The Tesla Model 3 Is Innovative And Unlike Any Other Car

Tesla Model 3

DEC 13 2017 BY EVANNEX 46

Tesla Model 3

Step inside the Tesla Model 3 (Source: EVANNEX)


Everyone understands that Tesla’s vehicles represent a new breed – everybody knows they’re fast, and everybody knows they don’t burn gas. Those with some expertise in the auto industry also understand that one of Tesla’s most groundbreaking features is its user interface – as Tesla co-founder Ian Wright explained to me in a 2014 interview, Model S is the first vehicle to be controlled by a single integrated operating system, as opposed to the hodgepodge of interconnected computers that runs legacy vehicles: “That’s the sort of thing that Tesla gets right in their sleep, and the big guys really struggle with.”

As innovative as Model S’s user interface (UI) is, now that reviewers are starting to get their hands on Model 3, the more insightful among them are realizing that its UI presages something much more revolutionary. Alex Roy of the Drive notes in a recent article that Model 3 lacks dashboard knobs, visible vents and other tactile controls that drivers have been fiddling with for almost a century. You have to use the touchscreen even to adjust the windshield wipers, or to open the glovebox.

“The Model 3 may have four wheels and a car-shaped body, but that’s where its similarity to most cars ends,” Roy writes.

What Model 3 does have is a giant screen placed right in the middle of the car. Unlike the vertical screen in Models S and X, Roy doesn’t believe this one is only, or even mainly, designed to control the car. Consider the screen resolution, which is 1,920 x 1,200 pixels. That’s an HDTV, which suggests that Tesla intends the center console to be used for watching movies and other media. Some reviewers have complained that the center-mounted screen doesn’t seem very convenient for driving. They may be right.

The conclusion that Roy facetiously leads us to in his article is that Model 3 isn’t really designed for drivers – it’s optimized for the driverless future, not so much a car as “a mobile living room.”

*This article comes to us courtesy of EVANNEX (which also makes aftermarket Tesla accessories). Authored by Charles Morris.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla’s Model 3 interior may foreshadow functionality necessary for a “robo-taxi” future (Source: EVANNEX)

In fact, as a Tesla Motors Club member surmised back in September, certain features – a camera that monitors the interior cabin; software-controllable access to the glove box, trunk and frunk; the ability to unlock and start the car with a smartphone app – seem designed to enable Model 3 to operate as a self-driving taxi on the Tesla Network.

If this is an accurate assessment (Tesla has said Model 3 will be capable of full autonomy, but has not announced any specifics), it represents nothing less than a revolution in the automotive industry – Model 3 is the first production vehicle in history designed to operate without a human driver.

As this story makes the rounds of the EV press, the mainstream media has as yet no inkling of the implications but remains fixated on the probably-inevitable delays in ramping up production. The legions of Tesla naysayers, particularly on the stock market blogs, insist that delays in ramping up to full production volume will doom the company. Alex Roy is having none of it. In another recent article, he argues that the Tesla brand is so valuable that it will never die, even if the company meets with financial disaster (an event which, despite the pundits’ preening, is far from imminent).

“In an increasingly commoditized world, brand is everything,” writes Roy. “By that standard, Tesla has already won. As long as the Model 3 is halfway decent – and it’s clearly far better than that – Tesla will survive.”

Tesla Model 3

A look at the Tesla Model 3 (Source: EVANNEX)

Think about all the electric vehicle startups that are cropping up with deep-pocketed Chinese investors and a former Tesla executive or two (Faraday Future, Nio, Lucid et al). They’re betting billions on the premise that there’s huge pent-up demand for compelling electric autonomous vehicles. Even if – God forbid – Tesla should bog down in the Valley of Death and go bankrupt, how long would it be before someone reorganized it and put Model 3 production back on track? (A123 and Fisker have both come back from the dead, and neither had anywhere near the brand recognition of Tesla).

