Tesla Model 3 Performance Converts Lifelong BMW Fan


A Tesla Model 3 Performance test drive was all that was required for this avid BMW enthusiast to switch allegiance.

For Moshen Chan, an indie app developer and an avid BMW enthusiast for some 20 years, the Bavarian car brand and it’s Ultimate Driving Machine philosophy provided a perfect motoring solution.

That is, until now.

After a test drive of a Tesla Model 3 Performance, having experienced what this electric sedan from the U.S carmaker is all about, Chan is now a happy owner of a brand new Model 3 Performance. For the recently converted BMW fan, the pure electric allure of the Model 3 is unlike anything the German carmaker offers.

According to several posts made by the indie app developer on  Bimmerfest.com, a BMW forum, Chan was a driver & owner of several BMWs, and even today, he owns a modded BMW E36 325i with a full track suspension setup, as well as a BMW E82 135i with a similar, track-oriented suspension modification. However, even though his first choice was the BMW M2 Competition and the latest-generation of the BMW M3, the final decision was made to go with the Tesla Model 3 Performance.

Ultimately, the test drive performed with the Model 3 Performance was the decision-maker. Furthermore, Chan states that the test drive performed with the Model 3 Performance was his iPhone moment. Quoting Chan.

“I can say I was very hesitant on the ultra minimalist interior but now I absolutely love it. For me this is an iPhone moment – when a new product suddenly makes everything else seem outdated and old.”

However, not all is gravy in Tesla land. The indie app developer admits that his Model 3 Performance isn’t a perfect car. As Chan states:

“BMW has better build quality. It has more refined finishing and details. That stuff makes me feel good, I guess. But for me, it’s the driving experience that really matters. The overall package of what the Performance Model 3 does for me – greatly makes up for those areas that BMW is better at.”

The gauntlet has been thrown. And judging by how many die-hard BMW fans are switching to the Model 3 Performance, we shouldn’t have to wait for a response that long.

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Disagree. Model 3 interior feels amazing. All materials feel soft and high quality. True simplicity. All these wood and leather lovers lol

Not sure “wood and leather” was exactly what this guy was talking about?…

I for my part like wood, but never was a fan of leather — so the traditional luxury car interiors never appealed to me. That’s why I would hesitate about a Rimac for example, even if I could afford it. (And couldn’t think of anything better to spend the money on 😉 )

Well when my brother and I recently talked Tesla into letting us drive a Model 3P for the day, my life-long, gearhead brother (his daily driver is a truck and his weekend ride is a 2016 Shelby GT350) very quickly decided to order a Model 3P and he is going to sell his Shelby!

He said and I agree that the Model 3P is the best high performance sedan at its price point and still an excellent daily driver.

Now install a solar PV array on his house such that he will be fueling his own vehicle without any need for oil barons. That’s the real miracle, IMHO.

Yep, it’s the makings of a revolution. Viva la revolution!

BMW better figure out how to make mainstream BEV quickly or they will be coutised.

M3 Owned- Niro EV TBD - Former 500e and Spark EV,

Too late. They had plenty of time to develop a 3series BEV. they saw what the S model culled out Performance Lux sedan sales. and then the X do the same to lux SUV. Not like they didn’t see the Model 3 come directly after the 3Series.

This is how Nokia get creamed by the iPhone.

They are following the money. The iX3 is where the cash is at.

Not if it’s under spec like the others

So, really, he was a fan of speed, not BMW. No real BMW fan would enjoy the cheap Tesla interior.

Chip because your not sitting on a dead animal skin?

BMW 530i doesn’t have leather standard either. I think it is more the style of the Model 3, it is somewhat low cost to make, but I don’t care, after sitting in the Model 3 I prefer the style to most cars. Also, simplifying the interior is part of the reason we can get such a great car for the price.

My personal opinion is that a lot of luxury cars add a lot of stuff people don’t actually want. The Model 3 doesn’t need to be luxurious because the tech it offers, making luxury cars seem out of date.

Wait a sec, BMW is (was) the “ultimate driving machine”. It has never had great interiors.
“real BMW fan” is a driving enthusiast, not a lover of overly complicated plush interiors.

Exactly. You took the words right out of my mouth.

I’ve read auto magazines nick BMW for too much plastic and iffy switchgear in a $80,000 sedan. Those same mags gushed over BNW’s road feel and punch. People bought into the BMW Films hype if a sexy girl and a secret agent rogue speeding over jumps and schooling bad guys and police on their motorcycles. It’s why BMW drivers are stereotyped as A-holes on the highway. It was P for Performance that cracked their wallets open wide, very wide, in fact.

Want a spectacular interior?…Buy an Audi, or a plush one – a top tier Lexus should do the trick. Got deeper pockets? A Maybach, Bentley or Rolls should fit the bill.

In the Performance category, seems there’s a new Sheriff in town. So much for the, Ultimate Driving Machine…

Cheap because you don’t have an RPM dial?

The BMW road feel is very good, but if I wanted a car with a great interior (and exterior), I’d choose an Audi. The 3-series is a decent looking car, while you must admit the Tesla 3 is just ugly. And as for that centre interior, Mini Cooper tried it before, not great. Just never been a fan of having a big iPad in the centre console and having to look down to find where to press on the screen.

What’s with this obsession with BMW? Every fourth Tesla-related article mentions BMW. Even if it’s anecdotes like this.

Interesting story, but my one take away is that Tesla is not necessarily better, but that it’s different. People don’t own 5 phones at a time, but you can own 5 cars. A Tesla Model 3 (or an EV) can certainly be a welcome addition to any fleet. I would NEVER own a Tesla as my ONLY car though.