Tesla Model 3 Mainstream Media Review Roundup

Tesla Model 3

MAR 17 2018 BY EVANNEX 11


The Model 3 has been a difficult car to get your hands on — and Tesla hasn’t been actively releasing its cars (for review) to the media until recently. However, the first media outlets, mostly automotive press, seemed to be quite taken with the Model 3. Now, mainstream media outlets are beginning to review Tesla’s lower-cost option. So what’s the consensus? Let’s take a look…

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports’ Mike Monticello writes, “the Model 3 rushes off the line with authority, and every prod of the accelerator translates to immediate thrust in near silence… Our testers were impressed by our car’s glued-to-the-road handling, with steering that is quick and precise, much like a well-tuned sports car. The Model 3’s taut suspension keeps the car from leaning when cornering, while its sharp reflexes help it carve through tight turns with ease and tear down straightaways.”

*This article comes to us courtesy of EVANNEX (which also makes aftermarket Tesla accessories). Authored by Matt Pressman.

Above: Consumer Reports gives their first impressions of the Tesla Model 3 (Youtube: Consumer Reports)

ABC News

While Consumer Reports is “on the fence” with the Model 3’s minimalist interior, ABC News was impressed. Reporter Becky Worley writes, “Almost every single interaction with the car is done through that tablet. There are no instrument displays at all. It takes a second to get used to it, but the upside is revolutionary in the car industry: the entire car and its functionality can be updated like a computer… This is a car that is constantly evolving.”

White Tesla Model 3, Marina Del Ray Delivery Center

Tesla Model 3 in front of the Marina del Rey Tesla location (Instagram: hk997.evm3)

USA Today

USA Today’s Marco della Cava was taken with Model 3’s similarities to its big brother, the Model S. He writes, “From across a street, it is difficult to immediately tell a Model 3 and a Model S apart.” And the drive felt similar too — as an example, he points to the steering wheel which was “thick in the tradition of a nice aftermarket Momo wheel — and the steering feel, which [also] has three adjustable settings. There is nothing worse for a driver than spongy communication with the road, and the Model 3 offers the sort of feel normally reserved for cars closer to Model S prices.”

Above: USA Today’s Marco della Cava takes us on a quick drive in the Tesla Model 3 (Youtube: USA Today)

Detroit News

What about a local paper… like one from Detroit. Unfair. They must be in bed with the Big Three, right? Wrong. Auto critic Henry Payne gives kudos to the Silicon Valley contender. He writes, “The ‘mini-Model S’ is here… Luke Skywalker would be impressed. You’ll want to slip inside a lot because this Starfighter is a blast to drive.” And he appreciates all the tech packed into the Model 3. He notes, “impressively, sci-fi Tesla is constantly improving such features with over-the-air software updates… It’s the iPhone of autos.”

Having actually taken delivery of the Model 3, there are some things the big reviewers missed. That said, the overall impression of the Model 3 appears in line with comments made during the Model S launch back in 2012 — perhaps a bit shocked by the minimalism of the interior, but taken with the car’s performance. The real question might be — which Tesla sedan is really superior?

*Editor’s Note: EVANNEX, which also sells aftermarket gear for Teslas, has kindly allowed us to share some of its content with our readers. Our thanks go out to EVANNEX, Check out the site here.

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Another Euro point of view

Evannex, you forgot to include in your article the test made by Green car reports some days ago. Here below an excerpt of it:

“During the test itself, two things became clear: The Model 3 works largely as intended, and the build quality was the worst we have seen on any new car from any maker over the last 10 years.

The flaws and defects broke down into two categories: those that affected the functioning of the car or the owner’s driving experience, and those that didn’t.

The first group included:

The defective touchscreen and all the follow-on effects (above)
Persistent creaks and groans from the console or dash
An intermittent loud buzz from the upper right-hand center door pillar at highway speeds on some road surfaces
A steering vibration (in a car with just 1,000 miles)”

So fixed it for you 🙂

I went to Green Car Reports and couldn’t find the review you have mentioned. Could you please provide a link?

Another Euro POV, you’re absolutely right about EVANNEX. That glowing review of the Model 3 by the auto critic from the Detroit Press, as described by EVANNEX, conveniently omits the part where the auto critic trashed the build quality of the Model 3. But here’s where it gets wierd. Elon Musk re-tweeted a picture of the print edition of the Detroit Press showing the following headline: “Tesla’s Model 3 Lives Up To The Hype.” After Elon’s re-tweet, the Detroit Press changed the online version of the article to say “body panel fit is generally good.” Appantly, this change was an attempt not to piss off Tesla fanboys who would read the online version of the article as a result of Musk’s retweet. After an outcry on the internet over the Detroit Press obviously pandering to Tesla fanboys, the Detroit Press changed the online article back to its original version. Oh what a tangled web we weave. . From the Detroit Press article “Take the much-ballyhooed issue of Tesla build-quality. Walking around this blue Model 3 tester, body panel fit is inconsistent. Gaps in the lid of the “frunk” — the front trunk — vary from nose to fender. An A-pillar… Read more »

Well done, any article from those brownnosers EVANNEX cant be taken seriously

Unfortunately agree. This article cherry picks positives.

Another Euro Troll POV once again cherry picks to support his anti-Tesla bias.

Looking at GCR I just found this fair review of a Model 3 by well respected EV and BWM enthusiast Tom Moloughney that is very positive:


This matches up well with the fact that overall review of the car have been consistently positive and that Tesla customer satisfaction ratings are tied with Porsche for number one.

So keep trolling and driving a “clean diesel” you loser , Tesla is very much disrupting your German luxury brands and the evidence is that they are finally putting real resources into EVs.

Yeah, when nominate the Chevy Cruise Diesel as a green car of the year. Right on.

GCR ‘sounds’ like it is owned by the Big 3. Anyone know about the actual owners?

GCR is owned by Internet Brands Company, which owns a veritable crap load of internet sites, ranging from MedMD, Lawyers.com, Nolo, Fodor’s Travel, Cars Direct, and on and on.

GCR is mostly run by John Voelcker, who I recently tussled with regarding the Model 3 “quality review.” I pointed out to John that taking one example of an entire production is the very definition of anecdotal. Just because ONE car has lousy quality doesn’t mean that he needs to product a hit piece on the car.