Tesla Model 3 Performance Amazing & Depressing?


Every car has its ups and downs for sure. Let’s see what this guy has to share about the Tesla Model 3 Performance.

Tyler Hoover is at it again. Is he being silly or honest? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. This is something we observed as we sifted through the comments related to the last Hoovies Garage video we shared. We’ve learned that Hoover has an interestingly dry, comedic way of sharing his thoughts. In order to take in the full range of his opinions, you have to watch his videos in their entirety. Even better, we suggest checking out his YouTube channel and watching a few other videos to familiarize yourself with Tyler’s deliver. At any rate, how can the Tesla Model 3 Performance be amazing and depressing at the same time?

Hoover rented a Model 3 Performance from Turo to drive to the 2018 SEMA Show. He immediately points out that you’re not getting a high-level luxury car, despite the fact that you’re paying some $71,000. It’s not really that fancy, it’s not very quiet, the ride is not that smooth, and the seats aren’t that comfortable. However, you are getting the future. Once Tyler discovers the Model 3’s instant and seamless acceleration and long list of futuristic features, he’s telling a different story … for the most part.

Watch the whole video to get a better grasp at the pros and cons of the Tesla Model 3 Performance. Then, share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Video Description via Hoovies Garage and YouTube:

The Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Performance Is Amazing — But Also Depressing


Tesla Model 3 Performance - Dual Motor Badge
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Everyone is different but I find amusing is when people mention that the seats are uncomfortable. We’ve owned Lexus and Audi’s which were extremely comfortable and raved to be such by the industry. The Model 3 is by far the most comfortable. When we first sat in them they felt so perfect. We even commented about how someone finally figured out how to make the perfect seat.

But again I guess everyone’s body weight and shape is different.

Seats on TM3 would be the first thing I would change on that car, not so much seats themselves, but the leatherette. I would also like a nicer steering wheel, but this would not be a must, otherwise TM3 is a blast to drive, looks so good in all of the colors and in all angles.

There are definitely some nice lines from the right angle – many of these are shown on various web sites related to news/reviews.
But “all angles” no way. The car is not pretty from behind. The lines on the rear window and how the house meets the hips is far from pretty. They should have made it a hatch with the same basic hatch/house/hip design as the S.

I guess it’s a matter of personal preference. I think this car is gorgeous from any angle.

Some angles admittedly don’t show up well in photographs (in a two dimensional world) but I agree with you that It looks stellar in person, including from the rear.

When I put my deposit down on mine I wasn’t sure I liked the front. When I saw it first hand I loved it and I’m so glad that Maryland doesn’t require me put a plate on the front and sully the clean look.

Based on my experience many seats which seem very comfortable at first get umcomfortable over longer rides when you realize they lack actual support

Wait…what? The Model 3 seats aren’t comfortable? How come this is the first I have heard of this? I have seen headlines bemoaning the Bolt’s seats as horrible for almost two years.

Look at the picture of that guy and his body frame is very atypical. Very low BMI. Disproportionately short torso, etc. Hard to make a seat that is comfortable for most and him as well.

He looks like me, and I don’t have any problems with the seat in our Bolt. I think he just hates Tesla. 🙂

Yes he hates them so much that he bought one himself

He rented one.

I think Tyler Hoover recently bought a model S. I wouldn’t say he hates Tesla when he puts his money on the line to buy one. He could just as easily have rented a Model S for a weekend and done a few videos instead.

If that were so, then wouldn’t he find all car seats equally uncomfortable? “Comfort” is a matter of subjective comparison, not absolute objective criteria. Comfort is relative, and isn’t something you can measure with a meter or a yardstick.

BTW — If you’re talking about the guy standing in the photo at the top of the article, I certainly don’t see someone with an especially short torso. To me it looks like his proportions are perfectly normal.