Model 3 points the way to an electric, interconnected, self-driving future, and as we all know, genies, once released from their bottles, do not allow themselves to be stuffed back in. Not everyone is happy about it, but that future is coming, and automakers, investors, and consumers will have to decide whether they want to be drivers, passengers or roadkill.


Written by: Charles Morris / Source: The Drive

*Editor’s Note: EVANNEX, which also sells aftermarket gear for Teslas, has kindly allowed us to share some of its content with our readers. Our thanks go out to EVANNEX, Check out the site here.

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Another Euro point of view

1/”a camera that monitors the interior cabin”, not needed.
2/”software-controllable access to the glove box” REALLY not needed.
3/”ability to unlock and start the car with a smartphone app” – can be nice to preheat car in winter from a distance.

So it is a good looking/sleek long range EV with a really classic shape and some interesting features (preheating from a distance if I understood it well), but very classic looking (the fact it has a flat screen in the front is still very classic, most cars have one nowadays, just in a less intruding size).
So being anything except a revolution it will mostly need to be reliable and not too expensive. To be seen.

In addition- be wirelessly charged. This kind of notion will never fade away, as it represents “innovative “ approach. Innovation = wireless !

If innovation = wireless does innovation = inefficient?
Because most definitely wireless = inefficient.

What is your point?

Water, air, and food are needed.

The necessity of everything else is relative.

Humans enjoy nicer things.

No matter how much you hate Tesla and/or the Model 3, it’s going to happen and there is nothing you can do about it.

Another Euro point of view

Geez, I triggered a very disciplined fanboy histeria here. All I want to say is that it is very very classical looking car and for the screen instead of nobs, look at it that way:

In your house if you switch a light on you push on a switch right ? Now imagine that, instead, you would need to swipe your finger on a little pad. Would you say something like OMG THIS IS SO AMAZINGLY COOL, HOW DID WE LIVE BEFORE WITHOUT THAT !!! Now indeed, perhaps some five years old would, but most people would shrug their shoulders and mutter “why not”. You see, I just described the Model 3 for you :-).


I like many aspects of yhe model 3 and want it to succeed, but there is a lot wrong with it and fanboyism is really annoying.

Dude, your endless negativity and endless attempts to belittle Tesla are very tiresome for those who frequently read InsideEVs comments.

This is a pro-EV website. Tesla is the leader in pushing forward EV tech, so it’s natural this website is pro-Tesla, and also natural that most of the usual suspects posting here are Tesla fans.

If you can’t deal with that, then quit posting here. That would be better for everyone, including you. Less frustration for you, and less irritation for us.

Another Euro point of view

P&P, unless you haven’t noticed it’s not a church here. I also wrote that the Model 3 is a good looking car with interesting features. So where do you see this “all negativity” you are talking about ? Just above your comment there is a commenter, “John M”, who writes that he wants Model 3 to succeed and likes many aspects of it but agrees with some of my mild criticism. And what about this bullying attitude of yours of deciding for yourself who should comment and who should not (!?!) Why don’t you relax a bit, all this is basically nothing but evening entertainment when nothing else is left to do. That beloved Model 3, like all cars, is a hype of transformed raw materials that, if priorities set in the right order, should be deep deep down in someone’s list of what matters when looking back at one’s life. So why don’t you relax a bit, for example get yourself a dog with a funny attitude you could name “fudster” or “short” and have a laugh about all this. And you owe me nothing for this, giving away a free “feel good” consultation.

Not being in church means I get to be irreverent, in ways Another Euro hasn’t been. Yeah, small, great looking diminutive. Seen 4 now, was riding with a tech last night “six employee cars delivered”, so far. But this:

“Model 3 isn’t really designed for drivers – it’s optimized for the driverless future”

Tesla have no idea where the electrification and tech thing cleaves. Model 3 is a paradox, of torque, low gravity center, the usual Tesla stuff, and then the driverless rent-seeking begins to smell up the joint.

Assisted driving features are great, but I believe Silicon Valley and Tesla are deep into “Group Think”, if they believe its only a few who understand the need to rid the roads of human drivers, and dial down speed limits, for driverless to “succeed”. What cerebral dolt would want this?

