Tesla Model 3 & Model S Driver’s Seats Compared – Video

Tesla Model 3


How do the driver’s seats in the Tesla Model 3 and Model S compare for a tall person?

Not only do we get a much closer look at the driver’s seats in the Tesla Model 3 and Model S, but also a solid comparison of the legroom in both cars.

YouYube channel i1Tesla took measurements from the Model 3 and Model S driver’s seats. He checked all dimensions and learned that the seats in both Tesla vehicles are essentially the same size and offer a similar level of comfort and support. The most significant difference between the seats is that the Model S features genuine leather upholstery whereas the Model 3 comes with vegan leather.

If you’re unfamiliar with i1Tesla’s host, he’s not a little guy. In fact, he’s 6’5″, so for all the taller people out there, his perspective should prove helpful.

While the seats are primarily the same, he says the Model S seats tend to hug you a bit more and offer softer padding. However, we’ve already learned that Tesla is changing the Model 3 seat pattern, so this may not be consistent in all copies.

In the end, though the Model S has a lower floor, and its wider stance offers more elbow room, the Model 3 provides more legroom. The large screen and huge steering wheel in the Model S tend to cut into knee room. Forward visibility is also much better in the Model 3, making it the better daily driver based on this reviewer’s perspective.

Video Description via i1Tesla on YouTube:

I compare the seats in the Model 3 and the Model S. Giving my thought on the seats as a tall person. I am 6 foot 5 and show the leg room in both.

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The only genuine leather in Tesla’s is on the steering wheel. The seats in S/X are fake leather just like the Model 3.

Tesla’s pleather is a nice mix of plastic and cardboard to the touch… Not my favorite, I am not sure having a vegan car is important to me since I am not a vegan.

It’s also supposed to be more environmentally friendly.

Ok, so is living in a tent, but I am not going to do that either.

No one’s asking you to live in a tent Dave. I’d say helping the environment is a higher priority than disliking the feel of a seat covering. Regardless, Tesla options are clear. Take them or leave them.

You are wasting this time with this troll posing as someone environmentally concerned all the while using this fake poser concern as a means to troll.

So wait for the cloth seats.

“Dave” continued his Tesla bashing:

“Tesla’s pleather is a nice mix…”

What a troll. I think that if you absolutely had to say something positive or even neutral about Tesla, your head would explode from the strain.

“vegan leather” = plastic?

Apparently it’s made from polyurethane.

Unfortunately I found that on the PITA… er, I mean PETA… website, so excuse me now while I go wash my mind out. 🤢

Yeah, let’s kill millions of animals so that we can sit on them!

Yup, and we can eat them too… yum yum…

We eat the meat and sit on the skin. Your comment does not make sense unless you’re advocating for vegetarianism.

“Yeah, let’s kill millions of animals so that we can sit on them!”

So, you’re advocating that we should just throw away the hides of all the cattle raised for beef or dairy products? Why yes, what a great idea to throw away that resource rather than putting it to good use! /s

If we saved the lives of all cattle specifically raised for the leather market, then we would save exactly zero cattle from slaughter.

But then, if you’re a vegan PITA devotee, then your mind is made up and you don’t want to be confused by “inconvenient” facts.

Exactly. I am very environmentally conscious but never understood the disdain some people have for real leather. To me, it is much better in most every way and I don’t think we are killing animals just to sit on their skins. We are utilizing more of an animal that we are going to kill for meat.

Sew, Tesla, Sew! LOL Affect the knots on keen chairs!


self-parody is often the best form of parody!

Note he’s sitting in the first Generation of Model 3 seats. Tesla made improvements. My seats are Gen2. Kim at LikeTesla made a video about it.

Those look to be much nicer, but model 3 still has a strange seating position, kinda knee high. I think blindfolded and no bias its the least comfortable in class…

There’s lots of adjusting you can do. Kinda nice that it remembers your seating position. So you can program and easy entrance/exit position, then once you sit down and push the brake, it moves the seat and steering wheel to your saved position.

That is a cool feature, and I know new to Tesla, Lexus and most other luxury brands have had easy exit for the last 10 years… Jaguar I-Pace also has this, but takes it a step further using AI to track you music, HVAC habits, based on time of day, temperature, and departure location… Does Tesla do that when you get in? It will track your typical driving habits and learn. It also calculates range and charging information off of ambient temperature, and remembers the places it has been, topography, driving style, and all is used to figure range.

Not that i know of on the HVAC. I have the temp set to 70 and auto and it just does its thing, cool/heat as needed. It does allow you to add music to your favorites and thumbs up/down them. Then you can play a station based on all of your favorites. I also don’t know if topography is taken into account. It does allow you to save places like work/home. It also has built in home link that automatically opens/closes the garage door hands free. I’m still getting used to that one. As I approach the driveway, I still reach for a button that doesn’t exist.

Interesting timing. Last night I got a firmware update, and now my Tesla saves my HVAC settings.

Thanks for this video. I ordered a model 3 without sitting in one and i am 6 foot 3 inches so that was a concern. I also like your comments about your visual demo of how your knees don’t hit the center area.