Tesla Model 3 Mania Hits India As Buyers Line Up To Reserve Electric Car


The Economic Times of India is reporting that Model 3 fever is taking over in India too.

India is one of the 7 new countries added to availability for the Model 3, S and X. Additionally, Musk has promised that a Supercharger network is coming to India, so the Tesla fever is heating up there now.

Chetan Maini, founder of India’s Reva Electric Car Company, is one of the Tesla Model 3 reservation holders in India. Maini stated:

“The Model 3 has a potential to dramatically shift the market perspective on electric cars from niche to mainstream. Though mainstream for the US, (it) is borderline luxury in India. Here, I think a lot of luxury customers will look at Tesla as an option in the future.”

Mahindra Reva e2o Or Tesla Model 3?

Mahindra Reva e2o Or Tesla Model 3?

Import duties in India will make the Model 3 much more expensive than it is in the U.S., provided those duties remain in place when the car launches there in a few year’s time.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma, founder of mobile marketplace and payments company Paytm, also reserved a Model 3. He stated:

“I actually have been trying to get a Tesla ever since they launched a right-hand drive model.”

Mainly wealthy individuals in India formed the rest of the Model 3 reservation lines.

The Economic Times of India reached out to the deputy director-general of the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers with some questions regarding the Model 3. Here’s what the news site discovered:

“While the price of a Model 3, the cheapest Tesla yet, starts at $35,000, import duties as they stand now will make it much more expensive. If the electric car is imported into India in one piece and costs over $40,000, the import duty will be 100%, said Sugato Sen, deputy director-general of the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers. Below $40,000, the import duty will be 60%. If it is a completely-knocked-down unit that will be assembled here, it will be taxed at 10%.”

Oddly, Nissan still refuses to sell the LEAF in India due to lack of a charging infrastructure, yet Tesla will soon make available all 3 of its electric cars there.

Source: ETA

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Nissan trying to be serious!
Tesla is serious!

Also, even in America, Nissan makes just a moderate effort to do the right things to expand EV Charging!

India will be harder for Nissan, if they, like Toyota with their Mirai, expect others to lead the way in paying for and developing infrastructure, while they sit back and wait.

It will also be much harder for them, since they don’t want to build upscale EV’s, and making a profitable EV for sale at just $10,000 for the non-wealthy there, won’t be easy!

True. Tesla is red hot for evs while others seem merely lukewarm, evidenced by Musk’s assertion that the sc network will double in size a year from now.

Various analogies can be drawn, but with Tesla we have the conductor of the ev train while others a merely porters or passengers.

India has a huge problem with its electricity infrastructure, so Tesla sees that and says lets fix it, while other ev makers balk. I think they, Tesla, may pour more resources into India, in the long run, than into China. Since in India you are more likely to get a fair shake, than the shake-down the Chinese will give you. Imho.

Speaking of “red hot”, I suspect there might have been another reason why Nissan didn’t sell in India.

There is usually more to the story than meets the eye.

To have a good charging infrastructure you first need a good and reliable electrical infrastructure.

Perfect example of unfair trade.

hope that the newly elected will finally look in it…..(right or left,a bit less “correct”….

He will make you a better deal in 15mins and have Apple back in US manufacturing in 35mins.

Yeah, it’s coming.

US has restrictions on how much textiles India can export to US or for that matter even how many mangoes.

I think the article is trying to hype up things …. fever would mean that other then rich people in India are lining up for the car. What % that is? … no idea, but I would highly doubt that is nowhere near what fever qualifies for.

Countries have priorities, India’s are not exactly the same ones as Norway or state of California.

I would be pretty pissed if living there, the government will somehow pony up power to a stack of superchargers to feed power to the cars of 0.xxx % population, yet millions have no water or lights.

More cars is the last thing India needs … public transport rules. Maybe Tesla will make them a bus, no?

California’s priority is not entirely different from India’s. India will be one of the most hard hit countries due to climate change – and the federal government has been talking about promoting sustainable transportation. Tesla may be a little too rich for India (frankly even Leaf) – but the many Chinese cheaper EVs sound perfect for India.

Proterra and BYD both make excellent all-electric city buses. No exhaust, improves city air, and…they are quiet.

That makes sense … so we agree, there’s no fever over model 3 and Tesla cars are the last things the poor region needs.

That Mahindra Revo looks god-awful.

Maybe Tesla will give them solar and batteries to stock the energy for the Super Chargers.

Some Tesla superchargers in the U.S. already use solar. If you have solar at home, you can charge your car off it and be independent of both the rid and petrol.

Well, with Indian sunshine, I guess an off-grid solar powered supercharger might be possible, with a lot of powerwalls to store it.

The battery in the car is already 7 times the capacity of a Power wall. Most cars spend most of their lives parked. Electric utilities are not pleased with EVs or distributed solar.

Gaud Aweful

I’m getting worried about the Model 3 situation. Tesla is not going to be able to pull this off. They have WAAY too many orders already.

In total 7 new countries, and India is one of them. Which are the other 6 countries?

There are Brazil, South Korea, South a
Africa, Singapore, New Zeeland and Ireland

4 out of the 6 are RHD countries?

Well, that is 2020 or later for sure.. LOL.

R hand drive factory outside North America? Close to target market. Where could that be?

Not especially necessary to have a dedicated RHD production, if Tesla makes vehicles “all by wire”. You only need to have a changed cockpit and cabling for it. Model 3 with its minimalist dashboard will require even less RHD manufacture specialisation.

And if they go for a specialised RHD factory (part), then probably in Europe or China. Europe would make sense since the currently biggest RHD market for Teslas is the UK. China would make sense in case Australia, NZ and India become big markets. And Tesla is already planning to build a factory in either region. So, I think RHD will be covered just fine.

Sounds like we need a model 3 factory factory, then just dot them around the globe