Tesla Model 3 P1D Rendered


Tesla Model 3 P1D

Tesla Design Upgrade has taken a stock Model 3 photo and added some custom bits to it to come up with the Tesla Model 3 P1D.

“Tesla Model 3 P1D Performance and design package with carbon fiber installation. #TeslaDesignUpgrade

The end results is a sportier looking Model 3, but the chosen name (P1D) is rather odd. Given that Tesla’s naming convention is tied to battery capacity, perhaps Tesla Design Upgrade meant Model 3 P100D? Though we already know from Elon Musk that a 100-kWh battery won’t fit in the Model 3.

Regardless, it’s still a sweet render.

Zoomed In A Bit For Your Viewing Pleasure

Tesla says the Model 3 will be in production by July and we expect to see the 3 fully revealed in early June.

You can check out more Tesla renders at the Facebook source link below.

Source: Tesla Design Upgrade

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(Not On My Model 3!). 😉

Also…what’s with all the ‘cowling’ or open spaces under the front part of the car. That has to produce a huge amount of drag on the car. The car doesn’t need engine cooling do why all the openings??

Design Upgrade ? Looks to be the opposite to me. . A very Drab looking Color combination ..

“The car doesn’t need engine cooling do why all the openings??”

The redesigned Tesla Model S has air scoops on the lower front, too. I don’t know if those are practical or just for styling. But the car does need battery pack cooling, sometimes pretty serious cooling to dissipate the heat from a high-speed run or repeated jackrabbit starts.

Those are for brakes, battery and motor cooling, and air con. EVs still do need air intakes, but not ones which are anywhere close to the size of the ones on this rendering.

What?! You don’t like a cow catcher on your Model 3? How about that spiffy black paint on the lower rocker panels that is usually the indicator of a low cost compact car?

When I get Mine ,I’m going to Put Nice Pearly White Sabre Teeth right in it’s Center Snout ! l o l .. Years ago I remember an English Sunbeam” V8 TIGER” With Sabre Teeth In the Grill section it was ComiCool…Actually Looked Interestingly Cool & Funny & turned a lot of heads ..

Don’t like the two tone paint job, solid black would definitely look cooler. Not that I would like an aggressive looking PD model, but some sure will.

Not sure if the front is just a weird splitter, or a radiator grille. Both would be useful on a more “racing” oriented M3, if Tesla decided to make it track ready.

Useless ICE oriented hack job, and can’t even get the naming structure right.

It’s not even good Photoshopping. The ground recedes at a steeper perspective angle than the car does.

To me, it just looks like the driver’s side of the car has two flat tires.

While they were going at it here, they should have added some Chromed Steel Bumpers Front & Rear…l m a o…Keep it simple mucaccio’s ! l o l ..

Tesla MODEL 3


Rendered-The addition of Overpriced Carbon Fiber to help justify $60,000 planned price of fully loaded first deliveries.

Keep trolling loser, you are powerless to stop the momentum so go back to your basement.

I don’t know why you bother responding to him, Get Real. This guy may be the least effective anti-Tesla troll on the entire Internet. I regard his pathetic attempts at FUD as a lot more amusing than irritating.

I actually expect a “fully loaded” Model 3 to be closer to $85k, and since a fully loaded Model S can exceed $150k, I would be quite OK IF that is all a fully optioned Model 3 cost.

Don’t give Musk any bad Idea’s I think $65 Grand is Enough. , Otherwise there goes your car for the masses..


The lightweight drag strip model. Can do the quarter mile in 9 seconds, but only once.


Why does everyone insist on using the prototype for renderings? Why not use the RCs or the production version.