Tesla Model 3 Outsold BMW 3-Series, Mercedes C-Class In California

Blue Tesla Model 3

MAY 24 2018 BY MARK KANE 47

Tesla became the quickest growing car brand in California in the first quarter (+58% year-over-year) as the Model 3 outsold all of its direct competitors.

Hybrid and Electric Car Market Share in California (source: California New Car Dealers Association)

According to the California New Car Dealers Association, new car sales decreased in California to 487,741 (by 3.8%) for the fourth consecutive quarter.

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However, despite general sales (and even hybrid sales) shrinking, plug-in electric car sales are growing stronger. During the first three months of 2018,  sales of electrified cars amounted to:

  • Hybrids: 19,416 (4.0% market share)
  • Plug-in hybrids: 13,534 (2.8% market share)
  • All-electric: 13,657 (2.8% market share)
  • Plug-ins total: 27,191 (5.6% market share)

Tesla delivered some 7,530 cars, which is 58.6% more than one year ago (4,749). Tesla’s full year sales for 2016 and 2017 amounted to 17,615 and 19,598, respectively. Clearly then the year 2018 will be Tesla’s best ever.

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Big gains noted by Tesla are a direct result of the Model 3 ramp-up. Moreover, Model 3 is the best-selling car in the Near Luxury segment, outselling the Mercedes C-Class and BMW 3-Series.
  • Tesla Model 3 – 3,723
  • Mercedes C-Class – 3,323
  • BMW 3-Series – 3,260
Two other Tesla cars are within the top 5 of their segments and the Chevrolet Bolt EV lands itself in the top three in the Subcompact segment.

Top Selling Models in Each Segment – New Light Vehicle Registrations (YTD ’18 thru March) (source: California New Car Dealers Association)

Source: California Auto Outlook – Q1’2018 – California New Car Dealers Association


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47 Comments on "Tesla Model 3 Outsold BMW 3-Series, Mercedes C-Class In California"

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Well there’s a great raging debate regarding whether or not a Model 3 can outperform a BMW M3- I guess the only real performance that wins the day is SALES..

The model 3 still has pent up demand from the initial reservations. The BMW 3 series is on its last leg before it’s replacement right around the corner.

While true, I don’t see anything about the 2019 3 Series that’s going to change this situation in BMW’s favor. The new car is still a outdated gas car with a clunky transmission.

It may start competing directly with the Model 3 sometime in 2020 at the earliest when the BEV variant is released, but even then that may be low volume due to constrained battery supply.

1 series is a closer competitor to the TM3. Less premium than a 3 series, but still higher quality than the TM3.

Dream on you German troll. Model 3 with its class-leading tech, performance and especially efficiency is going to severely impact now and future 3 series ICE crap just like the Model S has dominated the 7 Series and MB S class.
Fortunately the German ICE OEMs have finally figured this out and are slowly pivoting to electrification but Tesla has and will continue to lead in this segment for the forseeable future.

Hey you blind, The E-class is clearly the leader

Base on what you said. If 3 series has higher quality, why 500k people decided to buy lower quality car?

Because almost all of them are brand new buyers and it’s what is trending currently.

1series is a subcompact. Model 3 is a midsize

People said the same thing about the current generation of S Class and 7 series when the Model S started outselling them in 2013. Neither of those cars ever recovered their market share.

Pent up demand that BMW has failed to put a dent in with their own i3 in thr US.

BMW needs a plugin 3 Series. Easier to join than to fight

Until it can run the Ring faster it’s just a sprinter.

How many times do you lap the ‘ring each day?

I think what counts in not sales but PROFITS. While Tesla losing money at accelerated rate, all Germans car makers are making record profits.

So you expect profits midrampup?

I don’t think they can make a profit on Model 3, unless they hike pricing structure. Tesla simply underestimates the production costs. They think their cost will drop significantly with ramp up, but it won’t as much as they expect. History has shown Tesla cost reduction assumptions are optimistic. These days costs are going up rather than going down.

