Tesla Model 3 Interior Comes Into View – Video

Tesla Model 3


Is this our clearest look yet at the production interior for the upcoming Tesla Model 3?

CNET Roadshow has assembled video via images obtained by Teslarati.

Here’s a screen grab from the video (image credit – Teslarati via Wayne).

Tesla Model 3 Interior (via Teslarati)

As Teslarati explains:

“Teslarati obtained the following never-before-seen photos showing a close-up look at what’s presumably the final version of the Model 3 dashboard. As noted by Chief Elon Musk earlier this month, the dashboard doesn’t have a heads up display – much to the disappointment of HUD hopefuls worldwide. Noticeably present is the large landscape mounted center infotainment system which will also act as the main command center to the vehicle.”

The look is clean, but the massive screen’s lack of incorporation into the dash still makes it seem slightly out of place. Furthermore, not having a display of some sort in front of the driver will take some getting used to. What are your thoughts on this claimed-to-be final design of the Model 3 interior?

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4 Comments on "Tesla Model 3 Interior Comes Into View – Video"

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Like anything new, its weird until you get used to it. Then it seems normal.

Yeppers. Sure looks like you’re driving in a space ship. Meh.

Is there a difference between a “head up display” and a “heads up display” ?

Wait a minute. “not having a display of some sort in front of the driver will take some getting used to.”

I thought this was an EV publication? Perchance have you driven, I dunno, a Prius? The first 3 generations of the Prius had NOTHING but dashboard in front of the driver. (Not sure about the newest one, I haven’t driven one yet.)