Tesla Model 3 OTA Update Improves Security Of Keys

Tesla Model 3


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 update v8.1 2018.4.6 (Image Credit: 1st3inAZ on Reddit, via Teslarati)

Tesla’s latest over-the-air software update includes newly available security features related to the Tesla Model 3’s smartphone keys.

As reported by Teslarati via information gleaned from Reddit and Model3OwnersClub, the automaker’s recent software update adds the Tesla Model 3 online owners manual (which can now be accessed through the car’s touch-screen display), as well as a “Manage Your Phone Keys” feature (as shown above).

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 key card

Instead of a traditional key, the Model 3 is accessed with your smartphone through an app. Each owner also receives a key card, which can unlock the car and allow it to start.

While this new technology seems like a great way to streamline the user experience, it also brings some potential concerns, especially since some related features are still not in place.

Apparently, due to the fact that many features were awaiting updates, prior to the new “keys” feature, owners didn’t have the ability to manage specific smartphone access devices.

So, if you had given a family member or friend access to your Model 3 via their smartphone, or even a third-party (rental agency, detailer, etc.), this could be cause for concern. Also, something as simple as getting a new mobile phone could lead to frustration.

Now, with the latest update, owners will receive a Tesla Mobile app alert every time a new key is added or an existing key is removed. You can visit the “Locks” menu by accessing “Controls” on the touch screen, and it will list all devices. This way, the Model 3 owner can monitor devices and quickly add or delete them as needed.

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Just curious, does this system work passively like a proximity key, where I just walk up to the car and open the door and drive off or do I have to open the app every time I want to drive the car?

Its passive

It’s great, you forget about keys entirely, if you always carry a phone, like 99% of Americans.

I’m hardware locked using Android 4.0, inside that 99%. Tesla’s app still works (through APK pure), but I’m guessing Model 3 isn’t supported.

Does anyone know the oldest Android version Tesla’s Model 3 app will work with?

No, its awful. This is the only think about Model 3 that I actively dislike. Removing an NFC device from your wallet then holding it up to the car is far more work than just walking up with a keyfob and opening the door with a fob.

And for the phone, bluetooth is and always has been an unreliable technology. The Model 3 is no exception.

Complaints on Tesla Motors Club about the phone not connecting to the car reliably, or unlocking/locking the car while you walk around your house, are exactly the kinds of issues I and others brought up when the lack of a fob was first mentioned.

The people with no complaints will eventually have them as constant software updates and aging hardware slow down their phone performance.

Over the past few weeks complaints have grown, not subsided.

Tesla. Sell me a key fob, please. 🙂 Give me the choice.

Would also prefer a key fob but simply because I don’t want to have all my eggs in one basket. Phone for calling, for messages, for internet, for banking, for parking, for camera and now for car key. That is just too much in one device. Having a separate key fob is better and then I also like the especially beautiful Tesla Key fob. A Tesla without it is like a cake without the cherry on top.

I know, I love the little Tesla keyfob! ;(

Can’t you keep it so that you don’t have to take it out of your wallet?

Well, some wallets have an outer pocket for a drivers license and such.

If you place it there, you should be able to just hold your wallet up I suppose. But you still need to remove your wallet.

You could also attach it to a lanyard or your keychain I suppose but that defeats the purpose of having no fob.

I guess if you want to you could keep your card in a front chest pocket. Then you could lean over and give your Model 3 a hug to trigger the NFC. XD

Just prepare yourself mentally for issues because there will always be headache with bluetooth. Especially when connecting 2 devices that are receiving constant software updates:



Great, now when are they going to fix the wipers and cruise control?

Wipers already fixed with rain-sensing enabled.

What needs to be “fixed” about the cruise control?

(((((Ly)))))….. Thanks….. God bless…. Dignity Defined…. Divinity!!!

Thank you for your support. 🙂

Phone should be a bonus access. For some people like me, just give me a freaking key fob! Make it stylish and small and everyone will love it! Make the Phone access available for those who wants it.

If I had an Apple Watch app with proximity activation that would work for me. Nothing to take out of a pocket or wallet or manipulate, just walk up to my Model 3 open the door, and drive away. Or I should be able to tell Siri to unlock my Tesla from my Apple Watch. The watch has to be on to function which requires me to enter my passcode which adds more security.

Then again, why can’t there be a Tesla-branded version of the Apple Watch like Nike has?

Amazing to see how people are fighting progress. Key fob – good riddance! I have a Model 3. Yes, the car may unlock and lock as you walk by it with the phone in the pocket, but flip up your app front page and you can push the key button to keep the car permanently unlocked. I wish I could also choose permanently locked, but that’s what software upgrades are for.

And let’s all remember that the whole point of the phone thing is to support the Tesla network of uberesque self driving cars. Shut us buggy, but they’re learning now what they’ll need for a non buggy future.
Also, my card works every time just holding my wallet against the sensor spot.
Ever replace a fob ? $$$!
Cards are $5