Tesla has hit their margin targets on both of their mass market EVs already. The only thing they were wrong on was how long it would take

More amazing in the pic above is that the $87,000 Range Rover outsold the ($67,000 – $10,000) Model X

Yeah, I don’t get it. But then again, most folks still don’t either at this point. I still get questions about range on my Tesla, and when I tell folks that it’s 230 miles, they still say, “Yeah, I don’t think that would work..” People are conditioned to do what they know, and until they’re surrounded by other folks driving better options, it just doesn’t sink in, unfortunately.

Have you ever been in a Range Rover?

No, he hasn’t, cause typical Tesla buyer is a poor soul who got hyped and actually can’t afford that overpriced thing

No, I’m not interesting in showing off my wealth by compromising my value.
I could buy two for each of my family by the end of the day even if that crap is usualy rent, but you would have to pay me to get into one of those “Here I am, so succesfull s…t, and I don’t care about what goes with that behavior.”

Is this O.K with your mindset “rich soul BS”?

I didn’t bought a Tesla either for that matter, but I might someday replace my Leaf with one if that fit my more discret profile, but it’s doubfull.
I bought Tesla shares instead.

It’s hard to take someone seriously with that grammar.

I have, many times. My Uncle and buddy both had one, and they were in the shop quite a bit. My wife’s partner had a 2 year old Evoque that needed an engine replacement at 30k miles. All of them ran on gasoline. All of them needed expensive oil changes. All of them had to have all their maintenance done at expensive Range Rover certified shops. There’s absolutely NOTHING that interests me about Range Rovers. NOTHING. I don’t off-road and I prefer EV’s.

So that, my friend, is that.

I was a disco II guy and now LR4 owner. Yes, all have been in the shop for one thing or another, but so has my next door neighbors new 5 series and Mercedes G class.

Near Luxury? Model S belongs into that category too, or maybe far away

Ouch! The totals for hybrids, plug-in hybrids and BEVs look nearly flat over that last five years.

8% is 10% to you? The regular hybrids are definitely a disappointment but that’s on the manufacturers. I scratch my eyes when i see that stupid honda accord hybrid commercial talking about their best. They come up with a conventional hybrid in 2018 and think that’s progress?!

It’s not so easy to estimate without guide lines. It looks to me like it was 7+1.2+1.2=9.4 in 2013 and 4+3+3=10 in 2018. That’s not much change for five years.

I rounded them up for you at 8 and 10. The graph is from 2012 not 2013. I do agree that progress is way too slow.

Yes, 2012 was anomalously low. I was looking at 2013, though. While that’s not entirely fair, I though we were doing more than converting Prius drivers into Leaf drivers. Apparently, over that last five years, I was wrong.

M3 almost all production went to California. BMW 3 series sales in California is 3% of production volume.

“M3 almost all production went to California. BMW 3 series sales in California is 3% of production volume.”

….and rounding off California is about 4% of the world market so your point that when production constraints ease the BMW 3 will be outsold by the TM3 seems valid.

Interesting that plug-ins sales have now surpassed sales plain ol’ hybrids.

A good sign that the period of time where hybrids make sense is passing.

Still good for people who don’t feel they have good charging options

Compared with how many EVs sell in China it is small.

Yes. Incentives work. US politicians should follow

Missed the BMW I3 in Entry [Level] Luxury, it seems.

Article title: “Tesla Model 3 Outsold BMW 3-Series, Mercedes C-Class In California”

Perhaps same for entire USA for 2018 Q3 & Q4.

How is the Honda Clarity a Sub Compact?

3 series is at the end of its life cycle, so obviously a lot of people are waiting for the next gen which will be presented in October. Anyway, I don’t think anyone in the market for a 3 series will even consider a low-end TM3.

Johan continues to have the same wet dreams that MB had about their S class when the Model s came out and destroyed their market share.

Hopefully Model 3 Q4 number is higher than 3 series and C class combined.

So the actual headline here should be:
Range Rover($87,000) outsold Model X ($57,000, after incentives)

This is where the monthly sales numbers really get interesting to me. The real EV sales battle is vs. ICE cars in each EVs own class.

Being in the top 3 was a pipe dream just 5 years ago. Now it is a debate over being number 1. I love it!

Taking another round through the data, the real story that is being missed is that the plug-in share is already closing in on 6% (5.8% based on their figures) and that was just the first quarter. I think everyone expects that number to rise dramatically in the second half of the year as Tesla cranks out Model 3s.