Tesla Model 3 Alone Outsold Jaguar Worldwide In July

Tesla Model 3 Performance

AUG 14 2018 BY MARK KANE 72

Jaguar continues to be outsold by Tesla in July by a huge margin

In July, Jaguar sold some 10,922 cars worldwide, which is 15% less than a year ago, although 105,047 deliveries in the first seven months of 2018 is a stable result (down 2.9% year-over-year).

Jaguar’s global results are lower than Tesla in the U.S. alone though (estimated by IEVs at 16,775 at a stunning growth rate of 440%). In fact, even just the 14,250 Model 3 sold in the U.S. last month (not including Canada) outsold the entire Jaguar brand worldwide.

Tesla needs a little more time to take over Jaguar Land Rover, which sold 36,144 total units in July (down 21.6%) and 354,363 (down 2.3%) in the first 7 months of 2018, but it’s just a matter of 6-12 months we believe before Tesla will topple JLR as a whole, too.

“Retails for July were down in China (46.9%), reflecting continued market volatility in the first month of the duty change as well as trade tensions. Sales were also down in Europe (26.5%) and the UK (18.3%), impacted by the industry-wide issue of delays in WLTP certification of 2019 model year vehicles. Jaguar Land Rover has made good progress however and all its vehicles are certified or expected to be shortly. Retail sales were also down in North America (9.5%), resulting from softer industry volumes (down more than 3%) combined with foregoing some higher discounted business and later timing for new model year launches this year compared to a year ago. Sales in Overseas markets were up 8.6%.’

The first all-electric Jaguar I-PACE, which for some could be preferred overTesla Model X, noted some 223 sales in July and 418 so far since its launch

The biggest hurdle that we see for manufacturers like Jaguar is low volume of EV sales in the beginning. This makes competing a lot more difficult, especially since investment costs in all-new models are high.

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Still I-Pace is better car than any Tesla. Just look for the reviews.

I can’t imagine any Jaguar, (maybe an electric one though) being a decent car, they are maintenance nightmares.

I will be curious what BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and Jaguar maintenance schedules look like for EVs. That is the #1 reason I have never bought one!

There was a joke going around a while back when BMW removed the transferability of the new car maintenance plan to 2nd owners… BMW maintenance is so expensive that even BMW cannot afford the maintenance!

I got a 5 year maintenance contract for the BMW i3 that I (the company) paid about $250 for (for 5 years). I have to wash the car, replace wiper fluid and pay for tires. The rest will they do and cover.
They will change tires, wipers, fill wiper fluid when I’m there, change filters, maintain AC, check batteries, drivetrain and stuff like that. If other parts need to be changed that is not normal wear it will be covered either by the maintenance contract or the 5-8 year warranty.
I think that is very good, and will save a lot of money compared to an ICE.

The maintenance plan for any brand is tranferable to another person or company by law in Norway.
It follows the vehicle.

I know people who love their Jaguars, and can get past their reputation from the 1960’s, and 70’s. My Tesla Model X was a huge headache, I put on almost 1,000 miles last year just in trips to the Tesla service center.

You might want to move closer to the service center….

Well my friend, 1960’s and 70’s are long gone.
Are you still using CDD (Compact Disk Drive) or FDD (Floppy Disk Drive). I am wondering at your name: CDspeed.

Big Solar, this is how ignorant you are and show you are truly just a hater of ICE cars. The Jaguar I-Pace IS an all electric car. The fact that you did not know this shows you don’t pay attention to any other EV’s on the market, just a Tesla sheep.

Jeff – I don’t see in Solar’s comment where he referred to the I-Pace as a hybrid. I think you are reading too much into his comment. The reference essentially suggested that perhaps Jaguar would have better luck with an EV, than with its past gassy cars.

Oh, and BTW, count me in as “a hater of ICE cars.” They are noisy and they put out killer pollutants.

I use to own XKR, XFR and FR Jags, I love those cars, now I am in my second Tesla MS, I love it, no way I’ll go back to petrol, the I-pace looks nice, but is not Tesla competition yet, let’s see how good it is in the long run. I know shooters are burned and few weeks away to be broke but hang in there.

reviews from all 700 drivers? lets see how they score when their are a few 1000 on the road, will be interesting to see if they ever outsell the s or x in the US.

Or if the Total I-Pace Sales, can just beat Model X Sales (Its supposed competition), in USA! (Or, maybe, Just in Canada?)

The good thing here, will be that Jaguar will get some good EV Building Experience, a bit like Tesla Did, when building their first Tesla Roadsters! Then, their next EV should be much better! (We can Hope, anyway!)

Also, it might even provide parts for more EV Conversion Builders in due time, when some I-Paces have Collisions! Maybe even before that, EVTV.ME might get on and do a Dismantle Report!

