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It’s just futuristic … really futuristic.

Simple … spaceship vibes.

Ok, so the guys at Unbox Therapy are pretty excited, to say the least. The Tesla Model 3 Performance is not something that they would typically unbox … well, uncover actually. But, as they say, the Model 3 is like a smartphone on wheels and Tesla is more of a tech company than an automaker. We’re seeing more and more that tech publications — along with a multitude of other non-automotive websites, social media pages, and YouTube channels — are increasingly covering Tesla, and more specifically, the Model 3.

According to Unbox Therapy, the Tesla Model 3 Performance really might be the closest thing on the road to a smartphone you can drive. They explain it as “thinking, living, and breathing.” The touch screen is exceptionally responsive, the smaller/fatter steering wheel feels good, and the car is void of unnecessary extras. It’s truly the future.

Overall, the reviewers say the Model 3 is easy to drive, everything is where you want it to be, and the acceleration of the Performance model is like a rollercoaster. They visit a 20-stall Supercharger station, which is surprisingly empty, to check out charging for the first time. This review gives us an idea of how the traditional car shopper might feel about the Model 3. The guys from Unbox Therapy aren’t Tesla owners, they don’t own an EV and never have, and they are really just typical ICE car drivers.

Have you had a chance to drive the Tesla Model 3 Performance? If so, share your experience with us in the comment section below.

Video Description via Unbox Therapy on YouTube:

The Tesla Model 3 represents the latest Tesla vehicle to it the streets. The Model 3 is of course fully electric, features autopilot autonomous driving and comes in a super quick dual motor performance version (featured here). Is the Tesla Model 3 the future of automobiles? What do you think?


Tesla Model 3 Performance - Dual Motor Badge
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So they gave up the anonymous thing and badged the dual motor? I saw a performance at the factory, but didn’t look closely.

I drove the performance version this past Wednesday. This is weird to say, but its faster than you think. I mean we all hear about how fast it is, but trust me its faster. Also, I was really hoping that no dash display meant that they were going to do a heads-up display, but no. And again, I was surprised by the fact that I did not miss seeing the speedo right in front of me. It seemed natural. That glass roof also had me a little worried, like is that gonna make for sun burns on my bald head? But, no – surprised again. I have a dual-motor one on order without the auto-pilot and without the Performance package, but I love those wheels – so had to opt for that. This will be my third EV after having 3 Leafs – I love those Leafs, but they wimped out on the 2018 40kWh version – that was sad. I really like the Bolt and the rumored specs on the 2019 Leaf. I have two 48 amp Clipper Creek L2 chargers in the garage. Plus I have a 19Kwp solar array on the roof. But, two things put this… Read more »