“Your Model 3 Is Ready To Order” – A Look At Tesla’s Email Invitation

Tesla Model 3


Tesla Model 3

A look at a Tesla Model 3 delivery in Austin, Texas

The Tesla Model 3 design studio will open to non-employee reservation holders soon and we have a look at the automaker’s invitation-to-configure email.

It seems many more Tesla employees and family members are beginning to configure their Model 3s and deliveries are happening on a more regular basis. According to Teslarati, Model 3 production is ahead of schedule (which may not seem too surprising at this point, since the automaker has not yet entered the substantial ramp-up stage, but that’s a whole lot of cars compared to July and August numbers).

October is right around the corner that’s the month that Tesla assures “regular” customers will begin to get their cars. In order for any non-Tesla employees to actually have a Model 3 in hand in October, the configuration process will need to begin almost immediately. The automaker will soon open its online Design Studio to start taking the orders. The configurator has been online for some time so that employees could access it, but at this point, it’s still closed to the general public.

A Model 3 Owners Club user shared the “Design Your Model 3” invitation email. Obviously, when you click on GET STARTED, it will take you to the beginning of the configuration process. Keep in mind that this is likely only for configuring the currently manufactured Long Range Model 3. Customers will have the usual choices, including color, wheels, and upgrades like Autopilot.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla: Design Your Model 3

As mentioned above, Tesla has not yet entered significant ramp-up for the Model 3, but it’s supposed to be coming soon. CEO Elon Musk has stated that Tesla could reach 5,000 builds a week by December. The automaker delivered 30 cars in July at the handover event. We have no way of knowing with 100-percent certainty how many Model 3s the automaker delivered in August, but we’re banking on about 75 (and we have a reputation for being pretty darn close).  Musk said that the goal for September is 1,500 units. We will have a better idea where the automaker stands soon enough, as 2017 Q3 reports are expected in the coming days.

Regardless of the numbers, for Tesla to have actual non-employee delivery success inside of the next ~30 days, folks will have to be getting these configurations in pronto. We’re sure that anyone with a reservation (if they’re a serious buyer) will race to the opportunity to configure the minute they receive the email. Hopefully, Tesla gets the ball rolling on this sooner rather than later.

Sources: Teslarati, Model 3 Owners Club

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This invitation to configure a model 3 is just to find out how many of reservation holders will cancel the order once the details are known. Production ramp up is nowhere near that the public deliveries could start anytime soon.

Where are you getting your information & How do you know all this? What source are you basing your information on, to be accurate. Let Us know we are genuinely interested buyers in waiting. cheers

Hahaha. Exactly. Ask this guy for any sliver of proof or source of his information and you get radio silence…

“Production ramp up is nowhere near that the public deliveries could start anytime soon.”

It’s too bad that these days, so often the first post to any Tesla-related article here at InsideEVs is from a Tesla hater or short-selling FUDster. I wonder if some of these trolls have a Google News alert set up so they can rush to be first to post?

Starting a discussion thread this way really derails any meaningful or informative discussion before it even gets started. 🙁

Ahead of schedule? Lulz.
1,500 Model 3s were supposed to be produced in September, but the highest VIN reported sighted is only in the 400s.

Don’t Panic ! give them time , Any company with a New product takes time before all the production bugs are removed..THIS IS NORMAL !!!!

Actually it isn’t normal. Most manufacturers either start serial production or they don’t. Normally it’s about turning up the speed dial of the lines. Not fixing last minute issues or implementing features.

IT IS VERY NORMAL You just don’t KNOW ,Because You never hear about it. (((I worked in these Places so I Know)) It’s more Prevellent In Regards to Tesla ,Because When Someone At Tesla Sneezes , it gets all over the News & these other companies keep that part of it Hush! Plus Tesla Is New at this & Does have some Growing Pains .
So Lets cut them some Slack !

Whiny little wimp a negative Nancy with no info, no intelligence, no substance

Just compare with the Bolt rollout (and the X rollout): that tells you all you need to know. You don’t need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

More FUD from one of our serial Tesla haters.

Dude! Chevrolet has already had to issue a recall of hundreds of Bolt EVs.

See: “2017 Chevy Bolt EV battery may fail due to faulty cell; new pack needed for a few [hundred] GM electric cars”


I’m amused that the headline calls a few hundred a “few”. 😉

I’m calling BS on your FUD, flew.

both the Bolt and the Pacifica rollouts saw vehicles impounded while problems were worked out.