There, irreverent as ever.

“And what about this bullying attitude of yours of deciding for yourself who should comment and who should not (!?!)”

I’m sorry you’re incapable of discerning between giving you advice — even if it’s “Dutch uncle” advice — and giving you orders as if I’m the guy running this website, which obviously I’m not.

I’m sorry you’re also incapable of admitting that you’re a serial Tesla basher who is a constant negative influence and irritant on this site. Perhaps you’re not even capable of admitting that to yourself.

C’mon Elon, you don’t have to bash anybody that has some criticism over your companys products, I’m sure it’s a great car and very inovative, it’s just that some things could be simpler and more driver focused.

There are already other Tesla fan forums out there.

Disciplined Hysteria?
showing a controlled form of behavior or way of working.
Hysteria: (plus you spelled it wrong)
exaggerated or uncontrollable emotion or excitement, especially among a group of people.
So when people say your comments make little sense or are illogical you might think that their pov is inculcated with disciplined hysteria.
Maybe you were thinking of histrionics.

Another Euro point of view

🙂 Struggling with English, I just wanted to emphasize the herd attitude combined with a tendency to bark a lot.

Sure. I get that. You could call it a marked hysteria, or unreasoning, whatever, just about anything except disciplined, as they are antithetical. It’s like saying Controlled Chaos.

Your English is actually very good.

Looks like a Tesla hater was the one actually triggered. 😉

Chill your beans dude.

Did you get bored and stop reading before you got to the end of the sentence? You seem to have missed the point the author was making about the features you’re pooh-pooing.

(If you disagree with the “self-driving taxi” concept that’s as may be, but that’s not what you wrote, you just floccinaucinihilipilificated those features to no real effect.)

Okay, there’s my vocabulary lesson for today! 🙂

Such a fun word.

WOW! That is an amazing word! I’m quite surprised it was a real word.

With all “full electronic controls”, they start out as more expensive options. Good examples include TV remote controls, touch screens and radio control knobs. For a long time TV remote controls were considered an extra cost option, and the “normal” controls were also on the front of the set. Now, they are on the rear or side of the set, and even those are disappearing, replaced by a single button menu controller. A cheap remote actually ends up being much cheaper. Touch screens were, and still are, considered a extra cost option on many appliances. But it is actually getting cheaper to provide a touch screen than buttons, and we are about midway to seeing traditional button arrays disappear from both cars and appliances. Radio control knobs went though a complete revolution that you may not even know about. If you drive a modern car, try rotating, say, the volume knob completely in one direction. Notice: it does not stop. You can twist it forever. Why? It got replaced with an optical encoder, that sends binary pulses when the knob it rotated. The radio does not know or care what the position of the knob is, or need to. It… Read more »
Another Euro point of view

Thanks, very informative. My only concern is that things that gives me headaches more than anything in modern life is connected electronics. By connected I mean than can be infected either by viruses or by the software developers themselves (windows/android updates that actually screw up things, it happened to me). Also It’s probably OK if all electronics are sourced from same provider, which, as I understood it, is difficult to combine with modern car manufacturing methods (Tesla making all things “in house” is fine till you need to make profits).

1. is for preventing people from vandalizing your car,
2. is for preventing people from stealing your paperwork (that you have to keep in there for police checks),
3. is for allowing people in that booked a ride via the upcoming Tesla network.

Somehow it makes sense to me.

If you believe any of those, you don’t live in the real world.

1. Thieves don’t care if you have their picture, they live under a bridge anyway.
2. Thieves carry screwdrivers.
3. Yeah, we’ll see when that happens.

Yep, despite the trolls, everything is there for a reason and SHOULD make sense unless you are so biased that you have to deny reality to fit your biased worldview.

These things only make sense if you truly believe the model 3 in its current form is capable of level 5 autonomy. Currently Tesla is at an ok level 2 system.

Another Euro point of view

“These things only make sense if you truly believe the model 3 in its current form is capable of level 5 autonomy”

I am sure Get Real believes that, why I don’t have a clue, but somehow he believes it.

