Tesla Model 3 Overview By TechCrunch – Video

MAY 12 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

Here is one of the more light-hearted Tesla Model 3 overviews provided by TechCrunch, who appreciates the clean design and simplicity of the newest Tesla.

Tesla Model 3 review by TechCrunch

TechCrunch notes that the lack of instrument cluster behind the wheel and excellent front visibility really enables enjoyful the driving – just you and road.

It’s probably the most important insight from the video that shows us how the stuff works, much of which we’ve already seen before.

“The Tesla Model 3 achieves everything Tesla intended with this car: It’s fast, fun to drive, relatively affordable and has great electric range. The only downside is that you’ll have a heck of a time getting one.”

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Anyways, the Tesla Model 3, through the end of February 2018, became the best selling electric car in the U.S. for 2018 and moving forward to be #1 for the world if production ramps as expected.

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Doug Field taking a leave of absence from Tesla? No story from IEV today on this?

Why should they? Should they report on employees vacation time too?

This is significant because he is Chief of engineering and he is taking leave when Tesla is trying to ramp production of the M3 while also trying to calm investor fears.

Doug hasn’t been in charge of Production for a while now. Why would it matter if he’s now not going to be there for something he isn’t in charge of?

Elon took over his duties a month ago. Now he is taking a leave at a crucial time. There are several Tesla stories here today and this should be reported. Seems like Tesla is bleeding talent lately.

Recent departures from Tesla: Jim Keller, VP of Autopilot, Matthew Renna, Tesla’s Model S and Model X program manager, Jason Mendez, senior director for manufacturing engineering, and Will McColl, senior manager for equipment engineering.

Congratulations, you’ve correctly identified one of the natural consequences of unemployment being in the 3% range. More poaching of successful talent from successful companies, as there are not enough qualified unemployed candidates to fill the positions companies need to fill.

Tesla has 30,000 employees, you’ve identified .00002% of their turnover rate. Are you under the impression that there is low turnover rate in Silicon Valley?

He’s taking leave after he was no longer in charge of the one critical thing Tesla has going right now. Why are you whining endlessly about him not being there to do a job that he currently is not doing anyways?

Stop the silly talk.

The reviewer incorrectly states that the steering wheel scroll wheels can be used for “cockpit controls… for things like temperature and stuff like that”.

It’d be nice if the steering wheel controls were more versatile, but while driving they’re currently limited to
-audio (volume up/down, next/previous track/station, and play/pause)
-cruise control/TACC/EAP (speed and following distance)
-activating voice control.

There’s no HVAC controls, which is unfortunate.

(The steering wheel controls also control misc “driver setup” things like side mirror and steering wheel position adjustments and headlight aiming, but you have to go into the settings menu on the screen to activate those features.)

Excellent, pretty soon we will get more reviews as more people get their hands on Model-3

Meanwhile Cadillac ATS which challenged BMW 3 Series in its 2012 launch is ending by 2018.
The sedan version in standard (i4) and performance V (V6) are ending with the coupe version in standard (i4) and performance V (V6) will continue until 2019. ATS-Coupe version is left since its the only coupe in entire Cadillac lineup. A $10,000 discount had to be given and still it managed only 7% increase in sales 2018-YTD.

With this, there is no American made luxury compact car to challenge the foreign products. The only product left is Tesla Model 3 and of course its the only formidable competitor which is capable of challenge. If the mainstream American media still continues to talk bad about Model-3, it’s a shame on them and they are nothing but traitors.

Why is the background music so loud drowning the speech!!