Tesla Model 3 Hypermiling Record Attempt Next Week


It was only a matter of time before someone would attempt to set a new hypermiling record with the Tesla Model 3.

Way back in August of 2017, we provided a document revealing early EPA estimates for the Tesla Model 3 Long Range. If you look closely, you’ll see that the agency performed a single charge depleting test good for some 495 miles. But, what other real-world Model 3 hypermile records are out there?

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Tesla owner and YouTuber Sean Mitchell will be departing from Colorado next week with plans to make it to Missouri. There’s not a lot of data out there related to hypermiling the Model 3, nor are there any highly publicized attempts that we’re aware of. So, Sean is open to suggestions.

He admits in the comment section that he didn’t intend to go overboard with seriousness about this attempt when a commenter asked him about considering the impact of the elevation change. However, he’s got a few more days before he sets off, so he may make some additional considerations based on more research and advice from subscribers.

Sean says he thinks that the Model 3 should be able to beat the current Italian Tesla Club Model S 100D record of ~670 miles. While the Model S 100D has a longer range than the current Model 3 (335 and 310, respectively), the Model 3 is smaller, lighter, and has a more efficient motor.

He plans to do some YouTube live streaming during the hypermiling journey. The test begins Monday, May 14, 2018.

Video Description via Sean Mitchell on YouTube:

Model 3 hypermile attempt next week

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Live footage of hypermiling? Should save some folks from having to take sleeping pills to get to sleep


I think it’s meant to keep the guy actually doing it entertained more than the viewers.

Superficially, it seems that driving from Colorado to Missouri would be significantly downhill. It would be much more valid to take a path with no net elevation change. Driving around Florida, for example, would be a much better test.

Or he could just do it both directions and average the results

That’s the right way to do it, yes.

comment image

No, that’s yiper-miling.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

There’s no Panoramic “Ruff”.

To beat 670 miles he’ll have to drive very slowly or draft NASCAR-style behind semi trailers.

I presume he’ll be averaging 25-30 MPH if he’s actually trying for a distance record.

A video of that will be nearly as exciting as watching paint dry.

A trip from Colorado to Missouri?

Let’s see, the western 2/3 of Kansas is quite flat, and has a slope between 10 and 20 feet per mile, going down as it goes eastward.

So he can make it most of the way if he shuts the motor off and just coasts… assuming he has some really, really good lubricant for the drivetrain! 😛

Prevailing winds are also west-to-east, so perhaps a large sail?

But that would be cheating! 😉

from “Around the World in 80 Days” (1956): The “sailmobile”

To be fair the trip should always be a round trip so you can’t take advantage of long downhills.

I’ve gone over 350 miles on a trip from the Phoenix area to Tucson and back. We went highway speeds and had the air conditioning on set to 68F. There were 5 adults in the car and On the I-10 to and from Tucson we had the cruise control set to 80 mph. In Tucson we did drive much slower as we visited the East and then West Saguaro parks.