Tesla Model 3 In Midnight Silver Shows Up At OCDetailing – Video


Midnight Silver Tesla Model 3

Midnight Silver is a seldom seen color on the Tesla Model 3. Fortunately, we’ve come across video featuring this color in stunning detail.

Of course it comes to us via OCDetailing, uploaders of some of the most exquisite Model 3 videos.

OCDetailing makes a valid point in this video. The Model 3 raised rear glass, which already limits backward visibility, should be treated with caution when it comes to tint.

Video description:

Tesla Model 3 – 3M Crystalline Window Tint – OCDetailing®

Front Two Windows – 50%
Back Two windows – 40%
Front Windshield – 70%
Rear Windshield – 50%


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11 Comments on "Tesla Model 3 In Midnight Silver Shows Up At OCDetailing – Video"

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It almost seems like he’s getting tired of having to do these Model 3 vids every time one comes in.

That was my thought also, he seems really bored.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Same cars different colors, get’s boring after a while.

Good. Means the car is becoming commonplace. Pretty soon there will be so many, he’ll be ‘sleep detailing’!

First few videos of Model 3 at OCDetailing was nice, it showed us the first look of inside and outside of the car.

I hope this is the last news about a Model 3 showing up at OCDetailing. It longer a news anymore. Thanks.

The real news here will be when this owner get’s pulled over and cited for illegal tinting on the windshield and two front windows.

Betcha the owner won’t have front license plates either.

Folks in CA seem to ignore the DMV requirements for license plates and many if not all, get away with it.

None of the tinted windows are illegal. They’re all higher than 35%. Anything under that could be questionable, but not what they cited.

What is the visibility like out the back window w/out any tinting? I’m now somewhat concerned about how high the glass ends. Yes, I know it has a camera, but I’m somewhat old-school, and still look out the window. Maybe I could do better w/the large screen in a Model 3.

Interestingly, it actually seems like black is the color that we see the least….

Blow torches and razors to a brand new car, ouch. I’ll pass.