Watch To See If Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Sets TFL Track Record


The Fast Lane Car asks if the Tesla Model 3 is hot or not?

TFL Car reviews the Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor. Does it break the publication’s track record? The guys remind us that electric cars are surely quick, but not necessarily fast. This means that an EV’s instant torque can make it a champion from zero to 60 mph or even in a quarter mile. However, in terms of top speed, staying power, and the long haul in general, gas-powered cars tend to have the edge.

In its first run, the dual-motor Model 3 pulls a 3.74-second zero-to-60-mph time. They turn on slip start and the time improves to 3.70. This is still not even close to the best we’ve seen, but it’s quick nonetheless. It’s important to note that TFL Car points out that they’re testing in Colorado at a high elevation, so the electric car is unaffected, whereas an ICE vehicle would be hindered by the thin air.

The Tesla Model 3 in the video has a starting price of $69,500, but the buyer took advantage of $12,500 in rebates. Watch the video to learn more about the Model 3’s results. TFL Car has quite a bit of interesting information to share about this Tesla, some of which hasn’t really been addressed in the past.

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Video Description via The Fast Lane Car on YouTube:

Does The New Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Set a TFL Track Record? Hot or Not Review.


Tesla Model 3 Performance - Dual Motor Badge
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It would seem based on air resistance that a slick EV in addition to benefiting from ICE combustion weakness the thinner air would offer lower resistance.

This is correct. A perfect example being the Formula 1 at Mexico last weekend. The cars are down up to 100bhp despite being turbocharged, yet this is countered by reduced air resistance so they are still reaching over 210mph. They’re slower to accelerate initially, but once up to higher speeds they often accelerate faster.

Likewise they ran fully aggressive Monaco aero spec, but created less downforce than when they raced at Monza with their super low drag packages.

Wow, it beat the Mazda MX-5 by almost 0.6 seconds. If they keep improving it, it might become as fast as a Golf R.

I have to snicker. People think it’s one of the fastest cars in the world. It isn’t slow, and actually did better than I would have expected with all that mass. AND I think it is a great car in so many ways. But one of the fastest cars around a track? Of course not.

And how many Golf R’s are sold compared to the rapidly increasing Model 3?

Without track mode and probably better tires the Tesla’s lap time is being depressed.

On track the stock tyres on the Model 3 are a huge disadvantage. They are obviously designed to give decent performance, but primarily to give low rolling resistance and increase the range. As such they are not at all suitable for track use.

Even so, a Model 3 Performance+ owner (who is a driving instructor at a Porsche club) recently did very well at an autocross event – practically keeping up with Porsche GT3s and GT4s:

The speeds are relatively low on the above ax event and so the tyres weren’t as important. Also the traction control and stability control didn’t seem to be much of a hindrance at slow speeds.

On a bigger track with higher speeds the PM3 will need better tyres and track mode to reach it’s full potential though. The owner in the above link took his car on a bigger track and describes what he found in the link below. Unfortunately he didn’t get the chance to try out the car properly (due to various issues), but it’s still useful.

TRL line test other cars on the same course with their stock tires too.

Stock tire on Performance Model 3 is now the 20” Michelin.

Not bad, it’s reasonably fast. This is still a “bigish” large family car.

It isn’t a large family car.

It has similar interior passenger volume as a Toyota Corolla. (Corolla actually beats Model 3 by 1 cu ft, 98 vs. 97, and 3 cu ft larger than Model S).

According to EPA classification, both Toyota Corolla and Model 3 are classified as “Midsize” and they are among the “smaller midsize vehicles” out there.

They need to get track mode for this sort of test, it’s a track after all.

And the the Performance package instead of stock tires and brakes.

Oh, yes, forgot to mention that. Thanks.

This is sort of “bunk” relative to top performance for a Model 3 since any Tesla Fan with a minimum of knowledge sees that this car is probably NOT a full “Performance Model 3” with the highest output motors. This car has the aero smaller wheels and cannot be seen to have the “Performance brakes” which are big and RED.

I have run my PERFORMANCE Model 3 with the 20″ Performance tires and wheels and have NEVER run slower than 3.52 seconds and my best so far is 3.42. I also have run 11.72 seconds on the quarter mile drag strip @ 115.48 mph.

Do you consider the $33K Stinger GT AWD a “top performance” car?

If not, then it just beat the Model 3 on the TRL course with “elevation penalty”.

This is not the performance M3, since it doesn’t have the 20 inch wheels. This has the regular 18 aero wheels, similar to my Long Range rear drive Model 3.
Edit. I didn’t realize that the performance M3 could be ordered with the 18 inch wheels.

Hah, I read the headline and though it said FTL track record, which we all know is impossible(no one can go faster than light)….

Unless it a Sci Fi movie, where everyone can.

Kia Stinger GT AWD is faster on the track than Model 3 LRD?

That is going to stink up the fanboi club… LOL.

This car isn’t a standard dual motor, it’s a performance model without the PUP. Regular dual motor model isn’t going to be this fast, not the 0-60 time anyway.