Watch Tesla Model 3 Versus Model S In Most Unique Race To Date


It’s the greatest race and you get to watch these Tesla siblings in actual speed … huh?

Yes folks, here we have the first Tesla Model 3 versus Tesla Model S Summon Race! These cars are actually going to race one another without anyone in the driver’s seats. But, interestingly, they will both be piloted by the same “driver.” What gives?

On the left of your screen is a Tesla Model S 75. The rear-wheel-drive electric car weighs in at a whopping 4,469 pounds and will take you from zero to 60 mph in 5 seconds. Its esteemed pilot is an Apple iPhone X.

Moving to the right you’ll find a Tesla Model 3 Long Range. It’s also powered by a single motor in the rear. The Model 3 weighs 3,814 pounds and tackles a zero-to-60-mph sprint in 5.1 seconds. Just to even the playing field, it’s also driven by an Apple iPhone X.

Get your popcorn, put your feet up, carve about three minutes out of your day and enjoy the results of this epic battle to its photo finish!

Video Description via Teslatunity on YouTube:

It’s the drag race of the century pitting the Model S 75 against the Model 3 LRB in a Summon Race!

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8 Comments on "Watch Tesla Model 3 Versus Model S In Most Unique Race To Date"

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Hah! This made my day. Best drag race ever.


The race isn’t over until the front axle crosses the line. Model 3 would have won, but due to driver error both cars scored a DNF!


Ha, Ha, and this is why America will succeed, because we are stupidly ingenious.

Really just wasted 2 min. Of life

It could have been worse, if a Nissan Leaf had been in the race you’d still be waiting for it to finish

i’m sorry…what.
why did i click this.