Tesla Model 3 Performance First Drive By CNET

Tesla Model 3 Performance - Midnight Silver Tarmac Motion


Popular tech site gives us the first take on the 2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance

The 2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance is one of the most expected mid-size sedans in recent years. Building upon the fame that was created by its bigger sibling – the Model S – on the drag strip, the Model 3 Performance aims to capture some of the more performance oriented customers, while at the same time bringing the electric revolution to the middle of the market. While this isn’t a thorough test, CNET got a great impression of the mid-size luxury sedan in various aspects.

The first-drive gives us a nice overview of the vehicle itself. Tesla estimates the Model 3 Performance will run from 0-60mph (0-100km/h) in just 3.5 seconds – an impressive feat for any vehicle, let alone a mid-size sedan. CNET notes that this is a full second quicker than the standard, dual-motor Model 3, and 1.6 seconds quicker than the rear-wheel-drive, Long Range they’ve tested previously. The tech site’s Kyle Hyatt also notes that thanks to the readily available electric torque, the 3.5 seconds represents a thrilling short joy ride every time you push the accelerator pedal.

The first-drive takes us through the various exterior aspects that represent the small differences between the standard Model 3 and the much more potent Performance edition of the same vehicle. They also go through the much-debated aspects of the Model 3’s brakes – which some have found inadequate during spirited drives and more performance oriented situations. However, CNET finds the OEM brakes perfectly balanced for normal driving conditions. However, we believe that a more high-performance braking solution – disc, pads and braking oil – should be used if you want to drive the Model 3 in a more aggressive manner.

Tesla Model 3 Performance – Red Front Motion – SF Skyline (wallpaper 2,560x – click to enlarge)

Furthermore, the tech giant also gives us their take on the comparison between the Performance model and the all-wheel-drive Dual Motor Long Range model, which itself is a $4,000 increase over the $49,000 rear-wheel-drive Long Range sedan. They also dive into the various daily-driving aspects of the Model 3, its usability, charging and other interesting tidbits.

Grab a few minutes and read the complete review here. Hopefully, we’ll get to see a complete, longer test-drive of the Tesla Model 3 Performance by the tech site in the forthcoming weeks.

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Interesting the share volume isn’t that great.
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For the anti-Tesla Chanos gang:

Time to cut-away from Jim Chanos and pull handle on reserve chute…

“Cut-away: …it is necessary to jettison the main before deploying the reserve to avoid a main-reserve entanglement. This act of jettisoning the main is called a “cut-away”” source:

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That was a very cogent letter, let’s hope it was influential.

I can only add, I too looked at Amazon in the early days as overvalued, and didn’t jump in. I was wrong. Many have learned this lesson with revolutionary, innovative companies. I’m not talking about Pet-Food-Delivered.com. The electric car revolution Is a Revolution. And it solves problems, that are in a critical state by being unsolved by “investors” like Mr. Chanos. So, yes, you buy in early at what looks like a high price, because in 10 years that purchase will look cheap and smart.

What’s innovative about Tesla

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I think you saw that CNET rated the standard Model 3 with 4/5 and misinterpreted that as being their rating for the Performance Model 3. They’ve only done a first drive of the Performance so far – not enough time to give a full review and actually assign a score to it.


After reading this, as well as the source article, I still have no idea what that surprising biggest gripe is supposed to be?…

You have to click through to “Read Review” and then get the whole story. Basically it’s the screen operation.

That review is of the Long Range model, not the performance model.

And their criticisms of the screen and its operation will still apply to that model.

It’s actually a 6/5