Eye-Catching Matte Black Tesla Model 3 Goes Out In The Wild – Gallery

APR 7 2016 BY JAY COLE 89

It wasn’t that long ago we heard from Tesla CEO Elon Musk saying how unexpectedly popular the matte black paint color was on the Tesla Model 3 at the launch event (watch here) last Thursday.

Looks Like Matte Black Is Heading Into Production For The Tesla Model 3 (@elonmusk)

Looks Like Matte Black Will Be Getting The Green Light For The Tesla Model 3 (@elonmusk)

Now today, that very same color has been spotted out and about in Fremont, California, giving us a real good look at the upcoming Tesla Model 3 in the light of day.

And it looks…great.


Tesla Model 3 Out For A Day In Fremont, CA (via @Anlynia)

Tesla Model 3 Out For A Day In Fremont, CA (via @anlynia)

Hat tip to Alfonso C! (@acuchi)

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Matte black, the standard sci-fi movie paint job.

Who plasti-dipped the whole 3?

The front end is ripe for “frunkerstickers” and custom grill-painted work. Too bad CA requires front plates to be fully legal.

Isn’t it true many Model S drivers do not mount front plates and decided to rather pay the fines they receive to keep the front looking better?

scott franco (the evil EV owning republican)

I have driven without a plate in CA for 30 years without a single issue. Look at the oncoming lane on a busy freeway, at least 1/3 of cars don’t use them.

and NO FAUX GRILLS!!!!!!!

You would not put a fake tailpipe on your car. EVs do no have huge power sucking hot engines and should not look like it.

Agreed 100% on the fake grills. EVs should be proud of what they are. 🙂

I am also 100% with you on the NO FAKE GRILLES campaign.

Get rid of that visual symbol of terrible ICE inefficiency. A feature that only exists because ICE engines are so horribly inefficient that they need to have a drag-creating grille to throw off waste heat.

I’ve also driven for many many years without a front plate. However, on a trip down to LA they gave me a ticket for the lack of a front plate. :-/

Yes, at first, I was a little surprised and undecided when the Model 3s rolled out onto the stage. However, the feeling didn’t last long. Sweet design – it’s like the Model S: sleek, elegant and eye-catching, yet traditional enough for universal appeal.

I was really concerned, for a little while, that it would look like the i3…really worried, at one point. I am grateful that the 3 looks like a car!!


BTW, anyone want to make guesses as to 51 week tally of Model 3 sales?

I’ll go with 666,000 for a beastly number.

The 1 week tally that is.

The first Apple computer sold for $666.66, so maybe 666,666 reservations would be appropriate for Silicon Valley.

So as of Friday at 10:00 PDT My guess would be 443 thousand. A bit high but then..so am .i

Wait. .. I mean 366,600. Not gonna be in the 600,000s rangeď

328k, I think it has cooled down significantly now.

scott franco (the evil EV owning republican)

It passed 325k (tesla web site). Still headed up.

The sign of the Beast , With Big Brother watching your*!@@!!@@!!@@!!@@!!@@!!@@!…every move you make, every where you go, & every place you’ve been, All on Record…..L O L…
..Think I’m kidding? Think Again…Ha Ha Ha…..Ha

More than a million.

yeah, where are the numbers? I thought they would be out by now.

Musk has been on a tweet fast for the last 24 hours of so. So nothing yet. Big launch at Space X, perhaps he is distracted by that.

I hope at some point we get pics of the trunk.

I want one! Now!

That looks like a satin finish, not flat. Flat has very little shine to it. The shine on those pictures is more than what a flat paint job would have.

You contradict yourself. Please correct yourself.

Space Black !!!

I guess the article does say matte, rather than flat.

Anyway you color it, It’s a beautiful car !

Meh, it’s personal taste… prefer silver metallic although my two previous vehicles were black.

From a higher point of view the front end looks a lot better to me.

Personally I don’t like matte paint jobs and just like all other matte paint jobs I’ve seen, this one makes the car look cheap and unfinished.

Agreed. I’ll take mine in blue.

Yep, metallic blue with tan interior…AWD…autopilot…who knows what else…based on another blog post here, things like the air suspension will be available for the 3, which surprised me.

