Tesla Model 3 One-Month Video Review With New Insight

Tesla Model 3


Yet another Tesla Model 3 owner review with a few newly observed issues.

We haven’t heard a whole lot of talk about the Model 3 sound system lately, or the windows. This is probably because it’s not high on the list of super-critical concerns. People would rather report on a myriad of “fit and finish” issues, Autopilot faults, and a variety of system errors and strange sounds.

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While we don’t have our own Model 3, we’ve seen plenty, and we’ve heard enough about fit and finish issues. Most cars have some panel gaps, and the closer you look, the more you’ll find. Whether the Model 3 is any better or worse off than any other vehicle is still yet to be determined.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 delivery

In terms of strange sounds, it’s hard to know what people are hearing and what might be the cause. It’s not a whole lot different than taking your car in for service and then not being able to encounter the sound when the technician is present. We will say that in most electric cars, the incredible silence allows for much more to be heard, and people are surely listening when it comes to the Model 3. Hopefully, there are no issues that will jeopardize anyone’s safety.

Potentially, we’re going to hear about Tesla Autopilot issues and system error codes for a long time coming. While these cars are on the cutting-edge of technology, there are always bugs to be worked out. Tesla is continuously updating software, and that’s not something that will go away. One would assume that after producing hundreds of thousands of Models 3s and dealing with all of these issues repeatedly, Tesla will have a much better handle on all of this in the future. We shall see …

Okay, time to touch on the new video review. Apparently the sound system’s “fade” resets itself every time you shut off the car. It also doesn’t return to the last station when you start the car back up. He says that this problem was also present in his Model X, and it took Tesla forever to resolve it. There is also no Summon mode at this point, no web browser, and both the front and rear windows only roll down partially.

On the other side of the coin, the cup holders, center console, and storage compartments vastly exceed that of the S and X. The HOLD feature is also a definite plus.

Video Description via Tesla Model 3 Secrets on YouTube:

Our Model 3 is one month old! What does it drive like? How is the ride? Any problems? Find out as we review our first month with the Tesla Model 3.

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Informative video but:

The video presenter mentioned that he likes the hill-hold (settings: >hill-hold >on) and no forward creep (settings: >creep >off) on the Model 3 which he incorrectly says is not avail on Model S. Those features are avail in Model S & Model X in the center screen settings menu.

Not all Model S have hill hold. My 2013 did not.. it was added a few years later.

Matt said: “Not all Model S have hill hold. My 2013 did not.. it was added a few years later.”

Yup… The introduction of Auto Pilot hardware package (~Oct 2014) brought with it electronic actuated brakes needed for persistent (longer than 2sec) Hill Hold.

My above original comments says Hill Hold is a settings selection feature… I checked my Model S settings and it can not be turned ON/OFF in settings; it’s always ON for Tesla cars with AP.

Yes, he had a few things incorrect. He may need to follow some Tesla X or S youtube videos himself 🙂

Slightly off topic Model 3 discussion. Tomorrow we will get a good estimate of how many 3s Tesla delivered (in the US) during the month of February. I’m setting the over/under at 3500 and I’m going under. Anyone else have thoughts?

My guess is 2900-3100.

Hopefully more!


Certainly over 3500; certainly less than 10k. I think 5k or 6k is a reasonable expectation.

2,700 produced.

1,700 delivered.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


over or under is meaningless.

Tesla has already said that they were intentionally pulling back on ramp-up in order to focus on making sure everything is perfect.

Besides, Tesla will be the top selling car whether it is over or under. And they will sell every car they build. So the attention is better spent scrutinizing what the lagging car makers are doing wrong.

What is guaranteed is the the numbers will disappoint yet again showing that 5k a week is a distant number

What is guaranteed is that the production numbers are steadily ramping upward and Tesla will get to their 5,000 week GOAL newly reregistered username FUDster.

Actually, I suspect production is flat from January.

Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart

I see many more Model 3 around our neck of the woods – mid-Peninsula, SF. Not statistically significant by any way, though

Well hopefully 6 Fool Cells/Tesla Shorts will increase his short positions!

Tesla already announced that they weren’t going to even try to build 5K/week this month, and they were instead going to focus on perfecting their production.

Are you the last person to hear about this? Because you seem to be confused that companies change targets all the time, and Tesla is no different.

That “weird defect” in the steering wheel is the tear line for the airbag, where the two hard panels meet just below the surface. I’ve seen it in other cars; it’s just the physics of the design. Best they could have done is conceal it with an indent line that looks like it’s just there for intentional design.

I’m surprised the fader setting isn’t already automatically part of one’s profile, but I’ve never changed mine so I’ve never noticed. Seems an easy software update fix.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Sounds like some software tweaks needed for the entertainment.
Dunno about anyone else but I bluetooth my audio to my car stereo.

Get them bugs out by 2020 when I buy!!!