Tesla Model 3 Performance Sets Blazing Lap Time At Laguna Seca


With an amateur behind the wheel of a Tesla Model 3 Performance, a near record-setting lap was posted.

While we may be going a bit overboard, it seems that, for U.S terms, the Laguna Seca racetrack is the proving ground for production electric vehicles.

In recent months, several lap records have been established, then crushed and reset by different electric vehicles. Just how like the Nurburgring Nordschleife is the ultimate show of vehicle speed & agility, Laguna Seca is slowly gaining that much-coveted benchmark thumbs up in the electric car’s world. And we have nothing against that.

The most recent lap time record was set by a Tesla Model S P100D. However, Tesla has another claim to fame with this fastest-ever lap in a Model 3 Performance driven by an amateur driver. Driven by Cameron Rogers, the Model 3’s owner, the vehicle set a lap time of 1:46.8 on this famous racetrack.

That’s just a few seconds shy of the Model S’ time of  1:43.06. Furthermore, with this run, Rogers beat his own previous Model 3 time of 1:48.667. But that run was done in a RWD Tesla Model 3 with some modifications. done to the vehicle.

You can grab a video of the blazing run above.

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So the performance model nets a little less than two seconds over non-performance?

You can count, but that should be obvious, as I once knew you as Two Electrics.
Out, Out, brief candle. That’s two outs, you add one, and that’s the end of the inning.
Btw, this news seemed to help TSLA, as it’s about around 5%. Looks like the continuation of another short-squeeze.

Less than two seconds over a MODIFIED non-performance

Reading comprehension was never your strong suit was it SE?

That’s a stock Model 3 Performance versus a (non-Performance) Model 3 RWD “with some modifications”, according to the article.

Try turning down the gain on your Tesla Hater Reality Distortion goggles, and perhaps your reading comprehension will go up.

> In recent months, several lap records have been established, then crushed and reset by different electric vehicles.

Misleading. You give the impression that the EVs are setting ordinary lap records, but they are in fact setting new electric car lap records. Obviously those records are only ever set by EVs.

And the difference between the production car lap record and the electric production car lap record is, in fact, HUGE.

I don’t think it matters. I never drive on track. A sporty feeling when driving nowhere near the grip limit counts for more than lap time for me. But that’s no excuse to be deceptive.

I didn’t find it misleading at all.

Production car, meaning $600,000 – $3m super and hyp. ercars too, eh?

What point is it that you are trying to make?

If it’s that those exotic race cars for the street can lap a track swiftly, I don’t think anybody reading this doesn’t understand that or doesn’t accept that.

Thus, your comment comes off as – ICE cars are superior to EVs.

Look, if my EV lessons the chance my nation sends young men off to war to protect access and shipping routes for crude oil, if my EV runs me from point to point more efficiently, costs me less in replacement parts plus service, puts out zero emissions in my garage plus anywhere I travel and reduces my impact on the deterioration of our planet’s atmosphere….I’ll take that over a rich man’s toy circling a track faster than me.

Another Euro point of view

Don’t they have a track still a bit shorter ?

Still very slow times compared to gas cars..

Very good times compared to MOST production gas cars.

Surely you’re talking about purpose-built gasmobile race cars, not street-legal gasmobile production cars. The Tesla Model 3 is a production car.

Apples to oranges.

1:46 is not “blazing fast” for LS.

Really? What car are you driving?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

So what was the modification?

I believe it was the one with brake upgrades and a set of performance wheel/tires. Just stuff to improve cornering and braking, no additional power.

Wonder what kind of lap time a Rimac would set.

The Tesla May be quick. It’s not yet fast. The limited top speed of 155 hurts it. The Porsche blows by the Tesla just before the Corkscrew and is well out of sight by the S/F line.

I wonder how much more speed can be gleaned past the limited 155 with the limited disabled.

What will be interesting is the new Roadster and its higher top speed and much more racing-like handling.

The 155 limit is largely due to the gear ratio chosen, and the motors maximum RPM. I once calculated that the maximum speed without a limiter was only 156mph for a Model S.
In order to increase top speed, you need either a motor that tops out at higher RPM or you need a 2-speed gearbox…

The M3P is not powerful enough to get anywhere close to 155mph on the uphill straight before the corkscrew (as you can see on the video, it doesn’t even get to 100mph), so I don’t think that limitation matters at Laguna Seca. Even on the final straight, the max it goes is 120mph.

Imagine how good it could have gone if not driven by an idiot.

Did the guy kill your dog? or your wife?

Armchair race driver?