Tesla Model 3 Mobile Phone App Details Begin To Emerge

Tesla Model 3


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 – Interior Phone Dock

A recent update to Tesla’s mobile app adds support for the Model 3.

The Tesla Model 3 is being touted as a car that doesn’t have a key. Instead, you unlock it and access it via the automaker’s mobile app with Bluetooth smartphone integration. There’s also a credit-card-sized key card, which takes the place of the standard physical key.


Tesla Mobile App prior to the addition of the Model 3

The Model S and X have had features on the mobile app for some time, but much like the vehicles’ over-the-air software updates, the app sees updates as well. We recently shared InsideEVs contributor Michael Beinenson’s interview with Like Tesla, in which he demonstrates the mobile app’s ability to intuitively and seamlessly integrate information related to the company’s Powerwall (home battery), solar panels, EV charging, and your local power grid.

The app’s primary functions for the S and X include Summon mode, valet mode, climate control, and vehicle location service. Now, you can use it to pop the Model 3 frunk and trunk, as well as lock or unlock the vehicle. Teslarati was able to get ahold of a Tesla Model 3 Keys manual for more details. The publication posted the following list of Tesla Mobile app Model 3-related features:

  • Use your smartphone as your Model 3 key
  • Lock or unlock Model 3 from afar
  • Check charging progress and receive notifications when charging has started, has been interrupted, or is complete.
  • Heat or cool Model 3 before driving (even if it’s in a garage).
  • Locate Model 3 with directions, or track its movement across a map.
  • Flash the exterior lights or honk the horn to find Model 3 when parked.
  • Start Model 3 remotely.
  • Park or unpark Model 3 using Summon.

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Unfortunately I didn’t see “Android Auto capable” so I can use my Google Music account which allows me to stream on any device including in my current car that has Android Auto.

Android Auto is not required for Tesla cars to stream audio from an Android device.

All devices (iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, Android Tablets, etc.) that have Bluetooth capability can directly stream audio (both music & phone calls) via Bluetooth to Tesla cars. Additionally, hands-free voice activated phone calls can be made.

Tesla does not support Android Auto or Apple Carplay.

@MTN Ranger said: “Tesla does not support Android Auto or Apple Carplay.”

That is because Android Auto and Apple Carplay are not needed on Tesla’s.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“Start Model 3 remotely”

You ‘Start’ an ICE…….just sayin.