Tesla Model 3: Impressive Lines Forming At Tesla Stores Around The Globe (w/videos)

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As the much anticipated unveiling of the Tesla Model 3 is mere hours away, impressive lines are forming at Tesla store locations around the world.

It was reported 2 days ago that a single buyer had already started the line in Australia, 48 hours before the dealership doors would open. Another similar story was reported in Vancouver.

Photos and videos of such lines and evidence of camp outs from InsideEVs readers (an staffers alike) are coming in quicker than we can post them. We’ve posted an ever-growing collection of photos, stories & videos below. Enjoy!

*Editor’s note: Special hat tip to InsideEVs contributor Michael Beinenson for the exclusive video posted above!

Crowd Outside Of Tesla Dealership In Atlanta

Crowd Outside Of Tesla Dealership In Atlanta, Georgia – Image Credit: InsideEVs/Michael Beinenson

Line In Miami - Image Credit: InsideEVs/Brian

Line In Miami – Image Credit: InsideEVs/Brian

InsideEVs’ Alex Wai got in the line early at Tesla’s flagship store in Hong Kong (pictured below), reporting that “Many new customers” where present, and that even “the first few in the queue are non owners”

Tesla Hong Kong Sees Long Lines...And New Customers (InsideEVs/Alex Wai)

Tesla Hong Kong Sees Long Lines…And New Customers (InsideEVs/Alex Wai)

line 4

InsideEVs own MTN Ranger: “Here in Raleigh, NC, we have over 100 people in line as of 8:51. The first half dozen people arrived around 5pm and camped out.”

IEV reader, Scott Franco reports more than 500 people in line at Tesla’s Sunnyvale, CA location (below). Adding the store was allowing 2 deposits per customer…and that the line was so long, some bailed out, perhaps to come back when things had calmed down some.

Model 3 Lineup In Sunnyvale, CA (InsideEVs/Scott Franco)

Model 3 Lineup In Sunnyvale, CA (InsideEVs/Scott Franco)

Jukka Kukkonen (of whom some of you might recognize form PlugInConnect), shared with us his experience in Minneapolis, saying he was the 150th deposit reservation taken, out of an estimated 500.

The Line Stretches Out In Minneapolis (Via Jukka K)

The Line Stretches Out In Minneapolis (Via Jukka K)

In Indianapolis, InsideEVs reader Rich L send us this shot of some 200 would-be Tesla Model 3 owners (most of whom seem to be men) taking over a food court at the local mall waiting to get into Tesla’s boutique store.

Tesla Model 3 Customers Wait In Indianapolis (via Rich L)

Tesla Model 3 Customers Wait In Indianapolis (via Rich L)

Inside With 3 Lines For Reservations - Image Credit: InsideEVs/ MTN ranger

Inside With 3 Lines For Reservations – Image Credit: InsideEVs/ MTN Ranger

lines for model 3.2

Line In Miami – Image Credit: InsideEVs/Brian C – Who put down a deposit for a pair of Model 3s

Martin (InsideEVs community post): I was #4 of Japan. Been here by coincidence but it might be a time zone advantage (almost the best) 🙂 Cut a short clip about the first people putting there names down

Australia About An Hour Ago

Tesla Store In Australia

Line In Australia About An Hour Ago

Tesla Store in Australia

first in line OZ

First In Line In OZ

First In Line In Vancouver

First In Line In Vancouver

Over 200 In Line In Montreal In The Rain

Over 200 In Line In Montreal In The Rain


lines for model 3

Line In Miami – Image Credit: InsideEVs/Brian C

line tesla 3

Camping Out At Tesla Store

line tesla 1

Camping Out At Tesla Store

line tesla 2

Camping Out At Tesla Store

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77 responses to "Tesla Model 3: Impressive Lines Forming At Tesla Stores Around The Globe (w/videos)"

  1. Alaa says:

    1 Million reservations by the end of the year.

    1. przemo_li says:

      Tesla will suspend reservations well before that number.

      It would be huge. Huge PR disaster.

      Tesla wont reach 1 milion Model 3 well into 5-8th year of production. Waiting 5-8 years on the car? Not gonna happen.

      That is no-wins outcome. 😐

      300 000 or 400 000 is OK though IMHO 😉

      1. tosho says:

        1 Million reservations would put 1000 000 000 USD in their pockets. That would be enough to buy or build several car factories …

        1. Alaa says:


      2. arne-nl says:

        That doesn’t make sense to me. How can higher than anticipated demand ever be a PR disaster?

        1 million cars is not 5-8 years. IIRC from a JB Straubel presentation, Model 3 production will ramp to much higher levels than Model S + X combined.

