Tesla Model 3 Performance Pricing Announced For China

Tesla Model 3 (Source: China AutoReview)

NOV 16 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

Prices in China are a lot higher than in the U.S., but that’s expected.

According to the latest reports from China, the Tesla Model 3 will be quite expensive after adding the 40% import tax duty and other costs.

The top of the line Performance version will cost almost $100,000, and that’s without many options. In the U.S., you could get the base Performance M3 for about $65,000 MSRP. The Long-range all-wheel-drive versions will cost around $84,000 in China.

Tesla Model 3 prices in China:

  • Model 3 Long-range AWD from 580,000 RMB (about $84,000)
  • Model 3 Performance from 689,000 RMB (almost $100,000)
  • China edition red paint: 26,900 RMB ($3,900)
  • white interior: 10,800 RMB ($1,500)
  • 19inch Wheel: Free
  • Enhanced Autopilot: 54,000 RMB ($7,800)

By moving production to China, Tesla should be able to sell Model 3 Long-range AWD from around $60,000, we believe.

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I expect a price drop when Gigafactory 3 is more than farmland. Love the Communist Party Red option, that is fantastic!

Yeah 40% without the tariffs.

I find it surprising that Tesla manages to sell as many vehicles as they do in China with the prices being so high there.

I wonder if Gigafactory 3 will lead to an Osborne effect, where would-be Chinese buyers choose to postpone buying for 1-2 years to wait on Gigafactory 3 to bring prices way down.

Tesla don’t do price drops… just cream off more profit

Prices are cheap compared to BMW, Mercedes and Audi imports. I’m surprised that Tesla isn’t selling more considering how they have undercut the competition on price by a huge margin.

You should check Nio ES8 for example to get an idea why Tesa is not selling more and not going to sell. Much more comfortable and luxury SUV for half the price of Model X, 448,000 yuan. Less than Model 3.
Cars at such price levels are out of reach for most Chinese. These are cars for millionaires who are not going to be excited by Ikea style design. And no, “buy American” doesn’t fly in China /s

Expensive things sell better than cheap things, especially for a foreign brands in China.

Rich people in China likes to brag about how expensive their cars are. So, the higher the price tag, the more bragging power.

I’m not saying you’re not right.
But for me paying those prices for a model 3 is plain stupidity – sorry to those who are going to buy it, but the price is just insane for a car that is mass produced and sold elsewhere for 40% less.

Tax for import cars in China/Hong Kong/Singapre are around 100%. You either pay or don’t drive. The people who can afford to drive there probably don’t care about the prices

Not all Chinese are as poor as you,I had a Chinese friend whose business was importing Lexus cars in the 1998s to early 2000s to China from Canada.China has more millionaires than the whole of USA and those Chinese also own half of Vancouver ,Canada, and a Quarter of the GTA Ontario Can.,either communities have houses that start at $800,000,$1.5 million in Vancouver.

TM3 will be a status thing probably only selling 20% of the potential that it would sell if Tariff War didn’t raise tariffs from 15% to 40%.