Tesla Model 3 Owner Test Drives A Model S For The First Time


This review turns the table from what has become the norm.

Many people reviewing the Tesla Model 3 are either new EV owners entirely, those that have come from another non-Tesla plug-in vehicle, or current Model S or Model X owners. Additionally, many of those buying a Model 3 that hadn’t previously owned a Model S or X have noted that they’ve at least driven the automaker’s more expensive siblings. This is also true of most professional automotive reviewers, since they likely reviewed the Model S and X prior to writing a Model 3 review.

In this case, YouTuber and Tesla Model 3 owner Joey Gill never drove a Model S until after acquiring his Model 3. However, he does admit to having previously owned a Chevy plug-in. So, what’s it like jumping in a Tesla Model S 75D after getting acquainted with your new Model 3? How do the cars compare? Which is a better choice, at least from Joey’s perspective?

After you have a chance to check out the video, we’d love to hear your opinions. Have you driven both cars? Do you own both? Please apprise us in the comment section below.

Video Description via Joey Gill on YouTube:

Model 3 owner tries out a Tesla Model S

Edit: I apologize about the audio quality. I’m cleaning up the subtitles / close captions so it can be watched muted.

Most of Tesla Model S and Model 3 comparisons came out a while ago, when only previous Tesla owners were getting the Model 3. Coming from Model S or Model X, many viewed the Model 3 as something of a “downgrade.” I have a different perspective.

The Model 3 is my first Tesla, but not my first plug-in. Also, I’m not really a luxury car kind of guy. If it wasn’t for the Model 3, I’d get another Chevy. So, here are my thoughts on the Model S.


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If you can survive more than a minute of this, you have a lot more patience than me.
Respect to the Top Gear guys.

I survived a bit longer, but when he said he’s jamming his fingers on the instrument cluster shade I had to stop. Somebody with such a driving position (look at his completely stretched arms) I can’t take seriously.

He doesn’t realize that on high end cars the steering wheel can be set by drivers.

When you buy a Model 3, the first thing the delivery specialist tells you…is how to set the steering wheel.

I drove an S P85 that I received as a loaner while my 3. It feels much different. I didn’t like it initially, but I got used to it by the end of the day. I prefer my 3, as it feels more agile and the steering feels tighter, even though both vehicles were set to Sport. It made me feel better about going with a new 3, rather than a used S.

For most people, how much Tesla can you afford ,otherwise all Tesla Models share similar technology.

With about 1000 lbs more weight in the S, you’ll definitely feel it when making a lane change or on a curving country road.

Not at all. I’ve driven both, and it’s a matter of taste for me, and probably for most people. They are different cars altogether. The S is HUGE to me, and has a much “boatier” ride, sort of like my old ’75 Chevy Impala. The 3 is much tighter handling. I prefer the smaller car. I’m glad I didn’t get the S, although I really like its design.

So are Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar…..genius!


Tesla Model X is the best selling EV YTD in Australia:

I had a Model S 75D loaner for ten days. My new 3 was in for adjustments which they eventually accomplished in 2 days.

While I could have picked up my 3, they offered me the S for the original remaining week.

My experience was completely opposite from this guy’s. I would buy an S over the 3 if I could afford it.

I really enjoy my 3, yet the S would better solve my need for larger, easier cargo area, better ergonomics and larger seating room in back for my family.

The S is much easier to get in and out of. The adjustable suspension gives added efficiency on highway and no scraping of curb cuts (something I deal with in my 3) or speed bumps. The layout of two screens in the S with dedicated, more traditional controls for wipers on stalk and a dedicated glove box button were big upgrades. When spending north if $50,000, the luxury if the auto hatch in back became a daily blessing, especially with the ability to be operated by the fob. The cellphone glitchiness and credit card key in the 3 get annoying at times. Believe me, the 3 needs to come standard with the fob. The laquered black wood and larger open storage space in the center console with It’s removable rubber floor for cleaning made for a more practical experience in the S. No shiny black plastic fingerprint and scratch magnet to figure out a custom aftermarket solution to fix. Overall driving experience was comparing a Porsche 911 with four doors to an S Class Mercedes, perhaos an AMG variant.. 20 years ago, the smaller, slightly more nimble 3 that, in my opinion, looks sexier, would be my choice hands down.… Read more »