“VIN lookups shows that sequential VINs up #1134 have been registered with NHTSA so far.”

If they hit 1100 on a 1500 target, I’m thrilled!

It is still unclear whether the 1,500 target for Q3 is a production target or a delivery target, and whether Tesla will announce just delivery numbers, or both production and delivery. 1100 for production would indeed be a very successful number. Anything over 500+ deliveries would show that they are successfully entering ramp-up.

Keep in mind that the Bolt went into production in Oct 2016, and by the end of Dec GM had delivered around 650 or so (from memory). New car roll-outs aren’t fast.

Looks like Tesla missed both production and delivery numbers by a wide margin, so it doesn’t matter which they meant.


As Nix said, a few days ago VIN #1134 was spotted. Given a target run rate of over 1000/week in October, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if in the past few days they managed to reach 1500 or beyond.

Of course, we’ll see. Expect to hear official production and delivery numbers from Tesla in a matter of hours – maybe today, maybe tomorrow… Wednesday at the absolute latest.


“As Nix said, a few days ago VIN #1134 was spotted”

That’s not what he said. He said registered.

That is is empirical proof? Slow is the way to go when you want to make sure to correct anything that is showing up as early as possible. Hard to mistake Bro1999 post even under Bro. One of the main reasons to get an ignore option on this site.

It seems Shortsville is up early today. Good luck you toads.

The old croaker was up all night, waiting to blurp out the last song, before nodding out at dawns first glare.

I think this latest turbulence is all driven by shorts. First the dash up to near new highs was fueled by them as was the subsequent downturn.
Now the stock is stabilizing and turning North again as shorts begin to cover. It’s really sort of weird.

The shorts typically seem the least informed about the products Tesla builds, the car performance, the charging network, and the asset growth of the company.

i.e. “Market Inefficiency” comes from stock pickers who know nothing about the companies they buy. They’ve never sat thru any of the Strobbel presentations, for example.

I’m really interested in knowing who all will be invited configure this week, and when I’ll be invited to configure.

I’m east coast, lined up before opening, and currently have Standard Production highlighted on the website. They tell me I could have First Production as early as next month (!!!). Will they invite me to configure this week because I stood in line? Next month because that’s the earliest I could get First Production? Or January because that’s the earliest I could get Standard Production (which I’ve already highlighted.)

Keep us posted.

Also, AFAIK, we have not hear what the “special gift” will be for those that reserved on the first day.

Well here we go.

Are there any screen shots of the configurator? I thought we had an article here before that had them?

Yes, there are screenshots of the configurator from Imgur. It’s linked in the above post on the word configurator at the end of the second full paragraph.

Thanks. I skimmed right by the link.

Gotta love all those arguments in the comments about what was observed, with neither side providing a single link 🙂

Anyway…. I don’t know about rushing on the moment the invitation arrives. Remember it was marketed as a $35k car, and the invitations will be for a $50k car – maybe, maybe a $45k car if they don’t force the premium package on everyone in the first wave like they did with employees.

I don’t know about cancellations – but I won’t be surprised to hear about a lot of deferred orders, with delivery date slated to whenever the 220-ish mile version comes out.

Same thing here. If it’s 900 a month it’s not afforable and the big automakers will just wait and cancel thier ev programs now if it’s in 300-550 a month then thet are going to rattle the industry. Please screenshot the options and total cost someone

Stop with the bs, troll! The TMS is less that 900 so how the hell will the TM3 cost that? You keep pulling numbers out of your ass…

Assaf — FYI, if you ever need a link to anything I post, please feel free to ask. I get lazy sometimes, but if I put something in quotes you can usually highlight it and google search it and the link will come up. Here is one source for the 1134 number I posted, if is one of the numbers you were wondering about:


I personally would like to wait as long as possible so that most of the early production glitches can be worked out on someone else’s car.

Some like waiting and some don’t.

I don’t.

That’s the way life is.

Those that are uncomfortable making a decision usually are losers.
Go for it ! Girls or cars doesn’t matter.

Google rallied a lot since IPO. Tesla rallied more but in half of the time. While shorts arguing everyday. Shorts will continue to lose a lot of money on this one.

“According to Teslarati, Model 3 production is ahead of schedule”

The original schedule provided by Elon was “100,000 to 200,000 in the second half of 2017,” and it certainly does not appear that Tesla is “ahead” of that schedule.