A good seat lets you configure it in so many ways that it should get comfortable for nearly everyone. I always have problems with bad lumbar supports, that dont go back enough and are pushing hard in the lower back. It can happen, that my back hurts badly after less than an hour of driving. In most cases i had that problem in rather new entry level Audis and VWs. But i never had in a more expensive car upwards 35k.
When you read comments in the Model 3 owners club board, you find a lot of complaints for exactly that problem. The seats might be ok for a less than 35k car, but they are not if you switch to a more premium configuration.

Only an american would notice this guy has a low BMI. I would call it normal.

“…and the seats aren’t that comfortable.”

Seriously? I’ve seen many complaints about the Model 3’s rear seats, back before Tesla made some changes including more padding, but this is literally the first time that I’ve seen anyone suggest the Model 3’s front seats aren’t as comfortable as you’d expect in a $45k+ car.

Everyone is entitled to his opinion, of course, but I think it’s pretty clear his is an opinion not shared by many.

I have to say that I didn’t like the rear seats when I sat in one at the showroom. My rear seats are of a later design and I have not spent more than a few seconds in one of them. I will say that one of my regular rear seat passenger that complained bitterly about the rear seats in my Volt had nothing bad to say about them on a pretty long trip. I’ll have to spend some time riding back there so I can more fully appreciate the seats and the view out the roof.

Re. uncomfortable front seats: “. . . . I think it’s pretty clear his is an opinion not shared by many.” Well then, I guess I’m one of the not-many! In my case, I (male) seem to have been blessed with a woman’s rear end minus the padding. This means my barely fleshed hip bones engage the buckety seat’s side/edge pads in a way that results in serious, motion induced, friction causing pain and inflammation. The upside (if you can call it that) is that every bucket seat I have ever encountered does the same thing. So solutions involve cushioning, raising the effective seat center portion by 1/2″ – 1″ . Problem solved. The worse issue in my Model 3 case, is that with the driver seat raised, so that a rear passenger can have decent, usable foot room, I can no longer vertically adjust the left outside mirror sufficiently. I get to see no sky, a whole lot of road, and the bottom half of any vehicle approaching my blind spot. Annoying to say the least. And something I have never, ever encountered before. I guess automotive’s early adopters get to revel in the quirkiness. Just think of the… Read more »

Ouch! What happened to the formatting of my screed, my contribution to the annals of electric automobility?
Hitting “Read more” fixes it. But otherwise it’s near effing unreadable!
Bah! Humbug!

Yeah, I don’t like how the comment software collapses longer comments rather than truncating them. Reading down to a “click to read more” link is not a problem for me, either as a commenter or as a reader. But having the software display a collapsed version of a comment, and not being able to see the formatting which the commenter so carefully selected, unless the reader scrolls down and hits the “read more” button before he starts reading the comment… well, that’s not likely to happen, and isn’t user-friendly at all.

I remember my brother always fussing with his Triumph TR-3 with the twin SU -carburetors. He loved that car though when he wasn’t cussing at it.

TR-3 was awesome. I had a Triumph Spitfire, which I truly loved. When it ran.

My opinion is, your opinion is an opinion and i have my own opinion, that in my opinion is other peoples opinion as well. Is that what you said?

Read and listen to what model 3 owners think. There are many that are not happy.

I have to say I love the seats in my M3 as well. I’ve had the following cars for perspective: 1970 Dodge Dart, Dodge Aries, AMC Concorde, Ford Taurus Wagon, Volvo X/C 70, Toyota Echo, Chevrolet Volt, Honda Odyssey. I find the M3 seats to be super comfortable and it’s a good thing because the ride is, let’s say “Taught”. This car is like a Cheetah. It’s quiet and it leaps when you want it to and goes where you point it or it can just slink along it you want. BTW I like the vinyl much better than any leather seat I’ve had.

Not sure which Model 3 that you have but the Performance model is rigid compared to the non-performance.

I find no fault with the leatherette. I’ve had leather in most my past cars including Nappa leather and the like. The reality is that leather seats are covered and coated with polyurethane anyhow, which is why well engineered leatherette feels just as good but doesn’t wear out like leather with bolster creases and cracking.

I have the standard model.

