Tesla Model 3 Event: Hundreds Of Cars Delivered, More Stock Inbound

Tesla Model 3


Performance Model 3 and All-Wheel-Drive versions already sold out.

This weekend, an exclusive delivery event is taking place in Fremont, California, where several Model 3 reservation holders were informed of an opportunity to pick up a new Model 3 ahead of schedule.

Some Tesla Motors Club forum members, who had a delivery date scheduled for September 25th, got an e-mail pushing delivery to an earlier date. This certainly marks a welcome surprise and perhaps it indicates a change in Tesla’s future approach to selling the Model 3.

“This weekend, we’re hosting an exclusive delivery event in Fremont, CA. As a future Model 3 owner in the Bay Area, you have the opportunity to come pick-up your Model 3 sooner than expected.”​

The event takes place at the Tesla Delivery Center, located at 47400 Kato Rd, Fremont, CA, 94538. The event runs from Saturday morning (yesterday) to Sunday evening, from 9 AM until 6 PM on both days. According to a bulletin revealed by Tesla, due to overwhelming demand, the lot no longer has Model 3 All-Wheel Drive or Performance configurations (the more expensive profit-makers went in a flash). There is, however, a limited number of Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive configurations still available.

Tesla will reach out to Model 3 All-Wheel Drive and Performance customers who do not already have a delivery appointment, to schedule one as soon as possible. The company apologized for any inconvenience this has caused.

In order to be able to take delivery of a Tesla, you will need to complete the required delivery steps in your Tesla Account before the event. You’ll have to upload your registration details, upload your driver’s license, confirm your trade-in preferences, select a payment method and if you’ll be using Tesla Financing, submit your credit application. Customers are asked to bring a valid U.S. driver’s license for all registered driver(s). Furthermore, valid proof of insurance for your current vehicle is needed. Additionally, if you are trading in, bring your vehicle, your title or pay off information from your lender, your current registration and all keys for the vehicle need to be available.

Anyone using Tesla financing needs to bring a proof of income and residency (eg. a utility bill). Finally, for financing with a third party bank or credit union, a check for the amount of the finance is needed.

It seems that Tesla wants to delivery as many vehicles at once as possible. Events like these serve to cater to both the marketing aspect and to deliver product quickly. With the owners coming to the location themselves, travel time, cost and organizational woes are also avoided. If anything, this is definitely a smart move by the carmaker. Hopefully, this marks the big uptake in production volume the company is achieving and more reservation holders get Model 3s even sooner than expected.

***UPDATE: This is a free-for-all grab of what could become your future Model 3. This is not an event where you can pick up your custom designed Model 3. From the recent information revealed on a Reddit thread, here’s the current situation:

We just walked out of the event. It was pretty crowded and there were different lines for checking in, processing an order or rescheduling the home delivery. Regarding the cars – there were about 10-16 cars in different colors. They hung a tag on the mirror for people to grab. So if you find a car that suits your color/build/interior then you can grab that tag and head inside to process the order. I went in around 11 AM and most of them were sold out (tags were missing). The ones that were left out were either performance or AWD with white interior and 19” tires. A lot of black/white ones were on the lot. Blue and Red ones were sold out instantly. They had a lot of performance cars still with their tags on. But quite a few of them were also sold.  The event runs Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 8 PM. They mentioned that they will be replenishing the stocks with more from their inventory. But they were still figuring that piece out.

We’ve attached the correspondence from Tesla, as well as the update on Performance and All-Wheel-Drive versions being sold out below:

Model 3 Delivery Experience
Tesla Delivery Center
47400 Kato Rd
Fremont, CA
Get directions
September 8 — September 9
9:00am – 6:00pm
This weekend, we’re hosting an exclusive delivery event in Fremont, CA.

Unfortunately, due to overwhelming demand, we no longer have Model 3 All-Wheel Drive or Performance configurations. A limited number of Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive configurations are still available.

We will reach out to Model 3 All-Wheel Drive and Performance customers who do not already have a delivery appointment, to schedule one as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

How to Prepare

1 — Complete the required delivery steps in your Tesla Account before the event:

Registration details
Upload driver’s license
Confirm trade-in preferences
Select payment method
If you’ll be using Tesla Financing, submit your credit application

2 — Bring the following materials with you:

A valid U.S. driver’s license for all registered driver(s)

Valid proof of insurance for your current vehicle

If you are trading in, bring your vehicle, your title or pay off information from your lender, your current registration and all keys

For Tesla Financing, bring a proof of income and residency (i.e. a utility bill)

For financing with a third party bank or credit union, bring a check for the amount you would like to finance

If you have questions, please contact us at: (888) 518-3752

Source: Tesla
Image: Mr. Salty Peanuts

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“If you’ll be using Tesla Financing, submit your credit application”

Did this event also offer some Model S/X cars? Last I knew, Tesla wasn’t offering any financing on the Model 3.