Not matte black for me, but the styling is just so perfect, great to see it in the daylight. It just looks fantastic.

Interior looks better now I’ve seen this pictures, still think the screen is odd, or too large, would be better smaller and supplemented with a driver screen. But I can see how they are making it feel open. Please move cup holders forward!

But wow, I’m impressed.

Million pre-orders will be broken way before Christmas.


I saw a special edition Hyundai Veloster in a very similar paint scheme to this. Looked really great, but keeping it clean is apparently a huge hassle. Fingerprint magnet that can’t go through a carwash. Maybe Tesla can innovate there as well with that new paintshop of theirs…

“keeping it clean is apparently a huge hassle. Fingerprint magnet that can’t go through a carwash”

This is very true. I wonder why no one else has mentioned this.

Matte Black MIII in the wild…

Elon built that one for you Jay…

Looks like it’s primed and ready for paint…

Agreed – never cared for the look. I grew up in the countryside, where you felt bad for the people that couldn’t afford a paint job and had one door or one fender in primer red or primer grey for months at a time until they got it painted.

To my utter shock and (aesthetic) horror, I saw a matte grey car a few years ago, here in the DC area, where money abounds. I thought that it wasn’t finished, but then I saw it up close one day, and realized that it actually looked like primer grey on purpose! It’s disgusting.

The matte grey is the worst, though this matte black doesn’t look all that bad to me. Still, I’ll take mine in metallic blue, thanks…

I think it will look good on…someone elses car, along with the mactching matte black alloy wheels. Great color scheme for running moonshine though.

It is funny to see how the GM Bolt looks like a clumsy duckling compared to that car, I wonder what are the reasons why so many established car makers make frumpy looking or boring looking EV’s.

Is it because:

a) they can’t do better.
b) they do not want to sell them in large numbers at the expense of their bread winning ICE cars.
c) they feel that reasonably priced cars should look frumpy otherwise there would be no incentive for their customers to pay extra for their premium models.
d) a combination of all of the above.

b+c I would presume.

Cadillac ELR shows that they can do better. Probably the BOM for the ELR is ~30-40k.
I would still not buying it not for even 10k, just saying that they are capable of it.

Given how well cars lie the Honda Fit, Chevy Sonic, Trax, Buick Encore sell I think they know what they’re doing. People want utility. The Model 3 is not a family car, which is fine. But people need to realize it’s also not a one car fits all.

Honda Fit ~$16K, Chevy Sonic ~$15K, Much Bigger Chevy Trax ~$21K, Much Bigger Buick Encore ~$25K. Chevy Bolt ~$37,500 – Which one of these is Not like the others? Is Chevy going to stop selling the car when the Tax Credits run out or are they just price gauging while they can?

Have millions of people purchased ~$35K+ Small Sedans (NO Tax Credit) Like BMW 3 Series, Audi A4, Mercedes C Class, Tesla Model 3, etc. over last decades?

Which car is currently built and priced to sell in the 100s of thousands for many decades?

Does anyone sell and does anyone buy a $40K small hatchback, let alone one with no known way to travel long distance?

I own a 2012 Volt and Ford Cmax energi (because they were on sale and tax credit) and CPO Tesla Model S85 (NO Tax credit) because I WANT it (even though Tesla was more then Volt and Cmax combined after tax credits), have reserved a Tesla 3 for wife. Not brand loyal owned many Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Ford, Chevy & Tesla, just Best car for my Money loyal.

Being an engineer by education, my favorite, and sometimes accurate, scapegoat is Marketing. They look at the stats and say, “look, Millenials and Steampunks like goofy, squat cars, and those are the only people who care about EVs to begin with. See, here’s our utterly pointless charts and stats to prove it.”

Bravo! Absolutely correct and entirely on point. Thank you.


What i find surprisingly is that cars like roadster S and X did not get this color.

Does matte paint hide dirt better?

I have owned black, but not matte black. From what I have heard matte black is very hard to keep clean. Gun metal grey seems to be the easiest to keep clean.

Given all that, matte black will be my color if they do send it to production.

Looks awesome.

Matte black finish, matching wheels, even dark tinted glass. Watch out man, it’s DEA!

Remember what Gino sings, “Black cars look better in the shade.”