“I find the M3 seats to be super comfortable and it’s a good thing because the ride is, let’s say ‘Taught’.”

Let’s not; let’s say “taut”. #GrammarNazi

Or rather, let’s say “firm”, presuming you’re talking about the Model 3 suspension, which from many reports has a level of firmness which those who prefer a “sporty” ride prefer, but the rest of us would actually appreciate a suspension system which actually smooths out the bumps in the road. 😉

Oops! I need to do a better job of proof reading my posts.

That should be proofreading…

Weird complaint: it’s depressing that in the future, all cars will be good?… 🙂

considering the top 5 traded in non-Tesal vehicles, people seem to be coming to the model 3 from non-sports oriented cars, that likely have a softer ride. That may be impacting their perception of comfort or not.

The thing is, the Model 3 is not sold as a “sports car”, nor even as a “sporty sedan”. It’s sold as a sedan, or a “premium” sedan. Wikipedia describes the Model 3 as “a mid-size (US) / compact executive (EU) luxury all-electric four-door sedan”.

So I don’t get why anyone should “expect” a firmness to the ride which one expects from a sports car.

At any rate, I expect there will be many Model 3 owners who will be glad when Tesla introduces the air suspension or “Smart Suspension”, so they can select a softer ride. Maybe even more than a few waiting for that before they order.


Elon says let some air out of the tires if you don’t mind the hit on efficiency. I think 46 psi is recommended.

It’s just his dry humor showing how these things are going to change. Like nostalgia for manuals vs automatics. No more engine swapping or bolting on a turbo with EVs. Modding is going to be more 1s and zeros. More suspension mods and a lot more cosmetic stuff.

Well, he’s right of course. Yesterday we test drove an AWD performance at a special event here in Paso Robles.

I have to say it was amazing.

Then after we got back in our RWD Model 3, it was a little depressing.


When it comes to personal taste, everyone is right. I love Tesla performance myself, but don’t like the stark minimalist interiors. I miss the luxury leather of a former Mercedes. So when I buy Tesla’s promised pickup, I am willing to pay to have the seats redone. If you can afford $50K for the car, why not spend $5K for customizations? Its better than whining like a little boy, whose ice cream ran out. Modify it and you will end up with the best for you: a super-car, customized to your taste. (See examples in DAErik’s channel on YouTube).

Hoovie’s video is both amazing and depressing. Its amazing that a run of the mill youtube car celebrity latching onto the coat tails of Doug Dimuro has made it so far in such a competitive space. The depressing part is the level of ignorance he displays on mass about how auto pilot works…. You need more than your pinky on the steering wheel genius…. Also you probably shouldn’t be using the autopilot unless you are on the highway. Coming from a guy who spends most of his time reviewing rent-a-wrecks I’m surprised he complains about the seats. The last bit that depresses me is why he is depressed. “There is no exhaust or engine to modify so that makes electric cars depressing…” Really? What about inverters, new batteries with different chemistry, after market battery coolers, tires, suspension and brakes? In the grand scheme of things there are practically no electric cars on the road. Especially in the hands of people who have the ware with all to mod them, but that will come with time. To write them off because there isn’t a mod culture around EV’s in the same way as there are classless people strapping a fart can… Read more »

” He immediately points out that you’re not getting a high-level luxury car, despite the fact that you’re paying some $71,000. It’s not really that fancy, it’s not very quiet, the ride is not that smooth, and the seats aren’t that comfortable. However, you are getting the future. Once Tyler discovers the Model 3’s instant and seamless acceleration and long list of futuristic features, he’s telling a different story … for the most part.”

The most accurate description of the Tesla brand in general

When performance overwhelm the new riders so much, they forget how “overpriced” interior is since everything else are so good.

Ok, havn’t watch the whole thing but he sounds like an idiot. 2 min in and …

1. He talks about the sun roof…. dude, there is no sun roof
2. “Louder than a 2005 Prius” …. OMG. I have a 2008 Prius and a M3D. that is purely crazy!!! So not so…