    2. Alaa says:

      People are queuing in the rain the cold and for more than 24 hours if not more in some countries to reserve a car that they did not even see. And they are willing to part with their money to be the first in more than 24 months time. What does all that tell you. Would you wake up early in the morning and camp for TWO days AND pay $1000 for something that you haven’t even seen?

      I am surprised and am betting that once they allow internet reservation then 1 million reservations might be too little.

      1. tftf says:

        “What does all that tell you”

        Mass delusion at work. It worked in every bubble and mania for centuries. From tulip manias to Furby toys for Christmas.

        PS: I could understand the crowds (at least a little) in case pictures and specs would be public AND the actual production cars would be for sale in 2016. None of this is happening.

        Most people probably won’t even get the full federal tax credits (all used ofr Model S and X by the time Model3 ships).

        1. Robb Stark says:

          Go back to the circular firing squad at Seeking Alpha to see mass delusion at work.

        2. manbitesgas says:

          People are not cuing up for an investment opportunity here… They are doing it because they want this car, like 10 years ago! They are fed up with dinky or no offerings from the industry and they want to support the one company standing up to the status quo. I just hope Tesla survives long enough to actually roll these suckers out. And then it’s game over for ICE.

          1. Johannes Lopez says:

            God bless that possible outlook

          2. Liz says:

            $1000, completely refundable at any time, to get a spot early enough so you still have a shot at the $7500 tax credit? Why not.

            1. koz says:


              Seems pretty silly not to do it unless you’re a Tesla H8ER or don’t qualify for credit.

        3. Get Real says:

          You must be getting pretty puckered by now tftf as your short positions (which you keep repeatedly failing to disclose here for some reason) are going to cause you to lose a lot of money no doubt.

          Couldn’t have happened to a group of nicer guys like you and Spiegel, Neidermeyer etc!

          1. Ambulator says:

            This not an investment site. I see no reason for everyone here to post about whether they are short, long, or not in, Tesla. At least he hasn’t used a hard to connect nickname, although I would prefer it if he hadn’t shortened it.

        4. super390 says:

          Well, maybe the problem is an inherent and deadly flaw in capitalism that the people need to take action against.
          But then that’s the same capitalism that short-sellers exploit, and bloody-handed oil companies exploit, and corrupt car dealers exploit, and the entire movement to worship and increase inequality between “real” Americans and the Other exploits. So I guess nothing’s going to be done about those evildoers except by using their own weapons against them.

    3. tftf says:

      I don’t think they will get more than 250-500k reservations in a best-case scenario (remember that many will cancel their orders when they find out about delays and federal subsidies ending), but let’s assume you are correct:

      The low-end Model3 reservation holders will get their car by 2020-2021 in this case.

      Car production isn’t like shipping smartphones or consumer electronics. You can’t press on a button and deliver a million cars with Asian suppliers within a few months – especially not a car start-up like Tesla.

      Tesla is the best market research company for the big guys – they will all invest in more EVs the higher Tesla’s Model3 reservation numbers are.

      And many of them will ship their cars well in advance of the Model3 (especially the low-end configurations).

      1. mustang_sallad says:

        I think you’re right about the numbers in general, but I think the delays will be a much bigger factor than the incentives disappearing. Tesla has done a great job of setting expectations and talking about it’s actual price without incentives.

      2. Robb Stark says:

        The bigger the reservation numbers the bigger the capital raise to fund quicker expansion.

        The big guys don’t have the battery cells to make massive amounts of compelling EVs. Nor the distribution network to get them sold. Nor the charging network to pull demand.

        By Memorial Day Tesla will have more reservations than the first three years of production capacity for the Bolt EV.

      3. Get Real says:

        Dream on tftf for some other laggard legacy OEM to save your Tesla-shorts by quickly building compelling EVs.

        BTW, I hope they do as that was Elon Musk’s plan all along, problem is—where are they going to get all the batteries?

        Not to worry about Tesla though, that Giga Factory that you and fellow shorters keep lying about will ensure Tesla a rapidly growing supply of batteries!

    4. European point of view says:

      the lines are not so impressive

  2. Rick says:

    Haha, makes me feel so lucky as I just showed up 10 mins before opening and first to reserve the Model ≡ at that location.

    1. AIP says:

      Almost the same here at the The Hague (NL) store. Arrived at 12, 2 hrs after opening. No que. Placed reservations for 2. Curious to see what the ETA ( 😉 ) is…. I am guessing late 2018.

      1. Rick says:

        Yea that would be ok, I’m hoping no later though since my current lease ends then.