Rumors are that they will quickly follow up with an all electric XJ to be their new flagship. To be announced late 2018 and on sale next year.

Jaguar isn’t building any I-Pace. They contracted that out to Magna Steyer.

If Jaguar was actually serious about building an EV, they would produce more than a mere 35,000 a year worldwide. The I-Pace is nothing more than a loss leader for a niche builder of low production automobiles.

Well, consider that Tesla’s 1st EV, their 1st Roadster, only built about 2,500 Total, Worldwide, over about 3 years, it puts this 35,000 a year in a pretty good space, for Jaguars 1st EV!

I think, if they actually DO Make AND Sell those 35,000, that it will also beat Bolt EV sales, which GM was so proud to be first in hitting the Market with!

And this Jag will supposedly be Cheaper than the Model X, so THAT Might help them with sales, along with those who like the idea of a Tesla but are still Stuck on Traditional Dealers, and their environment!

It will become even more interesting, when it faces Competition from the Tesla Model Y, expected to be Revealed on March 15th, 2019! So, like GM being ahead of the Model 3 with their Bolt EV, Jaguar is for sale Before their more direct competition (5 Seat, CUV, EV), the Tesla Model Y!

Will Jaguar find a way to capitalize on that Lead, better than GM did, with the Bolt EV, though?

Jaguar aren’t a massive company. The brand sells about 30,000 per modelif you average across their lineup so agree that 30000 would be a good outcome. I don’t think they will make that many though.

I agree they cannot really afford to make many as it will be losses they cannot afford later. Due to their pricing levels and the coming competition (both EUROPEANS and China manufacturers of EVs), if JLR can move 20K units world wide, it would be good enough until they figure out a profitable model without hitting the wrong high price point.

I think Jaguar did an excellent job on I-Pace, it is a great small suv and very attractive, too. Hope they sell very well.
Tesla is still better overall.

” Just look for the reviews.”

It’s great that Jaguar has made what is, in my opinion, the first BEV to actually be worthy of being compared to a Tesla car, altho it’s silly for Jaguar to put the 5-seat I-Pace head-to-head with the 7-seat Model X; the Model S or the Model 3 would be a much more appropriate comparison.

But I think you’re making a mistake to bring up the reviews. The fact is that the Model S got more “best car of the year” reviews than any other car in history, and also received multiple “best car ever made” reviews. The I-Pace is a very nice hatchback, with a mid-sized passenger cabin despite its smallish size*, but I don’t think any professional car reviewer is calling it the best car ever made!

*And it’s ludicrous that Jaguar is labeling it an “SUV”. It would be stretching the term to even call it a “CUV”, altho I could understand that due to its high ground clearance .

The iPace has a 50cm wading depth and a lot of tech from Land Rover. It may not look like a traditional SUV, but it is probably the most capable off roading EV on the market right now AND probably more capable off road than most ICE SUVs.

You will probably be able to count on one hand the number of owners who will take the I-Pace off pavement.

That include most SUV and truck owners too. When there is a product called spray on mud, it says it all.

Hence, Model X as its target is just Temporary! When Model Y comes out, we will see a better 5 seat, head to head, competitor! Better, as in: More Closely Matched, CUV Category neighbors!

If the Tesla Model Y is Better as a choice to buy, Jaguar best hope not, but such hope may be in vain! Particularly, since Tesla can now acquire one, themselves, for internal review and analysis! And if they need to, upgeade their Model Y efforts to beat the I-Pace by a wider margin.

Just a thought!

you haven’t driven a Tesla let alone a Mod 3 Perf DM, get on the Tesla train or get run over by it. LOL

Interesting comparison. There are some good parallels between Jag and Tesla and I will be very interested to see how the I-Pace ramps. I think Jaguar might be one of the first established companies to make a rapid switch to EVs and I wouldn’t be surprised if they skip plug-in hybrids and start moving all models to electric when they come up for renewal starting with the XJ and working down the line up. They have big plans for their UK manufacturing facilities and the UK government might get behind them out of post-Brexit desperation.

They’re relatively small, have a relatively small model range but are part of a larger group AND the vehicles they make and sell are just the type that work as electric vehicles (i.e. mostly used by people living in and around towns and cities and sold at a premium price).

They’re basically the ideal company to transition to full EV, same with Volvo. Unlike the larger manufacturers with larger ranges and vehicles that can less readily be converted to EV with current technology.

I see nothing to suggest that Jaguar intends to build EVs in any sort of actual numbers. The I-Pace is slated to be built in low volume for the foreseeable future. Do you have any support for your speculation that Jaguar plans to build EVs in volume?