At any rate, it’s good to see Tesla trying out different kinds of sales promotions, altho for the Model 3, that hardly seems necessary! 🙂

Go Tesla! Keep Going Tesla!

This event is only for Model 3. This location is not at the Fremont Delivery Center, where S, X, and Model 3 are still being delivered.

Does that mean Tesla is now offering financing for Model 3 purchases? If so, that must be a recent change.

Tesla, on the web site, seems to have financing available for the model 3. But, there is no leasing? Did you mean leasing?

They have always offered financing for model 3 if you want to purchase it. They do not have the option to lease the car.

Thank you. Obviously I was confused on this point.

I got financing “through” Tesla, but it ended up with a bank (Chase). This is pretty standard outside of outfits like GMAC (General motors credit).

Yeah, that’s what I’ve read: That Tesla has arrangements with some banks to facilitate buyers getting a bank loan to finance the purchase, but Tesla not do any in-house financing, as GM does with GMAC.

I thought Tesla arranged bank loans only for Model S/X buyers, not TM3 buyers. Many thanks for correcting my misunderstanding! 🙂

Selling cars on the spot from a big lot? Tesla appears to have (re)invented the dealership. I don’t see any hot dogs in the photos, however, or a dancing balloon man. That’s a relief.

No, they have not reinveted the stealership.
– Nobody was pushed into buying an ICE instead
– Nobody got talked to for an hour to go for extra special floormats for 250$ a pop and a 1000$ undercoating
– All vehicles were charged to a decent range
– Only EVs were sold
– Sleazy carsalesmen were nowhere to be seen

Definitely not a stealership…

…at least use some lubricant next time. I feel for seven…

😆 But Eleventy Pretend Electrics deserves to be shafted without any benefit of lube. What a maroon!

The Chrysler dealership made my wife sit for *five hours* for our Pacifica Hybrid, even though we were effectively handing them a check. They had to make sure the financing manager came buy and tried to sell her an extended warranty – which she refused, of course, and told them up front she would refuse.

They always offer financing they will not lease

Due to overwhelming demand, we no longer have model 3 all-wheel drive or performance available at this weekend’s delivery experience

Waiting for the trolls to show up and tell us that Tesla is doomed (doomed, I tell you!) because it has so much unsold inventory.

Marketing jargon “overwhelming demand” always means there was no demand at all

Wait, “no demand at all” is why there’s none left?!

Good one. Maybe they’ll say the suddenly empty lot means Tesla stopped selling any more AWD or Performance and claim that’s because demand dropped off a cliff.

“that place is too crowded, nobody goes there anymore” – Yogi berra.

Unsold inventory is the least of Tesla’s problems.

In that it’s not ever a problem for Tesla, as it is for legacy auto makers.

Surely that’s what you meant. /s

It appears your fleet of electric vehicles has grown……as have your exaggerations.

On of them already showed up.

Good one. But you are getting the idea without anyone putting their fingers in your eyes. That’s an improvement!

Nation Drive Electric week boys

Just did the Local National Drive Electric week event here in Cleveland Ohio area in Lakewood nice little turnout but the weather sucks( rain, downpour) plus the Browns were playing so commoners were there

Excuse me? Sold out?
First there’s the 400k reservation list….
Then at least a month order lead time…

How can you be sold out?

Or is this saying that Tesla has gone from 400k reservations, to order backlog and now can’t find enough buyers for all the cars its making that it needs to have a fire sale that got sold out?

Guess logic was not your forte? This is not a discount sale. If that is what you r thinking!!!!!

I am a first-day reservationist on the east coast. Originally I was holding out for the standard battery. When the tax credit information was released in June and the forecast for standard models was pushed out to mid-2019, I gave in for an LR with autopilot on July 18th. I was given 1-3 months at that time of August 18 – October 18 which was typical. I recently was updated to late September which puts me inside the 1-3 months meeting their forecast for delivery but still no VIN assignment.

I would guess the reason I have not received a VIN is so they can offer events like these while still hitting my scheduled delivery and maximizing Q3 revenue. Now, of course, I would love to have mine a few weeks earlier, but I see this as a smart business move for Tesla. I have waited for years, what’s another couple of weeks.

