fast in normal cases.

I have spent many days at the Tesla store taking in the Model 3. I want one but just cant get past the down payment. I love the interior. I rent cars regularly for traveling at work. It drives me nuts trying to figure out all the controls. There seems to be very little thought as to where they go. Beyond that it looks so busy that it takes 5 minutes in the car to read all the labels and figure out how the switch works. I figured out the screen for the Model 3 in about 5 minutes and it was easy to deal with from that point on. They are organized by function and seem easy to use. It is large enough to read easily and when you are 63 that means a lot. I have taken both the RWD and the AWD P+ for test drives and they are comfortable and easy to drive – and fun too. I disagree with the assessment that the interior is marginal and has no design. It is relaxing and calming. There is no stress in driving the car. The seats are comfortable for both my wife, 6′ tall with a… Read more »

(Tune: “Mercedes Benz” by Janice Joplin)

Oh Lord, won’t You buy me a Tesla EV?
My friends all drive Beemers, just as you decree.
I’ve worked hard, but can’t pay that steep monthly fee.
So Lord, won’t You buy me a new Model 3?

copyright © 2018 by Pushmi-Pullyu2

Tesla redesigned the rear seats last spring. Quality has also greatly improved since the low volume days of late 2017/early 2018. Your talking points are out of date.

I predict that no matter how much you dislike minimalist interiors, they are the next trend in interior design.

Yup. It’s pretty easy to predict that the Model 3 interior is going to be a trend-setter.

Bad rear seats? Hit or miss quality? Dude! 2017 called, they want their Tesla bashing back.

That will be the Model Y, IMO.

i agree

I find it interesting that the “competition” are all ICEs. For folks primarily placing electric propulsion over ICE, there really isn’t any competition (yet).

I haven’t been ina luxurious Ferrari, they are spartan too, it’s all about performance.

Is it worth it? Depends on who you are asking. “Opinions are like ___holes, everyone has one but they think each others stink.”

Considering the 0-60 it worths every penny. Considering all the rest, hardly.
Like the review points quality is bad and besides the acceleration the car is far from the best sports cars.
The model 3 gets very close to model S, that for the same price is not as fast, but it’s much better in almost everything else. Also both are clearly not a “pure” sports car, so it’s better to just assume that and look at them as good family cars, clean with a great range… for an EV.

Strange how so many independent publications have such glowing reviews of the Model 3 beyond simple acceleration. They must be missing something..

They must be like teslanomics YouTube channel – very independent :).
Or even this site – there is a strong bias favorable to Tesla.
Any other car with the reliability of a Tesla would be “crushed”… let alone other shortcomings.
German cars are pitied against Japanese so many times because poor reliability, but it’s like a 95% vs 85% difference, model S got a 58%!

Yup. It’s almost like those with a Tesla bashing agenda come to InsideEVs specifically to dis the Model 3… which is now outselling every other model of plug-in EV — even in China! — and will soon be outselling all of them added together!

Tesla bashers, be afraid. Be very afraid!

No, the review did NOT say the quality was bad. The problem is you.

“Interior quality and features are still lacking, especially for a car that starts at $64,000…”
The unit tested was almost $80k!
If the problem is me, the review is also wrong.
I’m not a Tesla basher, I’m a basher of the products that should be worth $35k and with insanely expensive options are close to $80k.
Model 3 for $50k seems a reasonable, even good car, but if we objectively start to look at the price of some options I’m sorry but it’s just crazy.

If you objectively look at the acceleration and handling, you can’t find an ICE that beats it for under $100k. In that respect, the P3D is very competitively priced.

Interiors are a matter of taste. As if it wasn’t obvious with the S and X, Tesla is going with the spartan interiors – the “less is more” mantra – simplicity, like the iPhone vs. the Blackberry.