Jaguar models are low volume in general. I-Pace has similar volumes to XJ and F-Type. The bulk of the sales come from Land Rover models. Also, the next XJ is confirmed to be a BEV. If Jagauar build about 30k I-Pace, 20k XJ, with their hybrids and Land Rover, they have probably the same volume as Model S/X.

It took 30 seconds to confirm that sales of the Model S and X had worldwide sales of 100,000+ in 2017. A hybrid doesn’t compare with an EV no matter what way you look at it. The XJ is a limited edition limo that no one buys. Combining two brands owned by Tata Motors might even make sense if Land Rover actually built an EV. Since it doesn’t, let’s keep this discussion to sales of the I-Pace.

Whatever floats your boat. If you want to compare I-Pace to the entire Tesla production and ignore all their other models it is up to you.

One tip off may come from shrinking F-Pace Sales, and increasing I-Pace Sales, as the year progresses! If that happens, for them not to bump up their EV Efforts sooner, will be their own loss!

One other question is how much is the I Pace costing Jaguar , as it is made by Magna Steyr, is Magna doing it for free?

Hope strong i-Pace sales will help Jaguar to recover a little bit. They need some reward for developing BEV before the rivals.

Is the i-Pace planned for mass production though?

It depends what you mean by mass production. Jaguar only sell 200k vehicles a year, so for them the iPace is going to be one of it’s best selling vehicles.

Jaguar was never a brand for the masses. The low amount of Jaguars on the streets is part of their appeal.

Still, they are an established “luxury” brand.

Ford made a feeble attempt at making Jaguar a mass producer.

I don’t see the point of this comparison either. You can always find a small car maker that sells less cars than [insert whatever you want to support here]. Last year, the 5 best selling VW cars each (!) outsold all of Tesla by a factor of 5. Now what?

“preferred ioverTesla Model X”

Missing ” of” or extra l?

Jaguar, is not a mass market carmaker, and never will be.

I don’t think the two brands compete with each other. Maybe Model Y will be more like the Jaguar in size and market segment?

Jaguar has always been based on small sales volume. Price is high, and volumes have been low. Hope they use the EVs to grow in size.
I like the design of the Jaguar.

The Jaguar EV has basically sold all of their production capacity, for the next 2 years.

It’s good Model 3 sell well, as it will be like the Toyota Corolla of EVs. The first EV that will reach very high numbers, followed by Nissan LEAF that should have had a few percent better production capacity. They will be the example of EVs that most people will see most often, and will make EVs normal for the masses of car owners. It will make it easier for them to think about an EV the next time they will buy a car.

Another Euro point of view

With all due respect comparing the Toyota Corolla and the Model 3 seems a bit far fetched to me even if the $35k version is sold in large numbers (which is uncertain at the moment I write this).

Agreed, the Model 3 is more the BMW 3 Series of EV’s. That won’t change unless they can reduce the price to way below $35k, but then why would they want to? Margins are higher on more premium vehicles and if they can get a nice chunk of the premium/”luxury” niche then I’m sure they’ll be happy.

How about: “… the Toyota Camry of EVs”?

BTW, there is no support for your suggestion that the $35K Model 3 will be sold in limited numbers. Tesla has not changed from their position that the Model 3 $35K car will be built. Musk just reaffirmed the base Model 3 in a tweet reported today, “… primary focus must remain on making affordable version of Model 3 & bringing Y to market.”

According to Tesla, the Model 3 was intended to compete with the BMW 3-Series and the Audi A4.

Oh, I agree that the Model 3 is designed to compete with the 3 series and competitors. But when discussing SALES of the Model 3, it might eventually approach Camry numbers.

Yeah.. If I lived in the US I would probably have said that – but in Norway the Camry is not sold at all. Would probably be to expensive due to taxes, and would be very close to similar size BMW, Mercedes, Audi – and people who buy a car in that price range does not buy a Toyota.
When I see a Toyota on the street it is a Prius, Aygo, Yaris, Auris (Corolla), RAV, Hilux or a Proace. . . and once in a while even a Land Cruiser (with a starting price of about $130-150K in Norway).
I just wanted to mention a car that sells a lot, and when the cheap Model 3 comes – it will cost about the same as a Corolla/Auris in Norway..

Just an example for a car that sells in volumes.

Really much to expensive ($50k+) to compare to Corolla/Civic/,etc. Too small and expensive to compare to Camry/Accord, etc. Compares to BMW 3/4 series/Mercedes C series/Audi 3/4 series, etc. which it outsells. Model 3 is not a mass market car except in rich places like the S.F. bay area (my home) where its market share will definitely make it mass market!!!!

Actually, the trade-in figures Tesla got for their new MOdel 3 owners tell a diffetent picture!. Almost 75% were from Honda Civic and Accord owners. Yes a huge surprise for all!. It seems these class of owners were willing to “bite-the-bullet” for Model 3 at twice their budget almost!. Very worrying for Honda dealers here.
For those who does spirited Honda driving (especially the Civics), you realised it is a gas guzzler for the heavy footed driver.