+1 for the Canuck

It took me a while to realize the shape of the nose was paying homage to the original roadster, just covered over. I think they can maintain that effort and make it a little less awkward looking(especially in the lighter colors) by simply bringing the nose slightly forward and down by an inch or two, and softening the sharpness of the creases.

From certain angles, the lower part of the front end pays more homage to Aston-Martin than the original Tesla Roadster. I believe the sharp lines are there on purpose, to delineate a separation of surfaces. Think in terms of the designs for stealth fighters and bombers in aerospace. The abrupt break makes an immediate diversion of air to direct it as intended for the sake of aerodynamics. Looks different, sure. But it works very, very well.

Why doesn’t GM learn from this. They spend billions on advertising but noone has ever had a test drive in the Bolt and been allowed to take vidoes and build up buzz for the Bolt. Why not. What would it cost GM to do that? GM has dozens of production Bolts that could be taken on a road show right now.

If I remember correctly there were test drives for the Bolt at CES 2016

This is going to sound a little harsh, but I don’t think many people care much about the Bolt. Yes there will be people like me (like us?) that get excited about the tech, but we’re a minority. Most people still think my Leaf is a Versa. The Bolt looks like a typical GM product without a soul. The Model 3 stirs a whole different set of emotions. No amount of clever marketing or test drives is going to change that.

Doing that would accelerate the loss of sales demand for non-EVs that make GM more $$ per car.


Yeah. I was thinking about that too. I can imagine a whole line of removable vinyl “faces.” Hello Kitty, Flying Tiger, Jaws, etc. That front is the perfect tabula rasa!

Hadn’t thought of that. It would be cool if others did it, but I wouldn’t. I like my cars as they are – I don’t put bumper stickers on my car, or those stick figure families, or anything. Just a Penn St. alumni license plate frame.

I think Frunkenstickers sounds better.


Matte paints, like shiny black, tends to look good for about 4.3 seconds…after that, they are a pain to keep looking good. Indeed, most manufacturers have all kinds of disclaimers and warnings about their care…great for a car show, but not much else.

I won’t be ordering it but it will be interesting to see on someone else’s car. What I dislike more than the paint is those wheels.

I just read “Matte Paint Care Made Easy” by Dr. Beasly products and I think this will be the computer for me, with those wheels. Unless they have another matte color then it’ll be another tough choice

auto-correct, this will be the color or car for me

musk just reported: 325K preorders.

Whenever I see a matte black car I remember the BBC HHGttG car park bit:

scott franco (the evil EV owning republican)

Shiny black for me. Cars should blind…

I think that the S, X and 3 all look best in shiny black. However, I want mine in metallic blue with tan interior.

Whatever color it is, better get it wrapped in plastic or you’ll be disappointed in how quick the paint deteriorates.

That color is not for me — however I’m very interested to see what color options Tesla puts out there for the M3…..not so sure which one I’ll pick yet.

This paint job looks amazing. They even painted the door handles.

Matte Black?? Not in southern Arizona sunshine on a nice 112 deg. day. You might not even be able to touch the car or it might just melt or blister the paint. I’ve already had to replace the tail lamp lenses on my Volt twice as they melt and become disfigured when exposed to direct AZ. sunshine.

Anyone else notice the different shaped door handles compared to those on cars at the announce? Also maybe I’m just a paranoid leaf owner, but what negatives does the black add to temp and thus battery degradation on the Tesla? Black is a no-no on a Leaf. Granted the Leaf has no TMS.

This is the Matte grey one form the reveal repainted matte black. Same doors handles (S ones) and same wood grain interior.

I see a line of cars and their all painted black…RS

their what? what’s an all painted black?

Since this is gonna turn into another ‘front end’ debate lemme just say this. No grilles. That’s regressive. Grilles are a technical necessity for an ICE; including one on a progressive EV is almost like taking a step backwards; even if it’s a faux grille.

No ‘curving’ the front end. I saw the pictures of that. It makes the car look too damn boring and managerial. The car stands out the way it is.

No model X style fascia. On the model 3 it just looks like a moustache.

Oh, and matte black looks SO SICK

Why would you want to own a car that always looks like it needs a wash? MW