See Tesla Model 3 Performance Zip To 60 MPH In 3.5 Seconds


They didn’t time it, but we did.

The Tesla Model 3 Performance is now being delivered to customers and they really like this whole 0-to-60 mile per hour in 3.5 seconds deal. At least, given our sample size of exactly one, it certainly seems that way.

If you click on the video above, you’ll see the first footage (that we’ve seen, at least) of this all-electric habanero doing the de facto standard acceleration test. This, despite the fact that it’s already been in the hands of a number of reviewers. Sure, acceleration has been tested, but we haven’t seen any verification of its official time — only exterior video and anecdotes.

Now, that’s changed as this new owner gives her Model 3 the full beans from a dead stop. For whatever reason, it doesn’t appear as though the effort was timed, but because the run is shown with the 15-inch touchscreen in view, we were able to check it against a stopwatch ourselves. Our verdict: 3.49 seconds. We don’t know the exact state of charge of the car, but as you can see it had three full-sized occupants, so we’re chalking up the official figure (again, 3.5 seconds) as accurate.

Besides numerical verification of the car’s quickness, the video — the first and only footage on the “60SecondTesla” YouTube channel so far — also documents the sheer fun factor involved. It appears to be the owner’s first full-hearted tromping of the go pedal and her reaction is priceless. But don’t take our word for it, go ahead and hit play. Enjoy!

Form the video’s description:

Picked up my Tesla Model 3 Performance today and did a quick 0-60 mph video. This is on standard 18″ Aero wheels

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I’d say the feelings of all those BMW, MB, Mustang wannabees are going to be hurt bad.

There is also this video:

Running with standard 18″ Aero-wheels. With better rubber Elon must be right about getting as low as 3.3, maybe 3.2?

Unofficial will be 2.9 sec 0-60 mph

Yes! remove all those people…(Less Weight) & add Good Tires & 2.9 is very doable ..

Might have to lose a bit more weight than just the people. Like strip out the interior and frunk liner like the guy on who drags his Tesla’s at the drag strip.

Every 0.1 second under 4 seconds gets increasingly more and more difficult. Getting rid of passengers and getting better tires might be good for a couple of tenth’s on a 5 second RWD gas car, but 6 tenths is a bit optimistic under 3.5 seconds.

I was about to say that as well

This doesn’t look like a performance model, no red brake calipers, no Dual Motor badge on the back and not the sport wheels either, all of which are included in the Performance Package.

The dual motor performance drivetrain and the performance package are separate options. You can get the drivetrain without the rest of the package. You can also opt to have it delivered without badging if you prefer a sleeper look.

I think you have to pay an additional 5k to get the breaks and wheel option on the Model 3 performance

The thing that scares me is people who don’t know how to drive a fast car getting their hands on one of these really scary

I would be more worried driving near clueless F150s than these nimble machines.

I’d worry more about all the Dodge Hellcats and Coyote Mustangs out there. Much more difficult for an unskilled driver to control. The Mustangs running into crowds internet memes exist for a reason.

Definitely stay away from Mustangs at Cars and Coffee events!!

People can drive recklessly in a slow car, too…

I guess you can say any dog will bark if you kick it, but there is a difference between driving reckless and having a car that’s too fast for a nonskilled driver.

Driving faster than your skills account for, is reckless. And if someone is that reckless, they are dangerous in any car.

That is crazy fast for all-season tires. What we don’t know is whether the 0-60 is traction limited or software limited.

Keep in mind that Tesla has a history of upgrading the 0-60 of performance models after the first version is out. So this may not be anywhere near the limits on how fast these may be able to go in the not so distant future.


They weren’t planning on it, but thanks to your message, Tesla has finally woken up, rolled out of bed, connected the dots and decided to sell EVs.

I hope Trump supporters wake up soon CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR AND CLEAN WATER

you can clearly see it has 194 miles of charge

Now that you mention it, yeah, that’s a great way to know that it isn’t doing this on a full charge. Thanks!

Is there still no quarter mile numbers?

No official numbers yet.

Is this site owned by Elon Musk?

5 articles today so far