Two Months In, A Video Look Back At Tesla Model 3 Issues / Service

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This owner shares what he’s encountered in the first six months of Tesla Model 3 ownership.

New Tesla Model 3 owner Josh Teder from YouTube channel 6 Months Later points out that with any brand-new, first-generation vehicle, there’s an expectation of some problems. As we know, the Tesla Model 3 has not been immune to this. In fact, the car has probably experienced more initial issues than the average car. However, many of these problems are minor and can be easily fixed. In fact, many have already been addressed via over-the-air updates.

This means that those who took delivery of some of the first Model 3s experienced many more issues than people are reporting now. Nonetheless, there are still some bugs to be worked out. 6 Months Later’s Tesla Edition explains the specific problems that were encountered and how the automaker’s service department has handled each situation.

Teder’s first issue was related to the charging port door. He received a message saying the door needed service and then it proceeded to open and close at random. After some time, the message disappeared and the sporadic behavior subsided. Tesla still decided to replace the entire charging port door assembly. Since then, the issue has not resurfaced.

Next, Josh noticed what appeared to be a crack in the Model 3 touch screen. It turns out it was just a polyurethane residue that needed to be cleaned off the screen, which Tesla handled, making the display look like new.

Teder mentions that several people seem to be concerned with Tesla’s fit and finish issues. He admits that he drove a Model S that fit the bill, with obvious squeaks and rattles and suspect finish. However, he hasn’t experienced any of this with his Model 3, aside from a minor hood alignment concern. Tesla was able to adjust this, however, the process caused some paint chipping, which the automaker also took care of with a whole new paint job.

Josh goes on to point out a few other concerns that were all addressed by Tesla. So, in the end, be aware that you still may find some issues when you take delivery of your Model 3, but it appears that you can rest easy knowing that Tesla is aware and willing to right the situation, even if it takes an excessive amount of time. Hopefully, you’ll get a great loaner to drive while you wait.

Video Description via 6 Months Later on YouTube:

A look through all of the issues I’ve encountered after having my Model 3 for over two months as well as going over what my experience has been like with Tesla Service. Some of these experiences include: issues with the chargeport door, realigning the hood, windshield wiper alignment and more.

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“..some paint chipping, which the automaker also took care of with a whole new paint job.”

Since solid white went away, only black makes touch-ups easy. That way, you also avoid the risk of different paint jobs aging differently.

Lack of dealers with physical parts, or warehouse(es) with Tesla parts is the big talk in Norway now. There have been numerous complaints of many months of waiting time where they have to take the bus or rent a car, while Tesla waits for a door, or other parts. Even “express” shipping of a door takes a month from the US to Norway, until the car is ready. Normal replacement of a door takes 2-3-4-5-6 month. Some Tesla owners have made comments on the largest electric car web page in Norway about this, and people are clearly afraid that the Tesla crew is not up to the task. They say this is with just Model S and X, since Model 3 is not for sale yet. What happens when number of Teslas sold really take off? They had like 97% growth this year, but think about what will happen when the growth is 2-300%, and there are rumours about cut in staff as well. How can they cut staff with that growth in sales. The Tesla boss in Norway has quit/got fired as well. People talk about Jaguar, Audi, Nissan, KIA and Kyundai as safer bets, in regards to support… Read more »

I think other makers can be better options in Europe. Until now, there was no options apart from Tesla for some users, but this is changing.

I don’t know what could happened with another makers and this ammount of issues in their 50k $ cars. The tesla owners are a very patient and condescendient people. I hope new buyers doesn’t suffer more problems.