Furthermore, the interior of the Model 3, including the dash, was specially designed for optimized air flow throughout the cabin – the drivers were touting that aspect during the drives on the night of the reveal. Something else they said that night, was that the design of the dash was also intended to improve visibility in front of the vehicle, as well as provide more legroom for the front seats, allowing the front row to sit farther forward than in ICE vehicles.

If you’re going to say that it’s not worth $80k, the least you can do is pay attention.

Alot of these professional reviews don’t have a clue about why the car was designed without your typical controls and gagues. This car is designed not to be driven at all. When self driving tech is fully realized, when people are given the choice to drive or not to drive (and play space invaders, browse the web, send texts… etc) all of us will elect not to drive. This may be 5 years away or 10 years away but it’s inevitable.

This is the magic phrase “When self driving tech is fully realized…” Why build a car that assumes we’re at that point already. By the time we’re at that point the current model 3 would be an afterthought. At this point I’m not even sure Tesla is considered even in the top 3 in “real” autonomous driving.

There you go again, assuming the worst but always wrong.

To be fair, full autonomous cars are at least several years off, if not a decade or two. Cars should be designed for being driven the day they’re bought… not 5 or 10 years in the future.

It’s not hard to predict that the minimalist interior of the Model 3 is going to start a trend. But that trend will be driven by lower costs in eliminating knobs and buttons in favor of virtual touchscreen controls, not because of some premature design for a fully self-driving car.

“..all of us will elect not to drive.”

No. Not all of us.

“Is The Tesla Model 3 Performance Worth Its High Price Tag?”

No car is worth that much too me. But to each their own.

Article Roadshow said3: “…The Bottom Line A really fun, really livable car that only really works if you ignore the cost and the competition.”

So what specific car offers more for less price than Tesla Model 3?

Yeah, that’s the thing. So many reviewers and people posting comments compare Tesla cars to gasmobiles as if Tesla cars were just a gasmobile that takes a special type of fuel.

“Oh, but what about those panel gaps?” They focus on utterly trivial things while completely ignoring the most compelling thing about Tesla cars, which is that they actually make driving a genuine pleasure!

Kinda hard to put that on a comparison chart. Some things you have to experience for yourself.

I really say that it is not a realistic question. And I say the same in some of my other hobbies.

“Worth” is subjective. If I don’t use it, then it isn’t worth it. If someone is a professional and earns money off of driving the car, then it may be worth it.

“Worth” is also dependent on the cost of your money. If you make $10M a year, then it is a very inconsequential increase in cost and easily worth it.
If you make $50k per year, then the 3 months that you have to work to get it becomes a very high cost.

The only transportation that is worth it is the one that allows you to do what you need to make money and then maybe subsist, like going to the grocery store and hospital. That’s not a $70k car.

I’d also add that from an impress your neighbors perspective, in California, it is only marginally worth it to get a M3 to impress. There are too many driving around. In most other places, the M3 will impress your neighbors.

“The Bad Interior quality and features are still lacking”… What features are lacking? Not enough knobs and buttons?

To some it might, that is the market system.

“A really fun, really livable car that only really works if you ignore the cost and the competition.” – this makes no sense whatsoever as a compliment. It’s a brutal smackdown, actually. If you don’t think that a vehicle “really works” unless you ignore the cost and the competition, then you are saying that it completely sucks! Every vehicle ever sold “really works” if you pretend that it’s the only one available!!! In terms of performance, it can’t be beat by any vehicle available in the US for under $80k: real-world 0-60 of 3.1s! Slightly slower times than the best ICE on the 1/4mile sprint. Nearly 1g on the skid pad! And it is faster off the line than any ICE at any price. As far as the interior goes, there were many specific design considerations (particularly the dash), from optimized air flow, to front seat leg room, driver visibility, cost-reduction (including for accommodating RHD markets, presumably), limitations based on external aerodynamics, etc. Remember, Musk is an engineer, not a marketing person, nor a fashion designer. He’s definitely in the form-following-function mold. That is certainly not going to appeal to everyone. The aesthetic is an iPhone v. Blackberry deal. You… Read more »