“…I don’t have a clue…”

Yeah, you pretty much don’t have a clue about why Tesla does anything. And you didn’t need to tell us; we already noticed. Repeatedly.

Don’t worry. Just another couple of weeks and the trolls will crawl back in their holes of misery. The M3 will be the best selling EV as soon as January. And it will probably double both the Bolt and the Leaf…

Another Euro point of view

I am sure it will double the Bolt sales easily, I mean that car looks like Mrs. Tatcher’s hand bag.

Their departure can’t come soon enough. But, in a couple of weeks, where will they all go galavanting off to next?

I don’t think they will be able to figure out how to follow your “crawl back in their holes of misery” instructions.

Tesla was extremely successful at cutting costs from the Model 3 interior while remaining cool for doing so. I.e., they took the only route they could to lower costs and not turn off buyers from the $50k car (current model). I like simplicity, and the approach will work fine for them. It is maybe simpler than I care for, but it wouldn’t stop me from buying.

It’s to be seen if their cost cutting was successful. The proof is going to be after the reservation list has been gone through what uptake will the general market take. We’re still at the fast followers.

From article: “…The conclusion that Roy facetiously leads us to in his article is that Model 3 isn’t really designed for drivers – it’s optimized for the driverless future…”

Wrong conclusion….

The Model 3 is designned optimized for *both* active driving and passive driverless… it’s not a zero-sum design proposition… same holds true for all other Tesla cars including Roadster2.

It’s good to see someone gets it! The car is essentially ‘fiddle proof’ for those times when it’s a self driving taxi. Especially when a ‘regular’ gets in the car. No need to mess with buttons to get his/her setup, the car will simply remember and set itself to that individual’s preferences.

Gotta disagree. All Teslas are loaded with multi-tap processes, which require the eye, to target the hand. Tesla updates, to add more and you can’t even feel its controls. Instead you have to watch them, which is foul if we’re trying to assess the “driver” merits of a cockpit. Move that screen to the right, and, well, I think most can see the one thing being optimized.

I imagine it would be easy to add good voice recognition to open glove box, or turn on wipers.
OK 3, wipers.
OK 3, glove box.
Those voice commands could also bring up the respective menus on the touchscreen.

Volt#671 + BoltEV

Well I’m gonna increase my guess on how many TM3:s will be sold in the month of December to 2000.

The recent photos of… hundreds?… of TM3s waiting for shipment in an outdoor lot certainly does raise hopes for 1000+ deliveries in December. I certainly hope you’re right about ~2000, but I won’t be at all surprised if it’s much closer to 1000.

Well I’m gonna increase my guess on how many Tesla Model 3 will be sold in the month of December to 2000.

I’ll bet you overshot by no less than 1,500

There will be a huge aftermarket products for Model 3, like instrument panel display that shows speed, ev range, and temp.

I was going to have mine 4-wheel aligned, so the screen is back in the path I’m traveling.

License plate: CRABBY

I see what you did there. 🙂

Might give yourself a crick in the neck, though!

I love the polarising love/hate aspect of the Tesla Model 3. Lucky there is plenty of competition and choice in the automotive market, so all those button fiddlers will be able to get their BMW, MB, VW, Ford, Nissan or what every floats their boat. So long as Tesla keeps innovating and pushing updates OTA, I’m pretty confident the UI we are seeing today will be quite different to the UI they have in 12-18 months. If everything is truely software defined then there is hope the blinker/wiper stalk will be upgraded so a long press can turn on/off the wipers and a short press gives a single wipe. And those scroll wheels on the steering wheel so far look like untapped potential. As to all those comments about a driver’s car, EV’s basically take that away IMO. As soon as you go automatic transmission you just admitted you’re not a driver. Nothing better than shifting those gears, racing around mountain roads. But there are other sorts of drivers, and they don’t fiddle with knobs and switches all the time (Ok, in my 1.6ltr ICE I’m going to turn off the AC to get more power for an overtaking or… Read more »