In June, Tesla Model 3 Was Canada’s #1 Selling Electric Car Of All Time

AUG 7 2018 BY MARK KANE 16

Thanks to a surge of sales in June, the Model 3 set a new all-time monthly sales record in Canada

The old record, set recently by the new Nissan LEAF, isn’t even close.

Tesla sold some 2,329 Model 3 in June, which is over 36.6% out of the total of 6,352 plug-in electric cars sold, which by the way is a new record (up nearly 220%) at a record-shattering 3.17% market share.

The Tesla Model 3 was the 16th best-selling model in Canada in June, gas and diesel included.

With some 3,135 sales in the first three months on the Canadian market, Model 3 is already above any other all-electric or plug-in hybrid model this year, despite being several months late to entry for 2018.

Two-thirds of all Canadian plug-in car sales in June occurred in Ontario, which offered high incentives of up to $14,000 CAD that in July were cancelled.

July shows signs of weakening as the estimated number of registrations stands at 3,346. The result for the Tesla Model 3 is expected to be at around 350 (over 10% of all electric car sales).

Plug-in electric car registrations in Canada – July 2018

Higher sales than Model 3 in July were noted by the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (598 – new high) and Nissan LEAF (decent 418). Two other PHEVs with strong sales are the Toyota Prius Prime (381) and Chevrolet Volt (276).

Plug-in electric car registrations in Canada – July 2018

Source: Green Car Reports

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Sales of EV’s and PHEV’s in Ontario are going to tank going forward because the government rebate is gone.

Yes, a drop is to be expected, but all the EVs and their owners already there will be physical examples to the rest of the population that EV living is not only possible, but desirable and economic in O&M

That may work for a compelling EV, but not an overpriced ECO Box.

We’ve seen similar drops in other locales where such lavish incentives were cut, so it undoubtedly will be the same in Ontario since C$14k is a substantial discount on many models available on the market today.

Sales do not collapse when EV incentives are reduced or withdrawn. They spike.

Here’s the thing. Ontario began their EV incentive program in 2010. Year-over-year sales increases were around 50%.
But in 2017, when everyone anticipated the incentives ending after the 2018 election, EV sales more than doubled by a whopping 120% to 7,477 units. That’s the spike.

Critics will howl at the moon that sales collapsed. And they will. Right back to the pre-spike levels of 2016

It’s like Ford was remotely pushed into place only to stop Tesla and the environmental benefits. Nearly the first move he made was cutting incentives and funding for the environment services.
What a Scupid species we are! Digging our collective grave even faster…

Well Ford has never been pro Tesla, hence Model 3 and not Model E…
I wish Ford’s recently deceased brother would be alive and in charge. that would be hilarious, even better than the Trump show.

Is Ontario the only area in Canada that ended the rebate.

Yep only Ontario. Still active in BC and Quebec. No word yet whether we will get a federal program (which seems crazy since 10 years ago I bought a Honda Fit that qualified for a $1250 rebate… under a conservative govt!)

Well it sounds like you have a leader in Ontario of the Trump mold. I could see phasing it over over several years but to cancel it with no notice is something Trump would do.

There was an expectation of it happening, the question was just how soon it would happen.

In province of Québec, the incentive is still 8000$

Only 3 provinces out of 10 even had one to begin with. Ontario is the most populous, and stood to benefit the most from less pollution, especially in the Greater Toronto Area.

And now that’s gone. Ford is likely also planning to remove renewable energy incentives, if he hasn’t already.

Ontario is completely broke and the $14,000 incentive was ridiculous. I hope they find a better way to support electric cars in the future, this government or the next one.

Is there a breakout somewhere of all the other top EV sales by make/model for Canada?

Jean-François Morissette

Follow the link in the source at the bottom of the article!