Red Tesla Model 3, Matte Wrapped S, Plus Model 3 Interior Details – Videos


Check out this matte wrapped Tesla Model S, plus learn some hidden interior features found in the newest Tesla, the Model 3.

OCDetailing has again released new videos featuring the Tesla Model 3.

In the video above, we catch a brief glimpse of a red Tesla Model 3, followed by a walkaround inside the detailing shop where you’ll see a matte-wrapped Model S, as well as lots of other teslas.

Video description:

“Another day at the shop, it’s a Tesla Day! We have Model S, Model X, and Model 3 hanging out.”

Wrapped Tesla Model S

Wrapped Tesla Model S

Tesla Model 3

In the video below, we learn about some of the minor interior details of the 3. OCDetailing shows us the USB ports, coat hooks, steering wheel controls and lots more.

Video description:

“Hidden Interior Features of the Tesla Model 3”

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Was there a glass window in the ceiling of the trunk? (8:45 mark of last video)

Looks like two spare outs in the inner panels, through which you can see through the (tinted?) back end of the glass roof. Something to look through if you chose to sleep in the back of the car with folded down seats.

Oooo so many things to get excited about!

#1: Cannot customize steering wheel controls
#2: Voice controls don’t work (yet?)
#3: Annoyingly slow steering wheel positioning requiring touchscreen menus
#4: No power adapters in frunk or trunk
#5: Numerous complaints about trim & fingerprints

But hey, coat hangers & lighted vanity mirrors!

“#1: Cannot customize steering wheel controls” – Please, tell me a single car that can do that?
“#2: Voice controls don’t work (yet?)” – And why is this is a problem?
“#3: Annoyingly slow steering wheel positioning requiring touchscreen menus” – Apparently, you adjust your steering wheel every day…
“#4: No power adapters in frunk or trunk” – Same as 99% of all other cars on the road.
“#5: Numerous complaints about trim & fingerprints” – Again, as 90% of all new cars…

#1: Other cars don’t need customization, because they have enough dedicated & labeled buttons.

#2: … because isn’t the Model 3 a production car? They don’t work at all, and you consider that just fine?

#3: I don’t, but I guess it is OK to make such simple things annoying & complicated if I don’t need to do it often.

#4: OCDetailing found it disappointing. Pointing it out.

#5: He sounded pretty frustrated by it.

I’d let more of this slide if the Model 3 wasn’t overhyped beyond comprehension as the best car ever.

Crawl back under your rock! You have a right to your opinion but you are abusing the privilege. @eltosho was spot on.

Personally, I’d rather see more on-topic discussion (like perhaps talking about interior details as I did) & less personal attacks, like you’ve done.

“#2: Voice controls don’t work (yet?)” – And why is this is a problem?”

Voice control is very important in a car with no tactile buttons or switches that often requires multiple screen touches to change settings. I suspect this (along with the non-functioning steering wheel controllers) will be added in an OTA to this pre-production car while production units will be baked in.

““#3: Annoyingly slow steering wheel positioning requiring touchscreen menus” – Apparently, you adjust your steering wheel every day…”

No, not everyday but quite frequently as I have two other people (wife, son) who drive my car and jack with all my settings because there are big differences in our body sizes. I also like to readjust while on long drives.

Tesla will have to add memory settings in an OTA or this will be a PITA for multi-driver owners. Or drivers just won’t use the feature because it’s so sloooooooow.

Unless they add memory settings (hopefully tied to memory seating positions), I see no advantage to this.


The steering wheel controls are to be set once since these settings are included in the driver’s profile just like memory seats and mirrors position. Nothing new here, when i enter my Lexus i press one button and all these parts start to move to my favorite positions.

This would provide some utility, at the cost of making quick adjustments on the fly (e.g. “I also like to readjust while on long drives”).

This is a feature that hasn’t been demoed or promised, as far as I know.

That’s the stupidest thing i ever heard! You want to adjust your steering wheel while driving?! Do yourself and to all around you a favor and pull over while you do that…in any car!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Can’t wait to put my 2 10″ subwoofers in the back of my TM3 and also one in the FRUNK!!!!


What are they going to call it in England? The froot?

How about the BB, (bonnet boot)

Dr. Miguelito Loveless

Froot would be more accurate, since it is the FRont bOOT. “Bonnet” refers to what we call the “hood”.

Pedantically yours…

That guy needs to back off the adderall and quit abusing his customer’s cars. These vids would fly all over me if it were my car. Just goes to show why you should do everything yourself.

The shiny black center console of the model3 needs to be wrapped. It’s a fingerprint magnet.

Red tesla model 3 is perfect car for wrapping dragons.