Do not count out the Koreans!. The latest Hyundai Kona EV just sold out their 20K quota in Norway. The Kona has the same range as Model 3 and is a CUV compact so can appeal to younger owners not to mention much cheaper than Model 3 that is its selling point. While not supercharger friendly, that range might mean home and or office charging is sufficent for 95% of the customer base. It is a good thing.
If Toyota had something like this, they will do well…..

The 20K is the problem.. if they can’t make more – Tesla or Nissan will be able to deliver more.
Until the VW group enters the market with their new models.

Although, Model 3 sales are unusually high because they have an unusual amount of orders to fill. It would make sense to wait until after those initial orders are filled, and the Model 3 is on the market like any other car, before comparing it to other brands.

Or, if each Model 3 out there, then leads to another sale, or another sale per month, then todays numbers are quite low!

Along the way, Model 3 will be made in Fremont, of course, but also in China, and likely – in Europe, as well!

So Fremont will then not be supporting those regions, and will likely be focused on North America, for Model 3: USA, Canada, & Mexico! So, at least 120,000 per year, for those areas can be anticipated, in the longer term!

You wonder why Jaguar will never be a brand of the masses. It is because of its bad quality control, and slow repairs in the dealerships!!! I owned the first Jag (F -Pace S) and it will probably be my last one! 1st month ownership, it spent 3 weeks in the service garage due to numerous quality control issues! Plus its electronic like Nav is so far backwards and slow (sluggish). They won’t never beat Tesla! And imagine the I-Pace’s FULL electronic/ electric technology!

Aren’t QC and slow repairs a major complaint about Tesla? :p

So the Tesla bashers would have us believe. The top-10 customer satisfaction ratings for Tesla car owners indicate those problems aren’t nearly as bad as the FUDsters keep telling us.

I don’t know anything about Tesla bashers, but Inside EV’s has a lot of articles about issues with wait times at service centres.

(Note, my initial comment was somewhat of a joke).

Well, stories about how people go and get their service done with standard wait times similar to any car dealership never get any press coverage. So those stories don’t show up here or anywhere.

Just like stories about plugging in overnight every night and never getting anywhere near running out of charge never get press coverage, but stories about a car journalist intentionally running out of battery charge get tons of coverage. Even though EV owners all know that the vast majority of the time they just plug in and drive their intended route every day because they figured out for themselves how much range they need and don’t screw it up.

I like when people say a mass market car like Tesla Model 3 outsells a luxury brand. Why not say Tesla 3 outsold Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley AND Rolls Royce!

Not to mention Porsche.

What auto maker will Tesla overtake next? Anybody keeping track?

They make more Model 3s in one day then Koenigsegg and Pagani makes in 5-10 years. That’s the difference between mass production, and special hand made, made to order custom products.

Welcome to the EV party Jag!!

It sounds like a bunch of brand loyal Jag owners are becoming EV converts!!

And there are still clueless people that think the mass market for EVs has not yet been proven.

If you outsell the entire product line of a well-known automaker with a single product….you have proven that EVs are a mass market product. (Talking to you, clueless Megan McCardle)

Yes, and not only a single product, but a single trim level and drivetrain option in a single product. Spooky.

Yeah, but wait for the 2020-2025 periode. That will be the first time EVs will have real competition from other EVs.
Now, there is really no competition to speak about.

They does not compete in size/class/style/range, and they are usually very production limited. How many people wait in line 1-2-3 years to buy a normal car? Compare that to most EVs that is ONLY limited by their production volume.

In the period 2020 – 2025 we’ll see different brands produce several models, that compete against other EVs in almost every category. And this will still only be the start of the major shift to EVs.

I expect a lot of development in many areas so they can be competitive with other brands. Prices will fall, more integration, fast to manufacture and improved quality and materials. Hard to compete with one car with only hard plastic, when the competitor use more exclusive materies, have better seats, longer warranty and so on.

Except for F-Pace and E-Pace all other Jaguar car models put up a poor sales. Just like Ford, Jaguar should dump all their cars and launch Electric crossovers like I-Pace.

It’s strange watching everyone give up entire automobile segments to Tesla and blaming SUVs. US luxury sedan sales are actually up year over year in 2018 so far, but down in almost every non-Tesla make and model.

Jaguar is working on replacing most models. Even smaller brands is expected to offer upgraded models at shorter intervals than before. Puts pressure on R&D, design, production facilities.

There is still no real competitor (outside of China) to Tesla. I would almost say the next real competitor will be a new comer — not a traditional ICE manufacturer…