  3. kdawg says:

    Too bad the Bolt isn’t out now. Maybe GM should cruise by some of the lines in their test mules. 🙂

    1. Open-Mind says:

      I think such a Bolt commercial (involving Tesla lines) would be hilarious.

      I’m a big Apple fan, but I’ve never waited in any Apple lines, since that seemed kind of silly to me. But at least the Apple-fans were waiting in lines to actually OBTAIN a completely defined and known product. Here we have people waiting in lines to just reserve (probably) a completely undefined and unseen product that cannot be obtained for a year or two. I’m a big Tesla fan also, but these lines seem like a whole new level of silly.

      1. JOHNMB says:

        What an incredible experience..there must have been 1000 people on our line at Fashion Sq mall herre in Scottsdale AZ…It toke 2 hours to reach the store and go through the process..everyone was enthusiastic, positive and not complaining at all..the media that showed up seemed so surprised by what was happening.

        This is a first in automotive history in world history..what an endorsement of Tesla, BEVs, and the realization that we have to change something.

        I felt so privileged that I could be part of this happening..and only hope that Tesla can stay on track with its current production schedule..I hope it is also a wake up call to all the other world auto manufactures that the time for BEV has come…much to their surprise and chagrin.

    2. Rich says:

      Would the punch line be “Wait for the best or drive the rest” 🙂

      1. Rich says:

        I’m just having fun.
        I think the Bolt is a great car and hope GM achieves amazing success with it!

    3. Mike says:

      Haha lol tat would be awesome. SNL style.

  4. mr. M says:

    In Europe there where lines of 20-110 people. In average around 50 people per store.

    With 100 stores in Europe that makes minimum 5000 reservations in Europe until noon.

    1. mr. M says:

      Nice to know:

      Visa the credit card company shortly shut off all transactions to tesla at 10:10am. They suspected a hacker attack because of a sudden rise of 1000€ transactions.

    2. Alaa says:

      That is $5000,000 in less than half a day!

      1. mr. M says:

        No, 5000 people. That makes 5 million money.

        1. ffbj says:

          He just left out a comma.
          5,000,000 = 5 million.

  5. François Viau says:

    Is it just me or Tesla Store in Montréal Québec will break all records with 200+ people in line waiting for the doors to open??

    1. At least in Quebec, there a large number of CHAdeMO charge points beyond Tesla Superchargers to use, and both numbers will be much more by time they get their Model 3’s!

      I hope Ontario gets started on expanding their DC QC installs this year from that $20 Million they set for EV Charging Infrastructure!

      1. MTN Ranger says:

        There’s a spreadsheet tracking the queues on TMC, the leading location is Orlando with 600 people on line.

        1. koz says:

          But 200 are probably from Quebec, so that makes it about even

  6. ItsNotAboutTheMoney says:

    The real question is not the lines at stores (while quite nice to see) it’s what happens tonight, tomorrow and beyond.

  7. Nelson says:

    Well I went to the local Tesla Mall store and placed my reservation. I was on a line of about 15 people and it moved fast. All they do is get your Name, address, phone, email and credit card info. (less than 5 min.) They gave out water and cookies to folks on line. Nice touch.
    My plan is to buy a Bolt EV for my son November/December 2016, to get the $7,500 tax credit on my 2016 return, then hopefully get the Model 3 in 2018 and its $7,500 tax credit on my 2018 return.

    NPNS! SBF!

  8. Nelson says:

    I wonder if Elon will tweet how many reservations have been made before the reveal. Telethon style.

    NPNS! SBF!

    1. mr. M says:

      i think it will be part of the reveal.

  9. Lou says:

    I have to admit that I am going to be totally wrong about the number of reservations. My thinking was nowhere near 100,000 in one day. Obviously, that number may be too low.

    Also, I find it totally impossible to believe that there will be Tesla would be buyers waiting 5 years for their cars. Absolutely find that remark ridiculous. Delays, yes, of course. 5 years, no way and I am sure there was an ulterior motive in posting that comment.


  10. DNAinaGoodWay says:

    Whose red LEAF is that in the first pic from Atlanta, totally covered in stickers? Wild.

  11. AnonbigD says:

    Looks like 200+ in line at the Dallas store .

  12. RR0410 says:

    Estimated 250+ waiting outside in Austin.

  13. Anon says:

    I like how CIVIL people are being, waiting in line to put down their deposits. Very classy. 🙂

    And that Red Tesla Tent is waaaay cool! 🙂

    1. ffbj says:

      Yeah, the coolness factor is off the charts.
      It’s like subzero when you have that many cool people together.

      1. Rick Danger says:

        “By the time we got to Tesla
        we were half a million strong
        and everywhere was a song
        and a celebration.”