I believe “sold out” means that there are no longer any more of the configurations designated as “sold out,” available at that location. Furthermore, I believe that having 400,000 reservations would offer a glimpse into why they may have sold out of certain configurations, at that location, at this time. This appears to have occurred despite the fact that production appears to be increasing, and that “the location” is merely a few blocks from the factory.

400k reservations

Its a good question. One answer is that their reservations are not turning over fast enough. People are not responding to email invites rapidly, not putting money down on the cars, etc.

Tesla will move towards a standard car delivery model, which is that they make a lot of standard configurations, put them in a lot and then move them out. All dealers work this way. If you show up at the GM lot and want a configuration they don’t have, you put in your order and wait, or else they find one sitting on a lot somewhere to cross ship. Both you and the dealer are going to be happier if you drive one off the lot immediately. I have only ordered two cars in my lifetime, a Bolt and a Tesla, and that was only because the car was not available at the time I ordered it.

Simple: A Stack of Cars in a Variety Mix were put on the lot; the “Hot Buy’s” Are Gone, so, if you missed it, back to waiting to get one you want. It was Wildly Successful, and helps push their target towards the actual “5 minutes per Vehicle” Delivery Time!

400k are economic model 3. Still never produced!

yeah. People keep saying that. But where did that come from? Has anyone polled the reservation holders to find that out? The polls I have seen suggest otherwise. And where did all the buyers of $49K and over cars come from if none of them were in that reservation list?

No fire sale. I suspect there isn’t enough rail cars to deliver the vehicles being made outside of California They don’t need rail cars to get the vehicles to their California customers. So they might as well move the California customers ahead of the line.

it’s just another of Tesla’s demand levers.
– Going out of business! All must go!
– Last day of sale. Come right now.
– Sold out! In high demand. But if you order now, you will get it by Monday.
– AWD sold out! Buy one of the 1000 PAWD in the lot!
– Dangle the $35k Model 3. Come get it (then tries to upsell a $70k Model 3)
– Tax credit expiring soon! Come buy teh more expensive one now. (Tesla sales is singing this for more than a year now.)

Tesla setalership is just like the dealerships 20 years ago.

It’s not a “sale”; it’s a National Drive Electric Week sales promotion. No discounts are being offered, just selling without waiting for delivery.

If you can’t see how it’s possible to have a sales promotion with no discounts offered, then try turning down the gain on your Tesla Basher Reality Distortion goggles.


Whoever this David is, apparently he doesn’t know basic English. Look up “sold out” in your dictionary. Sheesh.

“How can you be sold out?”

Is there a special school that tr0lls go to, to get dumber?!?!

Why is this nasty behavior tolerated on this website? Anyone not enamored with Tesla is labeled a “troll”. This is not an open discussion platform. Its a mob of Tesla defenders that attack anyone who isn’t drinking the koolaid.

What name did you used to post under? You sound very familiar….

What name did you used to post under? Who’s paying you to post here? Sound familiar?

Got my car this week. In line since mid April. It’s one of the best car I ever driven. Ton of power and smooth as a baby. I got the awd. If you want it, get it. Amazing car

Hi, elon.

This looks like an attempt to deliver as many cars to California as possible before the end of the quarter, both to increase operational cash flow and to accumulate ZEV credit. These Tesla will immediately sell to Big Auto, enabling them to pollute even more of beautiful California.

Because otherwise the Big Auto would not sell cars….was there a time in your life when you made sense?

Never, yet he will continue to blatantly lie to us here by falsely claiming he owns 2 Teslas all the while trashing both the cars and company.

Seven, They also could by them from NISSAN, instead of giving Tesla the Cash, or, in some cases, even GM could sell them to others, since they said they had lots of Credits built up!

Also – Remember – GM might Make the SUV’s and Silverado’s, but the Local California Cowboys Buy them! Maybe Nissan could build a EV Pickup Before Tesla does?

The point of a ZEV credit is to encourage the production of zero-emission vehicles. If Tesla sells their credits and uses the money to invest in factories/vehicle development/EV infrastructure, then the ZEV credit has done exactly what it’s supposed to do; and all that new production capacity will help reduce future emissions.

You can follow your usual schtick and pretend Tesla’s about to go bankrupt, and it’ll be false but at least it’ll make sense as a scenario. Whinging about ZEV credits is just bonkers even on its own terms.

Yeah, I seek to Autos brokers for fair market price and let them sell to whomever

“If Tesla sells their credits and uses the money to invest in factories/vehicle development/EV infrastructure, then the ZEV credit has done exactly what it’s supposed to do…”

Exactly right, but that certainly won’t stop a serial Tesla basher from trying to twist facts to make a good thing sound like Tesla is “selling out”.

