Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD Now Available In China

FEB 1 2019 BY MARK KANE 16

China now has more Long-range versions to choose from than the U.S.

Today, Tesla expanded its online design studio for the Chinese market by adding the rear-wheel-drive Model 3, which means that the price starts now around $10,000 lower – about $64,000.

Orders are being accepted, but only time will tell how many cars will actually be sold before the eventual rise of the import duty, which in December was temporarily decreased from 40% to 15%.

There is not a hint about the Mid-range RWD version, while the base Standard battery versions are to be produced locally in about a year from now.

Tesla Model 3 in China:

  • Long-range RWD: 433,000 yuan (≈$64,200)
  • Long-range AWD: 499,000 yuan (≈$74,000)
  • Long-range AWD Performance: 560,000 yuan (≈$83,000)

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If Tesla releases the same Model 3 long range as the current one with RWD instead of AWD, will it have more range than 310?

Long range model (310 miles) was already RWD, but was discontinued.


Are you sure this is LR and not MR? The pricing looks pretty close to MR/AWD/P plus tariff, shipping, etc.

Thanks. Link didn’t work for me bhiut I looked around and specs show weight is close to LR and range is slightly more than P version, confirming LR pack. That’s a huge price difference between LR and AWD, almost $10k. Along with Musk’s statement that their cars are too expensive in China and Apple’s drop in sales it sounds like a slowdown in US branded premium goods.

China has both a Tariff and a VAT tax.

The price delta between the LR and the AWD is Tesla’s price difference PLUS China’s Tariff PLUS China’s VAT tax.

Yet again DroopyDogworld strikes when the actual facts elude him.

How do these prices compare to a BMW 3 series? Are there governement ncentives?

Considering that most BMW 3 Series was made in China, the base price is around 30,000 CNY , it’s much lower than Model 3 now.

30k? I’d believe 300k.

Wasn’t there an article with a range list of vehicles indicating that the LR RWD had a range of about 334 miles, scaled down to 310?

If the Tesla Model 3 arrives in China before March 1. Then is sold to after a 40% tariff is again imposed. Will it be subject to the higher tariff.
When is the time the tariff is a problem. When it’s sold or when you get it to China’s shore?

China charges the importer the tariff at point-of-entry. It is charged when products are unloaded at the dock before they are allowed into China to be sold.

It isn’t like a sales tax that is charged at point-of-sale.

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It’s anyone else disappointed that we can’t get these wheels on our model 3s in the US?

C’mon China, you’ve got 30 million $ millioneres. If %10 of them fork out $s for a M3, it would put China light years ahead from the rest of the world.