        1. Phr3d says:

          Ni-ice.. amen, brother

  14. ffbj says:

    Nice coverage of the unfolding event.
    Flowers for the Staff.

    1. Jay Cole says:

      Thanks, going to be an epic day.

      Although, if one is not interested in all things Tesla, you are best to come back on the weekend, (=

      1. ffbj says:

        No kidding. I might even just take the day off and do absolutely nothing, while yesterday I did nearly nothing, of course the day before that I did something. I played golf.

        Easy Living:

        1. Hasse says:

          Yes, have a look at my lifestyle too:

          Easy Living


          1. ffbj says:

            More like sleazy living, but realistic.

  15. MTN Ranger says:

    Finally got my reservation in at 11:50am ET after arriving at 8:15am ET at #70. Probably around 200 people in line when I left.

    1. MTN Ranger says:

      oops, 10:50am.

  16. MTN Ranger says:

    An anecdote, many people in line never owned an EV before. Only a few dozen Leaf and Volt owners present. There were Tesla owners that brought friends.

  17. TestFan says:

    150+ by 10AM in Boca Raton, Fl.

  18. Big Solar says:

    250 were in line in Central Orlando at 10am when I arrived. By the time I reserved, there were still 200 out side waiting.

  19. pjwood1 says:

    …and the other OEM CFOs are propbaly shaking their heads at the ~200 million in working capital, Tesla just got for free. ROTFL

    1. Alaa says:

      1 BILLION once the internet reservation is on.

  20. Spec says:

    Elon better announce the number of orders already made sight-unseen at the Reveal party. I suspect that it will at least be single digit thousands.

    Yesterday I guessed 15K to 30K preorders in the first 24 hours after the reveal. I’m now thinking that number range is too low.

    1. Spec says:

      Actually, it will probably be double digit thousands sight-unseen preorders before the reveal just from the stores!

      At Palo Alto the lineline wrapped around the Tesla store, down the block past a Volvo dealer, down past a McClaren & sports cars dealer, to an intersection, turned, then down another block. Must have been 300+ when I left. I was 5th in line. Crazy. That story is repeated at tesla stores across the country and around the world.

      1. Mike I says:

        By 12:30 the line had dissipated. I parked right in front of the store and there was only one guy waiting when I got to the door. I spent all of 10 minutes there. It took me longer to buy the Togo’s sandwich that I planned to eat while in line.

  21. Jychevyvolt says:

    Goosebumps. So happy to be wrong about my prediction.

  22. Gerhard Hauer says:

    Those people simply tell us, we have waited far too long.

    And it is a middle finger to the traditional car companies which just refused us to have this a decade or 2 earlier.

    Thanks Elon for forcing EV onto them.
    And thanks to Norway w. Netherlands now following for their plans of not allowing gas and diesel cars to be sold from 2025 onwards.

    1. Spec says:

      Tesla is the only one to get so much right. Good looking cars, big batteries, very fast DC charging, great aerodynamics, over the air updates, great performance, battery thermal management, easy battery replacement, etc.

  23. jelloslug says:

    At the Charlotte NC store they were just finishing with the people that were there at the opening in time to start with the ones that showed up at lunch time. There was still a crowd when we left at 1:00 pm.

  24. Phr3d says:

    Thanks Jay – a dozen orchids and a nice bottle of Pyrat to help you through the day (and I -would- if I could).

    This portends to be an historic EV day.. wish I didn’t live in a fly-over state, lol.

  25. kensiko says:

    In Montreal we were really frozen !! A bit jealous of Miami, they were inside !

  26. Rick Danger says:

    A big THANK YOU to all Inside EVs readers who sent photos.
    You all rawk, you know that, right?

    1. manbitesgas says:

      I say Montreal takes the cake today. +200 people got the **** rained out on them BUT as an added bonus, the cue stretched out in front and around the corner of a Mercedes dealer! Those guys must have felt the sting juuuuuust a little. ;o) Tesla had to keep the store open longer and still turned people away in the end. Boom!

      1. Phr3d says:

        thanks for the Kodak moment and LOL

  27. JOHNMB says:

    What an incredible experience..there must have been 1000 people on our line at Fashion Sq mall herre in Scottsdale AZ…It toke 2 hours to reach the store and go through the process..everyone was enthusiastic, positive and not complaining at all..the media that showed up seemed so surprised by what was happening.

    This is a first in automotive history in world history..what an endorsement of Tesla, BEVs, and the realization that we have to change something.

    I felt so privileged that I could be part of this happening..and only hope that Tesla can stay on track with its current production schedule..I hope it is also a wake up call to all the other world auto manufactures that the time for BEV has come…much to their surprise and chagrin.