Perhaps that’s part of it. But it could just be that they can’t get enough rail cars to deliver the vehicle outside of California. Since they don’t need rail cars to deliver to their California customers, they may as well move their California customers ahead of the line and do what they just did.

They had a sales event in Atlanta this weekend as well. Walk in and pick up a Model 3 LR. Anyone with a 1st day reservation seemed to be eligible. My email said that any remaining cars on Monday would be offered to early reservation holders. It means that September is going to break August records since they had a number Model 3s in transit.

I think it will be more difficult to sell the credits, most of the companies have their own.

Unless they give you less for short range compliance ev …which they are and will be adjusted even more in the future.

If you have a problem with the ZEV transactions, I suggest you hold the companies BUYING the credits accountable for the cars THEY build. If you actually cared about pollution instead of caring about attacking Tesla by any means possible, you would actually going after all the ICE car companies who have failed year after year to build enough EV’s to have their own huge pool of excess ZEV credits.

But heck, we’re used to the double standard from you guys, where if there is something involving Tesla, you will attack Tesla while giving every other car company a free pass.

Congrats to lots of new EV owners!!!

M3 Owned- Spark Leased - Niro EV TBD

Interesting to see this. Shows that the delivery centers are clogged up on the West coast still and bottleneck for the rampup. Good problems for Tesla to have (and should have anticipated long ago).

This is an way to pull backlog forward in rapid fashion. Stock a lot of 1000 cars, email blast and grab and go. Interesting concept that will work with such a large wait list.

Congrats to the new owners this weekend!

They are doing these events at many sales centers. We got our Model 3 this way last week at the Charlotte Sales Center. They normally deliver 20 cars a day at that store and on that day, they delivered 60 cars.

Good to hear. The article led me to believe that only the privileged residents of Fremont and environs got to partake.

Great to hear Jello!

I think this is a much better delivery model at these volumes. Only issue I see is financing if you don’t know your VIN. It was nice for me to have all my paperwork out of the way before delivery.

Unfortunately, Texas will not be getting this method anytime soon. Car has to be paid in full before it leaves California due to the local sales laws.

If this were a regular ICE car rollout of a new product, all those Performance and AWD cars would have had a big $10-20K dollar “Market Adjustment” slapped on top of the price.

We saw this with even just the GM Volt when it first came out.

I am starting to hear more and more radio ads about the TeslaTweet dot com class action suit against Tesla. Bloomberg had an article about it, but I was under the impression that as long as Musk and Tesla management didn’t dump on the pump that they had done nothing that they could be charged with. Is Tesla likely to have to pay off the people that incurred losses after the infamous tweet?

it seems there is strong evidence, that Musk aimed to “burn the shorts” and trigger the “short squeeze of the century”.
If this action resulted in losses for shareholders, Tesla will have to pay.
Volkswagen gets sued because they informed shareholders too late about the looming Diesel crisis. Managment dumping shares does not play a role here.

A similar lawsuit against Tesla claiming fraud was recently dismissed before even getting to discovery because the suit failed this standard under Binder v. Gillespie:

“To state a claim under § 10(b) and Rule 10b-5, a plaintiff must allege (1) a misrepresentation or omission of (2) material fact (3) made with intent”

This suit will fail on the same grounds under the 3rd prong of the Binder v. Gillespie precedent that requires actual proof that THIS SPECIFIC TWEET was tweeted with INTENT to defraud.

No, there is not a direct connection between those various tweets somehow proving that any tweet was intentionally false and designed to defraud. The act of taking Tesla private alone (completely lawfully, without any fraud) was enough to burn the shorts with the short squeeze of the century. So that doesn’t prove that there was any intent to defraud in posting the tweet vs. simply factually stating the impact that the lawful and legal action of taking TSLA private would have burned the shorts badly. In fact it just reinforces that Musk was very serious about taking TSLA private when he posted about it.

What reason is there to doubt that this specific tweet was indeed sent with intent to defraud? Musk wanted to burn the shorts, and put his own pants on fire in the process.

What reason? Gee I dunno… could it be the fact that Tesla’s board had seriously discussed the possibility, both before and after the tweet in question?

Nah, that would be too logical… 🙄

Terawatt, you’ve got the burden backwards. It is the accusers burden to prove INTENT was to defraud.

There is no evidence of that. Instead all available evidence points to Musk meeting in good faith with PIF’s leadership, and with Tesla’s board and all signs point towards a very clear intention to go forward with going private.

