Tesla Model 3 Now On Display In Showrooms – See And Sit In One Today

Red Tesla Model 3 LA Auto Show


The Tesla Model 3 is finally hitting showrooms, but for display purposes only. No test drives yet.

Well, the 3s aren’t there quite yet, but starting in a few hours the cars will be on display.

This allows potential buyers to see the car before buying the car. Now that’s a concept we can all appreciate.

Mercury News reports:

“For the first time, the general public can come see β€” and even sit in β€” a Tesla Model 3 in a company showroom, starting Friday at 10 a.m. at Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto.”

The news site adds that Tesla hosted a private event last night open only to existing Tesla owners. Those owners got the check out the Model 3, some for the first time.

But later today, starting at two locations Stanford Shopping Center and Century City Mall in Los Angeles, Model 3s will be on display and open to the public.

Tesla Palo Alto Location

Tesla LA Century City Mall Location

A Tesla spokesperson stated that Model 3s will gradually make their way to showrooms across the U.S., though no timeline or rollout schedule was announced.

Mercury News adds:

“In the Stanford Shopping Center showroom, the single vehicle on display is a $50,000 premium version with add-ons including a long-range battery allowing for an estimated 310-mile range, compared to the 210 miles for the basic car.”

It’s like that Tesla will begin displaying Model 3s at sites where initial interest was high on reservation day. Tesla toldΒ Mercury News that eventually (again, no timeline given) Model 3s will be available for test drive purposes too.

So, if you haven’t yet and want to see the Model 3 in person and sit in it too, today is the first day Tesla itself is making that possible.

Source: Mercury News

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Give me a call when Tesla has a showroom, service center, and free supercharging in Tucson. I do local.

Good to hear you’re not going to clog up the queue, and allow others to jump ahead of you. Thanks!

You should look at your own gov’t in Arizona when you wonder why you don’t have a store in Tucson yet. Tesla had to sue your corrupt bribe taking gov’t to get to sell there, and only won just recently:


Wow- pretty acidic response to a practical concern. I wouldn’t have bought my model S if I were living in Tucson instead of Phoenix.

My car is relatively problem free, but I’ve had enough trips to the service center, as well as ranger visits to me that I completely agree with ‘The Allen’

So you have free fuelling on your current ICE car?

Hey if you want to drive an inferior car, that’s your choice. πŸ™‚

Honestly, it would be really nice if they offered test drives to those individuals who have been sent their configuration notices. If I were to get mine at this point, I would have to defer until I get a test drive.

Completely agree. Tesla should at least be willing to allow a test drive for those reservation owners who have been invited to convert their reservation to an order.

I do get the concept of “anti-selling”, but anything can be taken too far.

“Everything in moderation, including moderation.” — Oscar Wilde

I live in Baltimore Maryland. It would be a welcome sight to see a model 3 in the Oweings Mill Store.

Good. No purchase or further $$ commitment from me until I can sit in one and drive it.

Fine. Anybody tried to force you?

By July, we should be able to see them at the Whole Foods in Charlottesville. No need to drive into Richmond. πŸ™‚

If they don’t outnumber Bolts there by then, there are serious problems.

Would be curious what the VIN # is on the floor model. Wonder if it’s a preproduction prototype. Years ago they had a Prototype Model S sitting in the Dania Fl showroom if you wanted to just sit inside one. Just being able to sit inside is extremely useful if you are 6’4″ and concerned about head and legroom and ease of ingress/egress.

Seems unlikely to me. If they were going to use pre-production units for showroom floor models, then they could already have distributed all of them to various showrooms across the country. The fact that Tesla is only now sending Model 3’s to showroom floors indicates these are actual production units, don’t you think?

Humble brag: Live in SF East Bay (Emeryville) and apartment building neighbor is Tesla employee and has a red Model 3 with the aero wheels.

Have not sat in it but have stared at it for minutes on end…. haha. Seeing about 5 others in the area.

There are two Model 3s in my Oakland neighborhood ?. They appeared a week ago.