Watch Tesla Model 3 Performance Drag Race Vs. Long Range – Take Two


As anticipated, we imagine we’ll be seeing a whole slew of these videos soon enough.

The other day, we shared the first Tesla Model 3 Performance versus Model 3 Long Range drag race video. Obviously, there are probably many more out there, but the one that Ben Sullins published was the first that we shared. Now that the floodgates are open and more people are taking delivery of the new Performance variant, this matchup will surely become commonplace.

We’re talking about a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive Tesla Model 3 taking on the single-motor, rear-wheel drive version, which was the first Model 3 produced and sold to the public. The dual-motor sedans just started production not long ago and deliveries began at the end of July. In the near future, once Tesla begins delivering the non-performance dual-motor vehicles, there’s no doubt will see that version added to these races.

Why is this such a big deal? It really isn’t, since we know the results before the race even starts. However, there are hundreds of thousands of people across the globe waiting for their new, more affordable Tesla. Many have yet to determine which version they are going to purchase. To many, it’s very important to see these Model 3 variants compared in as many ways as possible in order to help them make an educated decision.

Are you a Tesla Model 3 reservation holder? Is the quicker acceleration worth the extra money? Which Model 3 do you plan to buy? Let us know in the comment section below.

Video Description via Chill Cars on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 RWD vs Tesla Model 3 Performance 1/4 mile

14.079@96.51 (not fully charged up) vs 11.795@113.55 (fully charged)

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


Thank you- you’ve made my Friday!

Part of the reason myself and many others switched to EV’s is because global warming and pollution is a big concern and we know EV’s are better. Obviously there are other reasons too such as how they drive, but what I’m getting at is simple: I find this continuing obsession with wasting energy doing drag races utterly harmful to our efforts to reduce emissions.

Maybe someone will reply saying that life with no fun isn’t any good or that I’m a spoilsport, but sorry, that doesn’t make the problem go away.

While I generally agree, and believe you me, the M3 RWD is plenty fast enough already, you have to realize this is how you convert the “motor heads” who only care about speed. It has been part of Elon’s strategy all along.

So you have a car that satisfies:

1) those that want to clean up the environment
2) those that could care less but like muscle cars.

And now you appeal to 100% of the population. And now we have to work on the cost.

Totally agree, there are still people who believe that electric car are like golf cart

Golf carts used to give EVs a bad name. Now, that aging observation is giving golf carts a bad name. Golf carts rock.

Not driving a car is even better for global warming and pollution, yet you choose to buy a giant hunk of metal that sits doing nothing most of the day. Move closer to work and bicycle if you care so much about global warming.

People need to stop pretending they care, because if they really believe it is the worst threat facing humanity and will kill your kids, they will do every last thing possible by living in the woods. Heck, if my kids are threatened by others, I’ll actively stop them from harming my kids by pulling them out of cars and prohibiting them from driving, not just drive around in EV.

I make no pretense about “caring”. EVs are great, PERIOD (except for free charging).

If you were really that hardcore about wasting energy, then you would design driving out of your lifestyle instead of buying a new EV. As much as EVs are an improvement over ICE vehicles. biking or walking is a vastly bigger improvement still. Be careful riding on such high horses, as you risk taking a big fall.

RE: “(not fully charged up)”. I still don’t get why there are so many amateur EV drag racers that will take the time and expense to go to a drag strip to compete, but don’t take the time to get fully-charged first. It’s like showing up to race with an ICE vehicle that is missing a spark plug or two.

Weight reduction is key in racing, and those electrons add up….. 🙂