Successfully going private (legally and lawfully) would ALSO “burn the shorts”, so you have to come up with actual evidence of fraudulent intent other than just that Musk wanted to burn the shorts. Because that was going to happen without a single ounce of fraud by simply successfully going private, like his posts talked about.

Gee Ziv, any other off-topic negative stuff about Tesla you want to get out in this completely unrelated story?

All of this has already been discussed in many other stories.

I haven’t see an article on it or it being discussed and I am hearing the ads more often than I am seeing the cars, and I am seeing quite a few Teslas.
Musk and his antics ARE Tesla is the minds of many, which is unfortunate. Spacex doesn’t seem to have this problem and is achieving firsts right and left.

You might also notice that Spacex is a private company, and thus by definition cannot be the target of shorters.

Seems like you’ve correctly identified the problem. Elon is magically able to run Spacex just fine, but all the sudden when it comes to Tesla, all the sudden every little thing he does is distorted and put under the magnifying glass and painted in the worst possible light.

The only difference being the shorters, not Elon.

At least Cal Worthington used to have pony rides and lollypops for all the kiddies. 🙂

I don’t get it. Tesla put a day’s worth of production on a local lot, placing a few cars into the hands of local buyers.

It doesn’t make a dent in their backlog, so I don’t see how this is beneficial to anyone except a few line jumpers.

Right now I would say it is about increasing revenue for Q3 by any means possible. Delivering units may be their largest bottleneck to collect revenue. I am an original reservationist still waiting on my Model 3. If they run a number of these delaying my delivery by a couple weeks, I still consider it good business. 400*$60,000 = an additional $24 million in gross sales and probably an additional 2-3 million to the bottom line for Q3.

This move is good to :
(1) increases the production throughput as batches of same specs are produced instead single make-to-order.
(2) get rid of a delivery/transport backlog when customers are picking up themselves
(3) Brings in urgently needed cash and push up sales numbers before Q3 end, increase profit — all financial markers required to increase liquidity needed for convertible bonds maturing in Nov-2016 and and credit standing easing financing of new factories in China, Europe and US.

But there’s a huge backlog of orders. You would expect that Tesla would ONLY be making cars to fulfill their order backlog.
It doesn’t make sense to me that they would go off making cars no one had ordered when you have a huge line of people waiting for their cars.

Unless… they don’t have a huge line, or they can’t manage the logistics of building to order in volume, or they generally don’t care about existing orders and are letting them wait while building cars no one ordered to try and sell more somehow.

“I don’t see how this is beneficial to anyone…”

1. It’s not just a promotional event in Fremont CA; Tesla is doing the same in other parts of the country.

2. This promotion is part of Tesla’s participation in the National Drive Electric week.


Should do for the SR Model 3 when it comes out.

Lol…that would be wild especially if held this year on full credits.

It seems Tesla is just incapable of saying anything true. According to their blurb, dual motor and performance were “sold out”, but according to the visitor the only unsold cars there were performance versions (“lots”) or dual motor!

Not that the visitors report seems credible at all. There were “10-16” vehicles, of which all the red and blue were sold, but lots of performance version cars left, and a few black with white interior… If the total was 10, two blue and two reds were sold, and there was two black with white interior (two being the implied minimum when plural forms are used), that leaves room for fully four other vehicles..! IDK why nobody else reacted to this, because to me this report from a visitor just seems made up.

I don’t get it. if Tesla has 300k+ cars preordered, why aren’t they building the cars that customers ordered? Why are there hundreds of cars that were built but not to customer specifications? I get that Tesla isn’t building the $35k car at the moment, but surely there are still tens of thousands of cars that were ordered with more options.

This! But don’t question it or folks will attack you as a troll and worse.

Who says they weren’t built to customer specifications? Buyers are allowed to change their mind in a couple of ways:

1) At any time while the car is in production at the factory, “If you want to make changes to your Vehicle Configuration, we will try to accommodate your request. If we accept your request, you will be subject to a non-refundable $500 change fee”
2) If at time of Delivery you do not accept the car delivered, Tesla will generally try to accommodate you by transferring your deposit to another car, or to an inventory car.

Finally, people can also cancel for whatever reason (loan qualification problems, they get laid off, have a health problem, etc) or they might not be able to take delivery when the car is ready, at which time “If you are unable to take delivery within the specified period, your Vehicle may be made available for sale to other customers” and you go back in line.

Or they simply wanted to have an event to celebrate EV week and they built some cars specifically for this event. Why do you want to make such a big deal out of it?