17 Tesla Model 3s Get Approved License Plates In Norway

JAN 25 2019 BY MARK KANE 8

Tesla delivered over 30,000 cars in Norway, but these ones are now the most anticipated.

The first small batch of Tesla Model 3 cars, which appear to be demo fleet, were recently registered in Norway. 17 new Model 3 on top of two registered in November 2018 brings the total tally to 19.

We assume that hundreds or thousands are already en route from California to Europe – particularly to the few first markets, which of course includes Norway.

The tsunami is expected to begin in February and should be easily recognizable as a big splash in the sales statistics.

Stay tune for more news from Europe, which is eager to see the EV sales surge, as previously experienced in from the Model 3 launch in both the U.S. and Canada.

Hat Tip to Carlo!!!

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I believe this 17 is the test cars
Next week im gonne test the car, cant wait😁

Same here! Can’t Wait!

I drove one, the performance, on Saturday. Incredible acceleration, but much too short test drive unfortunately! A kilometer or so on snowy/icy roads with chill acceleration and low regen, and about 25 km on the highway in sports mode with high regen. It certainly made me want one, but the performance version is just too much more than I need or feel I can justify spending just because it’s fun. The long range in black with standard wheels and without autopilot however is tempting, but I haven’t driven that and the engineering explained dude (on YouTube) traded his for a performance version very quickly, saying it’s not just faster but much more fun to drive with much more instant torque… I’ve signed the purchase contract for a Kona. Probably not hard to get out of considering the waiting line, but I’m concerned if I’ll get it in time for summer. Estimate is Q2-19, so I’d they miss that by a few months I’ll have only my trusty old Leaf… which means no trips for me. Tesla estimates March if I order now… Anyway, you’ll have a blast test driving it! Just keep an eye on the speedometer so you keep… Read more »

The single only reason i, AS a day one reservation holder havent ordered yet is that i really do want the hitch, and a Tesla employee Toldme they have news aprox mid february

only 3 less than model s this year.

2 M3Ps have been registered in Denmark, presumably demos


In january up until now 38 Model 3 were registered in the Netherlands. Really looking forward to the surge!

I’ve made a data table for January from the open database of the government agency RDW:


Impressive numbers from Golf (614) and Kona (425).