Check Out All The Mods On This Tesla Model 3 Performance


If you’re all about mods, this Tesla Model 3 Performance may appeal to you.

YouTuber and Tesla Model 3 owner Marc Benton decided it was time to take us on a tour of his long list of modifications. As if paying big money for a Tesla isn’t enough, many owners rack up some more bills due to modifications. Regardless of the financial investment, it’s clearly important to many people to make their car their own. If they’re going to spend the money on it, it might as well be exactly as they prefer it.

Marc has gone all out with his new Tesla Model 3 Performance, yet at the same time, it doesn’t look like a freak show. He kept his modifications somewhat mainstream and very tasteful while still making his car unique. So far, he’s done a ceramic coat, window tint, headlight tint, various wheel enhancements, chrome delete, red lettering, and a center console vinyl wrap. In addition, Marc had the Model 3 lowered and swapped the headliner for black Alcantara.

Check out the car and let us know your thoughts and recommendations in the comment section below.

Video Description via Marc Benton on YouTube:

Tesla Performance Model 3 P3D Walk Around

My first video with a walk-around of my Tesla Performance Model 3, named “MAX Q”.

Here I what’s I’ve done so far:

– Paint correction and ceramic coat
– Powder coat the stock 20” performance wheels glossy black… with red vinyl T stickers on center caps
– Satin Black chrome delete (except the door handles which are glossy black)
-White vinyl wrap center console… not precut pieces, done by a pro and cut right
-20% Suntek tint on every window except the front which is 80%… also tinted the headlights 50%.
– Added Tesla “T” puddle lights from Abstract Ocean
– Moderate Lowering springs from Unplugged Performance (for the P3D/Dual Motor cars)
– Painted Red front Tesla “T”
– Abstract Ocean Red “T E S L A” letters on trunk, removed the Tesla “T”.
– Changed headliner to Black Alcantara… done by Unplugged Performance

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5 Comments on "Check Out All The Mods On This Tesla Model 3 Performance"

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Like the “black widow” look.

Well done on the video. Fantastic car.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

I like the look.

That said, I’m ambivalent about custom work on electric cars. They’re so tightly designed and integrated that, unlike a traditional ICE vehicle, there’s really not much that the end user can do to upgrade the actual performance. Most of the custom modifications done to a Tesla are just the automotive equivalent of getting a new cell phone case and slapping some stickers on it.

I could argue that suspension and brake mods could make the car much quicker and better handling.
That being said…my stock AWD 3 outruns and outdrives the Subaru I built.

Nice, but tinting the tail lights would have been another nice touch. I love mine. Enjoy!